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Elevate Your Baked Goods with
YOON's Custom Bakery Boxes

As a full-cycle bakery box supplier, YOON oversees the entire process from print to product, guaranteeing top-quality bakery and cake boxes. Our food-safe boxes preserve freshness, promote eco-friendliness, and come with competitive wholesale prices, offering an economical packaging option for your bakery. Leveraging extensive packaging expertise and a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, YOON stands as the perfect choice for your baking packaging requirements.


Boxes tailored in diverse sizes to suit various products, perfectly fitting from mini cupcakes to sizable loaves, guaranteeing optimal protection and display.


Custom-shaped baking boxes (square, round, heart-shaped, with handles, etc.) tailored to fit various baked goods, enhancing recognizability and appeal.


Choices of cardboard, greyboard, corrugated paper, and coatings of PE, PLA, PP, PBS, committed to environmental sustainability with 100% renewable materials.


Assistance in creating exclusive baking boxes and cake boxes, with precise logo printing and accurate pattern design conveyance.


Flexography and offset printing, offering CMYK full-color printing, spot color printing, and even complex patterns and gradient effects.


A wide selection of color palettes, from warm earth tones to vibrant, lively colors, and subtle pastels, all customizable to specific needs.

Pastry Boxes and Bakery Boxes in YoonPak 

Window Bakery Boxes Wholesale

Our clear window boxes allow easy viewing of the delicious treats inside, while the sturdy construction protects them during transport.

Cookie cake boxes

Cookie Cake Boxes

Our cookie cake boxes are made from high-quality, food-grade materials to ensure your baked goods stay fresh and protected.

Mini Cake Boxes

Our mini cake boxes are perfect for packaging and displaying your mini cakes, cupcakes, and other small treats. 

Paper Cupcake Boxess

Paper Cupcake Boxes

Make your cupcakes stand out with our beautiful paper cupcake boxes. Perfect for parties, events, and gifting, sure to impress your guests.


Kraft Bakery Boxes

Impress your customers with our Kraft Bakery Boxes. Our boxes are also easy to assemble, so you can start using them immediately.


Dessert Boxes

Dessert Boxes

YOON offers packaging solutions for paper dessert boxes and bakery boxes. Choose from hundreds of sizes, colors and styles to meet your needs and budget.


Cake Box With Lid

YOON offers a selection of cake boxes with the lid of your choice. Our lid sets are of high quality, adorable and durable.


Cake Roll Boxes

Cake Roll Boxes

Our cake roll boxes are available in various sizes and dimensions with the most professional and experienced craftsmen.


Cheesecake Boxes

Cheesecake Boxes

YOON’s cheesecake boxes offer you premium quality and a great variety of cake boxes. We have a huge range of sizes and design options too.

Cake Delivery Boxes

Cake Delivery Boxes

Our professional designers will help you design the best packaging and customize it according to your needs.


Dessert To-Go Containers

Dessert To-Go Containers

Our dessert-to-go containers make it easy to transport delicious desserts and pastries to your customers.


Wedding Cake Boxes

Wedding Cake Boxes

YOON offers a range of wedding cake boxes that are practical and stylish, helping you to create an unforgettable design.

assorted donuts with different fillings in the box isolated on white background

Clamshell Donut Boxes

Our donut boxes come in various sizes and materials to ensure the protection of the baked goods’ flavor.


Box with six french macarons with different colors and flavors on white background

Macaron Boxes Wholesale

Elegant macaron box with see-through window showcases enticing colors, ensuring deliciousness and safety in transit.


holiday bakery boxes

Holiday Bakery Boxes

The holiday-exclusive bakery boxes offered by YOON are perfectly matched to various festivals, making the products more popular.

Pie Boxes

Pie Boxes

The sale of pie boxes is an excellent small company fundraiser. It is a low-cost means of raising revenue and promoting your company.


Dessert Boxes

Dessert Boxes

YOON offers packaging solutions for paper dessert boxes and bakery boxes. Choose from hundreds of sizes, colors and styles to meet your needs and budget.


Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

Our custom-printed boxes are made in high-quality cardboard, making them perfect for use as bakery boxes, displays or anything else you can think of.

Material Insights for Bulk Bakery Boxes Custom

YoonPak, a leading bakery box manufacturer, provides a wide range of high-quality, competitively priced cake boxes wholesale and pastry box wholesale, with expert advice on material selection to ensure optimal durability and appeal. Enjoy our free design assistance to enhance your brand’s presence. Choose YoonPak for reliable, customer-focused bakery packaging solutions.

Custom Cake Boxes Wholesale Benefit to Your Food Businesses

At YOON, we specialize in cake boxes that help showcase your dessert creations and make them much more appealing to your customers. With competitive prices, fast shipping and the option to customize with our experts, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our catering food containers.

Fast Food

Find the best wholesale cake boxes with our service. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect container to hold your delicious treats.


We provide you with a wide range of paper cupcake boxes wholesale for your business. We manufacture these paper cupcake boxes with regard to your specific needs and requirements.


Use our premium packaging materials to create a professional look, attract more customers and ensure their satisfaction with your bakery products. High-quality materials will make sure every detail of your bakery is handled professionally.

Coffee Shop

YOON paper boxes are perfect for your business. Not only will these boxes increase the chances of being picked up by customers, but they can also transport your product safely and securely.

Street Food

YOON provides wholesale paper boxes for your businesses. Our paper boxes are perfect for any food, beverage or craft business to have an eye-catching marketing opportunity through design.

Catering & Party

As the leading advanced paper box manufacturer in China, we provide a wide range of high-quality, durable and eco-friendly YOON paper boxes for you.

Why Choose YoonPak to Wholesale Bakery Boxes?

YoonPak is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring our planet remains clean and safe. We are dedicated to offering superior quality custom cake boxes at accessible prices, assuring our esteemed clients of exceptional packaging quality. As your favored wholesale cake box supplier, YoonPak is equipped to accommodate your specifications with bespoke designs, providing top-tier quality at competitive prices, which positions us as the go-to manufacturer for your bakery box requirements.

Extensive Experience

Since 2000, with more than 23 years of expertise in paper production, we are committed to providing an extensive array of products, ensuring a 100% fit for the unique requirements of your projects.

Sustainable Materials

100% plant-based materials for our products, sourcing paperboard from ISO-certified plantations and replacing petroleum with renewable resources like sugarcane and eco-friendly inks.

Manufacturing Excellence

ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified, our modern 16,000 m² factory boasts an annual production of 15+ billion cups and employs over 200 skilled craftsmen, setting industry standards.

Robust Quality Assurance

Adhering to rigorous quality control protocols from material selection to shipment, hourly inspections guarantee flawlessly produced products.

Competitive Pricing

Leveraging our factory-direct sales model, we offer the most competitive prices to our customers, ensuring quality products at the best rates.

24/7 Customer Services

Experience 24/7 support, swift international delivery, and quick sample dispatch options any time you need, ensuring your deadlines are effortlessly achieved.

Authentically Certified Cake Boxes for Safe Baking

YoonPak, a leading bakery packaging supplier, meets rigorous international standards, including ISO9001, ISO 14001, BRC, FDA, LFGB, and FSC, ensuring superior and safe packaging solutions.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

4 Key Steps to Collaborate with
Leading Bakery Box Supplier YoonPak

1. Customization & Confirmation

Clients must detail their requirements for the product, like size, quantity, design, pricing, and preferred payment method. We welcome client-supplied designs or provide bespoke design services at no extra cost as per client demands.

2. Ready for Production

Based on the specific requirements of the order, we get ready with all the necessary raw materials such as paper, ink, and printing screens. We then proceed to print the client's design on the boxes and cut the paper into the required shapes.

3. Fabrication and Packaging

The prepared paper segments are fashioned into the final box shapes. After a thorough quality inspection, the finished bakery boxes are boxed up, ready for either storage or direct dispatch.

4. Fast Delivery

The products are packed into containers and dispatched to the client via sea freight. Clients are anticipated to receive their complete order within one or two months.


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