Modern Factory Plant

The production complex of Yoon was designed and
built according to our specifications and in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 & ISO 14001 standards for the production of food packaging.

Across an area of 16,000 ㎡. There is the location of warehouses and office space. With an annual production volume in excess of 15 billion cups, our company is an SME manufacturer, which provides the "golden middle" between the flexibility of a small company and the reliability of a larger manufacturer.

Paper cups warehouse
Paper cups manufacturing plant
White paper materials
Printing machines

Ecology and Safety

To produce disposable paper cups, we only use natural raw materials, certified for food contact, from reliable Chinese suppliers. Paper is produced only from the renewable forests. Printing inks have a low migration level and do not penetrate to food or beverages. All our materials comply with the regulations FDA, LFGB and FSC for production of materials which are in contact with the food products.

All our production waste is recycled and is used for the production of packaging that is not in contact with food.

Recycle logo on packaging
Cups materials recycling
Fine kraft paper
Printing ink for cups

Quality Defines

We use advanced technology to seal the side seam of the paper cup. This ensures the tightness of the seam and the absence of traces of adhesions.

We perform quality control every hour. If we detect a defect, then all products produced since the last successful test are rejected. Thus, a possibility of delivering a faulty product to a customer is reduced to zero. To ensure the accuracy of this process, a date & time of production and a serial number are printed on the bottom of the cup.

Paper cups quality control
Paper cups inspection
Paper cups materials check
Machining in factory