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Custom Paper Bags Wholesale

YOON is a major player in developing eco-friendly take-out paper bags at exceptionally competitive prices.

High-quality Paper Bags in Bulk at YOON

At YOON, we offer amazing bulk paper bags that are affordable, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. With 24 years of industry experience, we serve thousands of customers from over 20 countries. Our modern factory spans 16,000 square meters and operates multiple high-efficiency production lines, AO over 15 billion.

We offer wholesale paper bag printing services to our customers according to their needs. We use a variety of vivid, premium colors that are smudge-proof and safe for customers and the environment while labeling the bags and printing logos on them. 

We sell disposable paper bags in a range of sizes and shades. We have improved our company’s brand awareness in the business by providing high-quality paper bags in bulk.

YOON's Top Selection of Sustainable Paper Bag Wholesale

YOON is a kraft paper bags manufacturer providing custom bags made from innovative and biodegradable food packaging materials. At YOON, we design high-quality paper bags with various designs for the food industry.


We manufacture quality paper bags in various dimensions, bonded with food-grade non-toxic glue for a burr-free surface. The strong bottom seal ensures durability and comfort for long-term carrying. Custom bags for your takeaway business, minimum order 2000.


Give customers, clients, or guests an end-to-end experience with our custom paper bags with convenient handles that are easy to open and close. Choose from white or brown recyclable kraft paper and different sizes. And with a starting quantity of just 500 pcs.


Kraft Paper Bags are very versatile; they can be used anywhere from packing sandwiches at your deli to trinkets at your shop. Made from food-grade materials with an oil-resistant and heat-resistant coating, they keep food fresh and hygienic. Thickness tolerance of less than 5 mm.


This paper bag features a tin tie closure that lets you seal up the bag and open it easily. Plus, the tin tie resalable bag design reduces the risk of spillage! The transparent window design is simple and attractive, keeping the contents fresh and dry. The minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces.


Made from lightweight paper for easy carrying, with a minimum order of 5,000 pieces. We can custom print your bags in 3-5 weeks from artwork approval. Then you can start reaping the benefits of having your brand walking down the street or photographed in someone’s social media feed.


Customized paper bags are available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try YOON!

Diversified Custom Paper Bag Wholesale Choices,Perfect Your Packaging

YOON’s team helps design and manufacture custom kraft bags in our kraft paper bag factory, starting from scratch.

Paper Bag Size and Shape

Our environmentally friendly paper bags come in various sizes to hold almost anything. High-quality die-cutting ensures dimensions have an error margin of less than 5 mm and neat edges. We offer customized takeaway bags in various shapes, including square, rectangular, and circular, with options like window , paper strings.

Logo and Printing

We can develop bespoke packaging for your business with the assistance of our experienced production team. Utilizing special techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, and UV coating, we enhance the visual appeal of the packaging. The fold lines are precisely positioned with a deviation of less than 2 mm.

Paper Cups Colors

YOON does everything from printing on paper to molding final goods. In accordance with your design and order bulk, we utilize the appropriate printing technique for both offset and flexo printing, ensuring color variance within 5% by using non-toxic, environmentally friendly soy and water-based inks to maintain color consistency.

Paper Materials 

Our paper bags are made from new PLA materials derived from renewable plantations, which are BPA-free and fully biodegradable, ensuring food contact safety. We choose durable elements that can withstand corrosion and wear and tear. Our clients are free to choose the resources they want to use.

YOON Custom Paper Bags Wholesale, Elevate Your Brand

As a full-cycle paper bag supplier, YOON is able to provide high-quality paper bags at very competitive prices among many paper bag suppliers. Our team of experts recommends the best customization options for you to ensure the sturdiness and aesthetics of the paper bags.

Customizable Paper Bags for Various Business Need

Whether it is a bookstore, clothing store, gift shop, coffee shop, bakery or restaurant, YOON can provide high-quality, brand-friendly customized paper bags.

Clothing Store

Clothing stores require custom paper bags made from sturdy, high-quality paper to support heavier items. They often prefer larger sizes with elegant designs, including custom logos and sophisticated colors that reflect their brand image.


Bookstores need sturdy paper bags to carry books, usually requiring thick kraft paper, with larger sizes and square bottoms to accommodate the size and weight of various books. The colors are mostly simple neutral with clear store logos.

Gift Shop

Gift shops look for versatile, attractive paper bags in various sizes and shapes to accommodate a range of gift items. These bags often feature vibrant colors and custom logos to enhance the gifting experience and promote the shop’s brand.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops need custom paper bags that are durable and grease-resistant, suitable for carrying pastries and beverages. They prefer smaller sizes with earthy or minimalist colors, featuring the shop’s logo prominently for easy brand recognition.


Bakeries require paper bags that are both food-safe and sturdy, with the ability to handle various bakery items. They favor medium-sized bags with pastel colors or playful designs, including custom logos to create a warm and inviting brand image.


Restaurants need custom paper bags that are strong and capable of holding takeout containers without tearing. They prefer bags in practical sizes with bold colors and clear, prominent logos to ensure brand visibility and convey professionalism.

