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The Best 6 Paper Cup Manufacturers in the USA

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Finding reputable paper cup manufacturers in the USA can be challenging due to the abundance of options available. It can be easier to determine the quality and reliability of a manufacturer with prior knowledge or experience. 

Additionally, some manufacturers may make false or misleading claims about their products or manufacturing processes. It is essential to research and carefully evaluate potential manufacturers before deciding to ensure that the paper cups produced are of high quality and meet industry standards. 

Verifying the manufacturer’s compliance with environmental and sustainability measures is also essential. This can ensure that the products are produced ethically and responsibly.

List of The Top Paper Cups Companies In the USA

Barista pouring coffee in a white paper cup
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In the following sections, we will go over the top 6 paper cup companies in the USA in greater detail, but first, here is a quick synopsis of them. 

  • EcoQuality

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Brooklyn, New York, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Products offered: Paper Cups and Containers


EcoQuality Corporation, a New York-based company founded in 2017, is considered the most trustworthy manufacturer of throwaway products. They provide eco-friendly disposable products of high quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

The company offers product recommendations, pricing incentives, inventory management options, and same-day delivery, and accepts orders through online, fax, and phone channels. Their friendly team assists with product pickup or delivery and their fleet ensures prompt order fulfillment. 

Their focus is on providing quality products at low rates to customers of all sizes. Their success is dependent on providing their customers with all the necessary tools to succeed and they welcome new clients with open arms. EcoQuality Corporation strives to deliver the best service and quality with integrity to all of its clients.

  • Dart Container Corporation

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Mason, Michigan, United States

Year Founded: 1937

Products offered: Cups and Containers

Dart Container Corporation Logo
ALT text: Dart Container Corporation Logo

Dart Container Corporation was established in 1937. Dart Products Limited, Dart Sudamericana, Dart Canada, Brasbar Embalagens Do Brasil Ltd., Dart de Mexico, Dart Cup Ltd., and Phoenix Manufacturing Services Pty are among its subsidiaries.

The company produces paper cups, foam cups, and containers.

It also distributes and manufactures food and beverage containers and provides the following:

  • Paper, custom print cups, foam, plastic, fusion, and stock print.
  • Hinged lid, two pieces, portion, and custom print containers.
  • Accessories include lids, cutlery, foam and plastic dinnerware, and dome covers.
  • Specialty products. 

Dart has also collaborated with other companies and governments to build and operate recycling centers. Furthermore, the organization has economic ties to the distributor community and operates through multiple distribution centers in 14 states across the United States.

  • International Paper

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Year Founded: 1898

Products offered: Paper cups and Packaging

International Paper Logo

The International Paper Company was formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1898. It is now a global packaging and paper leader, manufacturing operations in Latin America, Russia, Asia, North America, Europe, and North Africa. 

The company makes paper and fiber-based packaging products. Furthermore, the company’s main strengths include rigorous R&D, production facilities, the improving performance of the worldwide cellulose fiber market, and outstanding liquidity. However, the regulatory environment, rising labor wages in the United States, and increased use of digital media may stymie corporate operations.

  • Solo Cup Company

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Lake Forest, Illinois, United States

Year Founded: 1936

Products offered: Paper Cups and Product Packaging

Solo Cup Company Logo
ALT text: Dart Container Corporation Logo

The Solo Cup Company is a manufacturer of disposable cups and tableware. The company was established in 1936 and has become a significant player in the industry. They are known for their paper, plastic, and foam cups.

Solo Cup Company’s paper cups are made from high-quality paper and are designed to be sturdy and leak-proof. They are perfect for hot and cold beverages and are widely used in offices, schools, and other settings. 

The company’s plastic cups are made from durable, food-grade plastic and are available in various sizes and styles. They are perfect for cold drinks and are widely used in convenience stores, vending machines, and other settings. 

The company’s foam cups are made from lightweight, insulated foam that keeps drinks hot or cold for longer. They are perfect for coffee, tea, and other hot beverages and are widely used in coffee shops and food service settings.

In addition to their cups, Solo Cup Company also produces a wide range of other disposable tableware products such as plates, bowls, utensils, and trays. The company is committed to providing high-quality products that are both convenient and affordable for customers.

Solo Cup Company’s products can be found in a wide range of retail and commercial settings and are known for their quality and reliability. The company is committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. They have invested in recycling programs and research and development to create new, more sustainable products.

  • Georgia-Pacific

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Year Founded: 1927

Products offered: Pulp and Paper

Georgia Pacific Logo

Georgia-Pacific is a manufacturer of paper products, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The company was founded in 1927 and has become a significant player in the paper products industry. 

They offer a wide range of products that support people’s daily routines, including paper cups, bath tissue, Brawny paper towels, and Dixie cups. These products are known for their high quality and reliability and can be found in many different retail and commercial settings, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and office supply stores.

In addition to its consumer products, Georgia-Pacific provides a wide range of industrial and commercial products. These include paper and pulp for use in other manufacturing industries, such as packaging, construction, and printing. 

The company also produces many other products, including building materials, chemicals, and packaging. They have a diverse customer base, including packaging manufacturers, tissue and towel converters, and pulp and paper mills. 

  • Pactiv Evergreen

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Lake Forest, Illinois, United States

Year Founded: 2020

Products offered: Paper Cups and Food Packaging

Pactiv Evergreen Logo

Pactiv Corporation is a leading manufacturer of paper cups, plastic cups, and other food service products. The company was founded in 1947. Pactiv has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico, allowing them to efficiently serve customers in various regions, providing them with high-quality products that meet their specific needs.

Pactiv’s product line includes a wide range of disposable paper and plastic products, including cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, food containers, and more. They also offer a variety of packaging solutions, such as clamshells, trays, and wraps. The company has developed several patented products, such as clear plastic cups and lids.

Their products suit various industries, including food service, retail, and more. Pactiv Corporation’s reputation for quality and innovation is built on decades of experience in the industry. As a leading manufacturer, they understand the importance of providing products that meet the unique needs of their customers and are constantly working to improve and expand their product offerings. 

Top Paper Cup Manufacturers in China – YOON

You can also look at some of the best options from around the world, as there are reputable paper cups manufacturers in America. YOON, a Chinese paper cup manufacturer, is at the top of the list.

Type of Business: Wholesale and Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Year Founded: 2000

Products offered: Paper Cups and Containers

Yoon Pak Logo
Source: YOON

YOON was established in 2000 and is a wholesale manufacturer specializing in custom paper cups and eco-friendly materials for a wide range of paper containers. They offer various options for customers looking to promote their brand or business, including custom designs and colors for paper cups. 

YOON’s commitment to using sustainable materials helps to reduce the environmental impact of disposable paper products. Their wide range of paper container options makes them suitable for various industries such as food service, retail, and more. YOON is a one-stop shop for custom paper cups and eco-friendly paper containers.


There are many options available for finding the best paper cups at competitive prices in the USA. However, it is critical to examine more than just the price but also the quality and sustainability of the products. 

YOON is a reputable manufacturer offering a wide range of sustainable paper cups and custom printing options. They have a reputation for producing high-quality paper cups that meet industry standards and comply with environmental regulations. 

Additionally, their custom printing options allow customers to personalize their paper cups and make them stand out. Overall, YOON is a reliable and responsible choice for those in need of paper cups in the USA.

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