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Togo Paper Snack Box Wholesale

Do you need to pack anything? You’ve come to the correct location. Your hunt for the best wholesale take-out boxes has come to an hult. Yoon carries a wide variety of bulk take-out boxes.

Snack Box, Chicken Box

Our take-out boxes aid in the preservation of the product/item contained within them. They are also appropriate for transporting your item across great distances.

Yoonpak’s take-out boxes are fantastic alternatives for weathering harsh environmental circumstances without degrading in hot and cold climates, while natural ones are always the ideal to go with from an environmental standpoint. Turn to us for any wholesale takeaway boxes you require. We will always be there to answer your call and meet your needs.

Take-out boxes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors for you to select from. These take-out boxes help in the secure storage and delivery of packaged things from point of origin to point of destination. Let’s build rapport with packing by picking takeout boxes made of high-quality materials.

What We Supply

printed kraft snack box

Take-out Snack Box with handle

snack box

Printed Snack Boxes

whte paper tray

Snack Serving Tray

fastfood paper container full set

Full Set Fast Food Solutions

Custom Choices in YoonPak


Because our packing material protects the goods from harm, it is strong and dependable. Allow your visitors to taste your delectable cuisine in a high-quality take-out container.

Color logo and pattern

If you want to advertise your brand via your packaging, we provide you with the solution to custom design your take-out boxes.

Size and Shape

Our Take out boxes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors to pick from.

Snack Box Common Applications

kraft pizza boxes

Take-out snack box is perfect container for chicken tenders, french fries, chips, tacos, popcorn, and many other everyday snacks. 

  • Chicken Tenders

  • French Fries

  • Chips

  • Tacos

  • PopCorns

  • ……



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