Paper Cup Lids

We've combined insulation technology with sleek designs to create the go-to paper cups.

All Sizes Come in Customization

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Domed paper cup lids

1. Domed paper cup lids are ideal for drinking on the go or foaming drinks, and are available in black and white with plug fit rims.

Drink through paper cup lids

2. Drink through paper cup lids are used on paper cups for taking away hot drinks. Drink-through, lock tab paper cup lids provide continued leak resistance.

Standard paper cup lids

3. Standard white paper cup lids provide a good seal and are easy to separate. Standard paper cup lids provide a safe and practical way of drinking.

Paper Cup Sleeves

All of our sleeves are 100% recyclable and compostable — plus, they even have a trendy waffle texture to add grip. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best quality-made custom coffee sleeves and affordable pricing.

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All Sizes Come in Customization

Sleeve for 12oz 16oz 20oz Coffee Cups105+160+250gsm
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coffee cup sleeve

Paper Straws

We are challenging restaurants and bars to switch from their plastic straws to paper straws. Find our line of products that can directly replace your current plastic straws with the same lengths and diameters.

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All Sizes Come in Customization

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Custom printed paper straws