Choose YOON, Lead The Green Packaging Trend

Sustainable Material

We conduct strict quality inspections on all raw materials entering the production line to ensure they meet standards and are free of harmful substances.We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly food packaging bags that lessen customer reliance on petroleum-based packaging.

Free Design

We offer your business a variety of free designs, including pattern design, structural design, and functional design, to ensure that the packaging meets the brand image and market demand. Whether you need ready-made stock print designs or kraft bags with bespoke printing, our first-rate design and printing service can meet your needs.

Short Lead Time

With rigorous supply chain and inventory management, We can respond quickly to market demands to ensure supply chain efficiency. We provide stunning custom printing of your brand and style on your food paper bags in less time. We normally deliver printed standard items 3 to 6 weeks after the date of purchase, 7 days faster than other paper bag manufacturers.

Full Service

YOON focuses on customer experience and provides flexible 500-10,000 minimum wholesale two options. Adhering to the customer-first concept, providing free consultation and 24/7 service to achieve efficient communication, we provide high-quality after-sales service, handle returns and exchanges and customer complaints.

YOON Ensures Excellence in Custom Bag Production

Raw Material Preparation

Best plant materials that can directly contact food are selected and strictly tested to ensure they meet safety and non-toxic standards. After being cut and processed, they are ready to enter the production process.

High Quality Printing

After treating the paper surface to avoid uneven printing or color penetration, environmentally friendly and non-toxic soybean ink or water-based ink is used for offset and flexographic printing to ensure the clarity of patterns and texts, accuracy and consistency of colors. And special process like embossing and lamination are used to enhance the visual effect of customized paper bags.

Coating and Die Cutting

After oil-proof and waterproof treatment and strict monitoring of the uniformity and performance of the coating, a die-cutting machine with good precision and sharpness is used to ensure uniform die-cutting to avoid cutting burrs or paper deformation. After that, the printed paper is cut into specific shapes and sizes to form the various components of the paper bag.

Folding and Gluing

Adjust the folding machine to the right position, handle the paper thickness properly, ensure that each folding position is accurate, fold the cut paper accurately, then adjust the bonding temperature and time to ensure that the glue is fully cured and firmly bonded, and use high-quality food-grade glue to bond it into the basic shape of a paper bag.

Inspection and Packaging for Shipment

The finished products undergo 3 comprehensive inspections—appearance, function, and size to ensure each paper bag meets standards, with defective products excluded and a yield rate of 95%. Qualified paper bags are packaged according to order requirements, with hard cardboard, filling materials, and binding tape to prevent damage during transportation. The paper bags are then quickly delivered by sea.

Professional Paper Bag Wholesale Supplier

YOON is a paper bag manufacturer. In addition to the ISO and FSC certifications that most paper bag packaging suppliers have,YOON also has BRC, LFGB and FSCD certifications. It is your first choice for wholesale food packaging bags.

4 Key Steps to Collaborate with Trusted Paper Bag Manufacturers YoonPak

1. Demand Communication

Contact us with your paper bag needs, including size, quantity, material, color, packing method, usage scenarios, and printing requirements. We accept customer designs and can also offer customized design solutions free of charge. Our goal is to ensure your paper bags fit your brand image and usage needs.

2. Sample Confirmation

We will provide samples for your review and confirmation. Once samples meet your expectations, we will confirm order details, delivery time, and payment method. All details will be clearly stated in the contract to protect both parties' interests.

3. Production and Quality Control

After order confirmation, your customized paper bags are produced with precise design, cutting, assembly, and molding. Each batch undergoes thorough appearance, functionality, and size checks before leaving the factory. Defective batches are rejected to ensure high standards.

4. Fast Delivery

After testing the paper bags for load-bearing capacity and tear resistance to ensure durability, they are packed and shipped by sea. We guarantee on-time delivery and follow-up support to ensure your satisfaction. Orders are usually delivered within one to two months.

Wholesale Paper Bags for Food Delivery

YOON should be your first choice for innovative and biodegradable food packaging materials. At YOON, we design high-quality paper bags for various sectors of the food industry. Whether you want simple and elegant packaging options or custom logo-printed paper bags, YOON can be your go-to takeaway paper bags wholesale provider.

For your business, we will design specialized food packaging that flawlessly reflects your brand. We will create digital proofs for your review and finalize the custom food containers and kraft bags. Here, you can get all the supplies you require for food service. YOON provides consumers with the best items, delivers on time, and is customer-satisfied.

Fast Food

Takeaway paper bags are a common practice among fast food restaurants for brand promotion and food takeaways. We meet customer requirements when it comes to premium printing boxes.


Restaurants look for distinctive paper bags to advertise their establishments and offer takeout meals. We provide a range of bulk paper bags to meet various serving requirements.


Utilize our paper bags that are disposable so that you can focus on providing your customers or guests with a positive experience.

Coffee Shop

Ice cream, croissants, and pastries are the main items sold at coffee shops, a specialty food industry. You can buy our paper bags in bulk if you wish to offer meals and promote your business.

Street Food

Owners of food carts can purchase bulk paper bags for the benefit of their customers. You are sure to request our collection's stock because of the paper bags' durable design.

Catering & Party

Large orders for paper bags are placed by catering businesses or event coordinators. We make paper bags with the greatest accuracy, enabling you to manage your disposables supply efficiently.


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