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Togo Paper Snack Box Wholesale

In the creation of ecologically sustainable food packaging containers, YOON is a prominent player. At extremely fair prices, anything you require for food service can be found here.

Snack and Chicken Box

Our take-out boxes aid in the preservation of the product/item contained within them. They are also appropriate for transporting your item across great distances.

 Yoonpak’s take-out boxes are fantastic alternatives for weathering harsh environmental circumstances without degrading in hot and cold climates, while natural ones are always the ideal to go with from an environmental standpoint. Turn to us for any wholesale takeaway boxes you require. We will always be there to answer your call and meet your needs.

Take-out boxes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors for you to select from. These take-out boxes help in the secure storage and delivery of packaged things from point of origin to point of destination. Let’s build rapport with packing by picking takeout boxes made of high-quality materials.

Paper Snack Containers in YOON

printed kraft snack box

Take-out Snack Box with handle

Get a snack box with a handle branded with the logo of your business for takeaway meals.

snack box

Printed Snack Boxes

We will create stunning printed paper boxes for you that perfectly reflect the legacy of your business.

Snack tray

Snack Serving Tray

While using biodegradable snack serving trays, there is no need to wash them with water after each usage.

fastfood paper container full set

Full Set Fast Food Solutions

Your search for the finest wholesale take-out boxes is over. YOON offers a huge selection of bulk takeaway boxes made from durable paper materials.


Customized product is available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try YOON!

Custom Snack Boxes Choices

Paper box size and shape

Our environmentally friendly snack boxes come in a range of sizes to hold almost any amount of food.

Logo and Printing

We provide stunning custom printing of your logo and pattern on your snack boxes in less time due to incredibly effective tools for all output types.


YOON items are available in a variety of colors to help your business function effectively. When it comes to personalizing your snack boxes, there are no restrictions on innovation.


We select long-lasting materials that are extremely durable. It is up to our clients to decide which materials to use. 

Paper Snack Boxes Wholesale Support Your Food Businesses 

Fast Food

Snack boxes are a typical takeaway item at fast food restaurants for meal takeout and brand marketing. When it comes to high-end printing materials, we satisfy customer expectations.


Restaurants search for eye-catching snack boxes to promote their businesses and offer takeout meals. For different serving needs, we provide a variety of bulk snack boxes. 


Purchase several of our personalized kraft clamshell boxes to advertise your bakery. Use our disposable snack boxes so you can concentrate on giving your clients or visitors a good time.

Coffee Shop

If you want to provide food and advertise your business at the same time, you may purchase our snack box in bulk.

Street Food

Food cart owners might purchase bulk snack packs to benefit their customers. Snack boxes are quite popular because of their attractive shape and reliable manufacturing.

Catering & Party

We produce snack boxes with the highest level of accuracy, allowing you to effectively manage your catering and party requirements. 

YOON - Your Reliable Paper Snack Box Supplier 

Wholesale Price 

YOON is an extensive wholesale manufacturer, doing everything from printing on paper to molding final goods.

Design and Printing

Using our top-notch design and printing service, we can provide a range of designs for your company, whether ready-made stock print designs or goods with custom printing. 


We are all concerned about the environment. Our boxes are a suitable way to pack leftovers or carry out food for customers. All of these ecologically friendly snack boxes are made with sustainability in mind.


Short Lead Time

Get cheap disposable paper burger boxes in large quantities in a short lead time. Expect your orders to be delivered in 3 to 6 weeks under regular circumstances. 


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