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Best 5 Pizza Box Suppliers In Malaysia

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Pizza boxes should be sturdy and made from chemical-free substances. Acquiring better quality pizza boxes is relatively crucial for the food company. The primary role of the pizza box is to keep the pizza warm, save it from damage, and protect it from other things like dirt and dust. Due to that, it is significant to select suppliers who will make durable, safe, and sturdy pizza boxes.

As the demand for pizza is high among the consumers, there are plenty of pizza-making companies and pizza box suppliers. Thus, it might be difficult for you to choose the best supplier, so we have short-listed the five best suppliers of all time. Learn more about the best pizza box supplier Malaysia-based suppliers here.

List Of The Finest Pizza Box Suppliers In Malaysia

So, here is the list of the top 5 suppliers and the kinds of products they can deliver for your business needs.

  • Mags Premium
  • Unique Specific
  • Foodabox
  • Obtech Corporation

1. Mags Premium

Mags Premium Logo
Source: Mags Premium

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: NO. 2431A (First Floor), Jalan E3 /6A, Taman Ehsan, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year founded: 2009

Awards And Certificates: N/A

Mags Premium is a reputed manufacturer offering quality packaging items in Malaysia. They do not restrict their product range to just these but have other products as well. Customized products for corporates are known to be their specialty. 

They have a list of esteemed clients in Malaysia who they cater to for customized products. This supplier ensures to deliver ordered products in 2 – 7 working days. With their expertise, they can cater to all pizza packaging requirements for clients in Malaysia. 

Products Offered:

  • Corporate Gift Ideas
  • Food Packaging Supplies
  • Non-Woven Bag Printing
  • Stationery and Tissue Printing
  • T-shirt Printing

2. Unique Specific

Unique Specific Logo
Source: Unique Specific

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: Lot 304991, Jalan Seramik Chepor 11/1, Pusat Industri Seramik Fasa 2, 31200 Chemor, Perak 

Year founded: 2008

Awards And Certificates: SME100 Awards 2018

Unique Specific company has come up the ranks in a relatively quick time because of its excellent record in Malaysia. Their products have a good name and reputation in the market due to the standards that they can keep up. 

The company is also known to use cutting-edge technology to ensure the fast delivery of its products to its customers. It has added another feather in their hat which is supported by their excellent customer service team.

Products Offered:

  • Die Cut Customized Boxes
  • Carton Customized Boxes
  • Customized Food Packaging Boxes
  • Printed Corrugated Boxes
  • Other Customized Packaging Products

3. Foodabox

Foodabox Logo
Source: Foodabox

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: No. 15, Jalan Perindustrian 4/KU8, Kawasan Perindustrian Meru Selatan, 41050 Klang, Selangor

Year founded: 2014

Awards And Certificates: The HOPE Awards by Youth Trust Foundation

The Foodabox company was started by a young entrepreneur and gained popularity in a quick period. This firm is remarkable for providing the best food packaging boxes in Malaysia. They are known for their sustainability and quality.

Technologically advanced equipment and experienced staff have made this company a huge success. In addition to that, this supplier also delivers eco-friendly products that specifically serve the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. 

Products Offered

  • Customized Food Trays
  • Customized Pizza Boxes
  • Customized Paper Napkins
  • Cutlery
  • Paper Cups and Bowls

4. Obtech Corporation

Obtech Corporation Logo
Source: Obtech Corporation

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: No. 5 & 7, Jalan TPK 2/6, Taman Perindustrian Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Year founded: 1993

Awards And Certificates: FSC, PEFC accreditation, and EPA-approved 

Obtech Corporation is one of the oldest players in the packaging industry. It was founded with only three members of the staff. However, it has become one of the leading providers of various packaging products in Malaysia.

Products Offered:

  • Customized Packaging Boxes
  • Eco-Friendly Products for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Plastic Bags
  • Hygiene and Healthcare Products

How To Source The Finest Pizza Boxes From China

Type of business: Sustainable Paper Cups And Food Containers 

Located at: No.16, Fenghuang Road, Fenghuang Mountain Industrial Park, Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China 

Year founded: 2000 

Awards And Certificates: FSC Approval, FSC Approval, and FDA Certification

If you are looking for affordable products with the best quality, importing pizza boxes from Chinese manufacturers like Yoon would be a relatively good option. Apart from being able to give pizza boxes, they can also provide your business with other quality essentials. 

This company is known for its exporting capacity in more than 50 countries. With this exposure, there is no surprise that this has become a popular choice for businesses. It is possible to create unique branding for your business with this exporter from China. 

Products Offered:

  • Customized Packing Bags
  • Customized Packing Boxes
  • Eco-Friendly Customized Packaging Products
  • Food Containers
  • Customized Packing Solutions

Things To Consider When Looking For A Pizza Box Supplier

  •  High-Graded Material That Keeps The Pizza Warm

Pizza is something that should always be served fresh, warm, and hot. If it is not warm and is not being served in the right manner, there might be a decrease in the total number of buyers. This is a hard task in the case of delivery service, so choose the supplier who will design the pizza box in a way it can keep the food warm.

  • Usage of Eco-friendly and Health-Friendly Material

There should be no compromise in the case of eco-friendly material used to prepare custom pizza boxes. The eco-friendly material keeps everyone healthy. It does not possess any components that can be hazardous to customers. 

  • Pizza boxes must be available in all sizes and shapes

Since pizzas are made in various sizes, it is always recommended that personal pizza boxes be available in all sizes. You should also prefer corrugated pizza boxes as they help it keep it fresh and warm all the time.


We will repeat it again that you should consider buying pizza boxes that are of premium quality, excel in durability, and are made from safe, toxic-free materials. Hence, look for those reliable suppliers who follow these basic standards while manufacturing pizza boxes. 

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