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Best 5 Chinese Take out Box Suppliers in Canada

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Are you in the search for quality take-out boxes? Say no more. Our blog features the best Chinese take-out box suppliers in Canada and how to choose them.

When you are looking for a supplier of take-out containers, there are so many factors you need to pay close attention to. You will have to look at the quality, the pricing, the delivery time, and the certification of the packaging company. 

Our blog helps you find the right supplier for Chinese take-out containers in Canada. For Chinese take-out boxes, specific packaging and designs are essential to keep the food safe and warm. Let us have a look at the best suppliers in the country. 

List of the Finest Chinese Take out Box Suppliers in Canada

Chinese takeout box
Source: Unsplash

These are the suppliers we have shortlisted for your consideration:

  • YOON
  • Supply Box
  • i Custom Boxes
  • Canada Brown
  • NexDay Supply

Leading Chinese Take out Box Suppliers In Canada

1. YoonPak


Type of Business: Food & Beverage Packaging Distributor

Location (Headquarters): Canadian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Year Founded: 2000

Certifications: ISO9001 & ISO 14001

Products Offered: Food containers, paper cups, paper bags, plastic cups, paper bowls

When a company is offering packaging solutions, they are responsible for mass production, which fulfills its function but does not create a burden on the environment. YoonPak is dedicated to providing sustainable packaging solutions. Perfect for Chinese take-out boxes wholesale Canada, Yoon is an experienced manufacturer, delivering their packaging products all around the world. 

Yoon offers paper-based products that are sustainable yet durable. Their custom packaging services are well-suited for any company that wants to design take-out containers as a trademark of their food supply chain. They use food-grade inks so that the quality of food is in no way compromised. 

2. Supply Box

Supply Box Logo
Source: Supply Box

Type of Business: Packaging Solutions

Location (Headquarters): Argentia Rd, Suite 302 – East Tower Mississauga

Year Founded: 2012

Products Offered: Chinese take out containers, aluminum food containers, pizza boxes, paper cups

Since its founding in 2012, Supply Box has been dedicated to providing packaging solutions for both food and drinks. While they offer plastic and disposable materials, clients can also refine their search to opt for sustainable packaging options. Supply Box has a separate listing for Chinese take out boxes, and they can be ordered directly from the website. The search can also be filtered by color, type of material used in production, and the use intended for it. 

3. iCustom Boxes

iCustom Boxes Logo
Source: iCustom Boxes

Type of Business: Food Packaging & Containers

Location (Headquarters): 439 University Ave 5th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2N8, Canada

Year Founded: 2010

Products Offered: Custom gift boxes, food containers, display boxes, showcase exhibits, sustainable packaging

As can be deduced by their name, this manufacturer is all about custom-made boxes. Soap boxes, paper bags, gift boxes, cosmetics packaging, and retail boxes are just a few of the options available on their website. 

They have two types of Chinese take out boxes on their website, and both of them have the dimensions mentioned so that you can estimate the quantity of food they can hold. The quality of printing and manufacturing is second to none and will give you nothing but the best experience if you choose them as your supplier. 

4. Canada Brown

Canada Brown Logo
Source: Canada Brown

Type of Business: Packaging and Cutlery Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5, Canada

Year Founded: 2018

Products Offered: Take out boxes, paper straws, paper bags, cups and lids, reusable bags, and cutlery

Established as a company with an eco-friendly perspective, Canada Brown has a diverse range of products offered for different solid and liquid food packaging needs. Their custom packaging services allow them to manufacture take-out containers as per your requirements with your brand name printed on them. 

Their take-out boxes are made of fully recycled paper and have different base materials. The Chinese take-out boxes from Canada Brown are food-grade manufactured and are safe to use and serve food in. The containers can hold both cold and warm food, will not leak grease, and come with a lock for safe delivery. 

5. NexDay Supply

NexDay Supply Logo
Source: NexDay Supply

Type of Business: Food Packaging Services

Location (Headquarters): Four Seasons Place, Suite 1000 Toronto, Canada

Year Founded: 2010

Products Offered: Foam Bowl Containers, Food Pails, Buckets, Foil Entree Containers

There are different options available for different clients, and this company deals with boxes used for packaging in different industries. Their take-out containers are available in foam, aluminum, plastic, and paper. Their boxes come in various designs and dimensions for a variety of uses. 

How to Choose the Best Chinese Take out Box Supplier in Canada?

Sustainable take out box
Source: Unsplash

Here is a list of everything that will help make you select a supplier easily:

  1. Look at the product range: There are several designs available for takeout that will be better suited for different types of food. A diverse product range offers more options.
  2. Ask for samples: This is the easiest way to check the quality and durability of the take out boxes before finalizing a deal. 
  3. Pricing and delivery time: Transparent pricing structure is always preferable as compared to hidden charges popping up later. Ask for the quoted price and the estimated delivery time so that you can manage accordingly. 


We hope that you now know the right supplier for Chinese take-out boxes in Canada. While finding suppliers locally might not be difficult, sometimes they cannot provide you with everything you are asking for. There are many factors that will help you choose the best Chinese take-out box supplier in Canada. We hope this blog helped you find the best supplier for Chinese take-out containers.

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