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Best 4 Fast Food Packaging Manufacturers From China

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Modern processing and packaging techniques contribute significantly to the U.S. food supply being one of the safest worldwide. Simply put, the packaging allows for food to continue to benefit from processing after the process is completed, allowing them to travel to their point of origin while still being wholesome at the time of consumption.

It is however important for packaging technology to balance food safety with other issues. For example- energy costs, environmental awareness, and strict regulations regarding pollutants and municipal solid waste disposal.

Packaging materials are selected by the food processing industries based on factors such as sustainability, heat sealing, processability, barrier properties (water, oil, and gas barriers), printability, strength, cost-effectiveness, and legal requirements. Depending on its pros and cons, food packaging can be made of a variety of materials including paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and wood.

List of best fast food packaging manufacturers from China

Later in the article, we will discuss these 4 brands:

  • Yoon
  • China Danqing Packaging and Printing
  • Eastern Packing
  • TED Packaging

Leading fast food packaging manufacturers from China

1. Yoon


Type of Business: Food packaging services

Location (Headquarters): Hubei, China

Year Established: 2000

Certifications- FDA, LFGB, FSC

Since 2000, Yoon has inspired millions of people to gather and celebrate food, fun, and family. Yoon uses sustainable, wood pulp to create their paper cups and containers. The belief is that even a small thing can have a large effect, such as a paper cup. As a result, disposable materials are created with creative designs. Yoon is counted among the best fast food packaging manufacturers in China.

You can rely on Yoon to manufacture and supply a high-quality paper cup and bowl for the foodservice industry, backed by expertise and service.

Every employee of Yoon is concerned about the environment. Their printing is made only with food-grade inks. Paperboard is made exclusively from virgin fibers sourced from renewable plantations that are sustainably managed.

Products and services

  • Paper cups
  • Food containers
  • Paper bags
  • Lids
  • Sleeves
  • Straws

2. China Danqing Packaging and Printing

China Danqing Packaging and Printing logo
Source- China Danqing Packaging and Printing

Type of Business: Food packaging and printing services

Location (Headquarters): Guangdong, China

Year Established: 1993

Certifications- BRC, SGS, GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015, China Compulsory QS Certification

Guangdong Danqing Plastic Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that exports, manufactures, and supplies printed packaging materials to various sectors including daily products, food, and beverages. Their range of products includes tea packaging bags, garment packaging bags, food packaging bags, rice pouch bags, printed packaging films, coffee packaging bags, etc.

Their products are made with quality raw materials such as PET, PA, VMCPP, BOPP, AL, PE, VMPET, CPP, etc., and modern machinery such as lamination machines and printing machines. Using their expertise, they are able to deliver innovative designs within a short period of time and within a limited budget. To satisfy and retain all of their customers, they ensure bulk productions within the shortest time frame and deliver time-bound deliveries.

This company specializes in flexible packaging bags and has more than 28 years of experience in this field.

Products and services

  • Special Shape Bag
  • Sanitary Bag
  • Retort Pouch
  • Qual-seal Flat Bottom Stand-up
  • Coffee/Tea Packaging Bags
  • Cosmetic Packaging Bags

3. Eastern Packing

Eastern Packing logo
Source- Eastern Packing

Type of Business: Food packaging services

Location (Headquarters): Qingdao, China

Year Established: 2016


A leading provider of food packaging and disposable product sourcing agents, Eastern Packing is a market leader with a wide range of top-quality products. Established in 2016, they are a young, innovative firm that produces food packaging and has been working as the best Chinese supplier, providing better service and an impressive array of products to their customers.

Mr. Mike Gou, their president, has expanded their product range for more than 1000 products over the course of more than 8 years in the disposable industry in China. They manufacture plastic products, aluminum foil products, and paper products. Eastern Packing is in the process of adding more products in order to meet customer demands. As a result of their partnership, they are now working with major retailers and distributors worldwide. Currently, they have a special MOQ for smaller orders.

Products and services

  • Aluminum foil
  • Foil containers
  • Wax paper
  • Paper cup
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towel

4. TED Packaging

TED Packaging logo
Source- TED Packaging

Type of Business: Food packaging services

Location (Headquarters): Dongguan, China

Year Established: 2001

Certifications- ISO 9001, FSSC 22000

TED Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers in China. With the ability to manufacture all types of laminated and custom printed bags and pouches, they are a flexible and reliable company.

Their main markets are the USA and Europe. They are manufacturers and distributors of packaging bags and pouches for the packaging of industrial products, food and beverage products, chemicals, agricultural products, and medical products.

Due to their packaging experience of more than 20 years and their product exportation experience of 11 years, they can proudly say they have served 30 plus industries.

Products and services

  • Fin Seal Pouch
  • 3 Side Seal Pouch
  • Gusset Bag
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Shaped Pouch
  • Quad Seal Bag
  • Flexible Packaging Film

How to choose the best food packaging manufacturer in China

  • Customization options

You should consider this feature when selecting a food wrapping paper manufacturer if your business deals with different types of customers.

  • Quality certifications

It is always advisable to buy your food packaging products from a supplier that has the necessary certifications such as KOSHER, BRCGS, SEDEX/BSCI, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, etc.

  • Delivery time

When your order needs to be fulfilled without any deadline, then it’s no problem but when you need it urgently, find a manufacturer that offers an early delivery service.


There are three main benefits of food packaging- it keeps food safe while transportation, it protects the food from contamination, and different packaging materials are used for different food items.

While there are various packaging materials available, paper packaging is much more popular and healthier than others. Additionally, paper food packaging from China is in high demand all over the world as it is more affordable and sustainable.

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