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PET/PLA Clear Cups

Ideal for serving cold drinks, frappes and ice teas. Crystal clear PET/PLA gives perfect product presentation and can be recycled together with other PET/PLA products/packaging.


  • Available in various size.
  • Available with straw slotted or domed lids.
  • Custom printing available in up to 6 colours.
  • MOQ 10,000 PCS.

All Sizes Come in Customization

  • Cup
  • Lid
  • Item No.Cups NameTop*Bottom*Height(mm)Overflow(ml)
    0.75oz-45 PET/PLA Cup0.75OZ-4545*30*2120ml
    0.95oz-45 PET/PLA Cup0.95OZ-4545*33*3228ml
    1oz-45 PET/PLA Cup1OZ-4545*31*4030ml
    2oz-62 PET/PLA Cup2OZ-6262*44*3060ml
    3oz-62 PET/PLA Cup3OZ-6262*40*60115ml
    4oz-74 PET/PLA Cup4OZ-7474*52*36120ml
    5oz-74 PET/PLA Cup5OZ-7474*42*69150ml
    7oz-74 PET/PLA Cup7OZ-7474*44*86210ml
    8oz-78 PET/PLA Cup8OZ-7878*47*82240ml
    8oz-117 PET/PLA Cup8OZ-117117*98*105240ml
    9oz-78 PET/PLA Cup9OZ-7878*47*100270ml
    9oz-92 PET/PLA Cup9OZ-9292*55*72270ml
    10oz-78 PET/PLA Cup10OZ-7878*50*103300ml
    10oz-84 PET/PLA Cup10OZ-8484*49*107300ml
    11oz-92 PET/PLA Cup11OZ-9292*54*100330ml
    12oz-84 PET/PLA Cup12OZ-8484*51*104360ml
    12oz-90A PET/PLA Cup12OZ-90A90*55*118375ml
    12oz-90B PET/PLA Cup12OZ-90B90*55*108375ml
    12oz-92 PET/PLA Cup12OZ-9292*57*110375ml
    12oz-95 PET/PLA Cup12OZ-9595*57*107390ml
    14oz-98 PET/PLA Cup14OZ-9898*54*100420ml
    14oz-98B PET/PLA Cup14OZ-98B98*63*105420ml
    15oz-90 PET/PLA Cup15OZ-9090*56*115450ml
    16oz-92 PET/PLA Cup16OZ-9292*58*140500ml
    16oz-95 PET/PLA Cup16OZ-9595*62*123500ml
    16oz-98 PET/PLA Cup16OZ-9898*63*121500ml
    16oz-98 PET/PLA Cup16oz98*61.7*126.5500ml
    16oz-98B PET/PLA Cup16OZ-98B98*65*120500ml
    16oz-98C PET/PLA Cup16OZ-98C98*63*121500ml
    16oz-117 PET/PLA Cup16OZ-117117*90*77480ml
    20oz-98 PET/PLA Cup20OZ-9898*58*136600ml
    20oz-98B PET/PLA Cup20OZ-98B98*61*145600ml
    24oz-98 PET/PLA Cup24OZ-9898*59*153720ml
    24oz-117 PET/PLA Cup24oz-117117*90*107720ml
    32oz-107 PET/PLA Cup32oz-107107*73*175960ml
    32oz-117 PET/PLA Cup32oz-117117*65*176960ml
    More Sizes
  • Item No.Lids Name
    45mm  Flat LidsF45
    62mm  Flat LidsF62
    74mm  Flat LidsF74
    74mm  Dome LidsD74
    78mm  Flat LidsF78
    78mm Dome LidsD78
    84mm  Flat LidsF84
    84mm  Dome LidsD84
    90mm  Flat LidsF90
    90mm  Dome LidsD90
    92mm  Flat LidsF92
    92mm  Dome LidsD92
    95mm  Flat LidsF95
    95mm  Dome LidsD95
    98mm  Flat LidsF98
    98mm  Dome LidsD98
    117mm  Flat LidsF117
    117mm  Dome LidsD117
    More Sizes

Branding Made Simple

A bespoke single wall cup is the perfect space for promoting your brand, get your brand logo and a nice design to wrap around our pristine white paper cups and you have a walking billboard for you.

Our bespoke takeaway cups are environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

High-Volume Discounts!

Our large volume productivity allows us to provide an bulk discount on specific quantity break as 50,000, 100,000 and 500,000. We have successfully offered high-volume orders time and again. That's why we've become the approved supplier for some of the leading brewers and beverage producers worldwide. No job is too big, and the more you buy, the less you pay! Contact


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