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Custom Printed Paper Cups

Disposable Paper Cup Manufacturer in China

At YOON, we produce extremely affordable and amazing custom-printed, environmentally friendly and biodegradable paper cups. We provide a variety of sizes and colors of disposable paper cups for wholesale businesses. You may get all the equipment you need for serving food here.

Our customers always appreciate our ability to offer the highest-quality goods while meeting deadlines. Depending on what you want, we provide wholesale paper cup printing services for your business. 

When we label the cups and print logos on them, we employ a selection of vibrant, high-quality colors that are smudge-proof and safe for consumers and the environment. The paper cups are manufactured using Polyethylene (PE) coating, and the colors used are safe.

By offering premium paper cups in large quantities, we have increased our company’s brand recognition in the industry. It’s time for you to do the same, by getting customized disposable paper cups for your business! After all, marketing is the need of every business. 

Custom Paper Cup for Beverage Applications 

Customize your paper cups for beverage applications and leave an ever-lasting impact on your customers.


paper coffee cup

Coffee Cups 

We can create a variety of designs, whether they are pre-made stock print designs or goods with customized graphics.


Beverage paper cup

Tea Cups 

Our disposable tea cup is designed to keep liquid from dripping through the paper or seeping out.


Yoon single wall paper cups can work in any service situation. Available in the iconic cafe design for ease and catch your customers attention.


The double insulated paper cup is comfortable to hold, has a sturdy premium feel, and features a double wall to eliminate the need for double-cupping or cup sleeves.


Attractive ripple takeaway coffee cups offer great insulation without the need for additional cup sleeves, popularly used for hot takeaway drinks.


Designed by our team, these cups have a bold design to enhance consumer engagement. The triple wall wave embossing ensures a better heat barrier performance.


Eco paper cups

These classic Eco cups have been upgraded with a PLA lining to handle hot drinks while maintains superior insulation and disposable.



Customized product is available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try Yoon!


Branded Paper Cups Support 

Paper Cup Size and Shape 

Our recyclable paper cups are available in various sizes to carry practically anything. For our personalized wholesale disposable paper cups, we provide a range of patterns, sizes, and forms. 


Logo and printing

With the help of our skilled product production team, we can create custom packaging for your company. Imprint your brand on the paper cups to advertise your company.


Paper Cup Colors

YOON does everything from printing on paper to molding final goods. In accordance with your design and order bulk, we utilize the appropriate printing technique for both offset and flexo printing.


Take-away Cup Materials

We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly paper cup choices that lessen customer reliance on petroleum-based material.


Wholesale Takeaway Paper Cups Support Your Food Businesses 

YOON is renowned for its products that are applicable in various industries. Our team of experienced workers will strive to provide the best quality products with precise details provided by our clients. 


Fast Food

For brand marketing and meal takeout, fast food establishments frequently use paper cups for their takeaways. When it comes to superior printing materials, we satisfy consumer expectations.


Restaurants hunt for eye-catching paper cups to promote their businesses and serve takeout food. To accommodate different serving needs, we provide a variety of bulk paper cups. Delivering high-quality goods is our primary objective.


Purchase a lot of our bespoke paper cups to market your bakery. Utilize our disposable paper cups so that you may concentrate on giving your clients or visitors a satisfying experience.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops mostly sell ice cream, beverages, and baked goods. You may purchase our paper cups in bulk if you want to serve food and advertise your business.

Street Food

Food cart owners may acquire bulk paper cups for the convenience of their customers. Due to the paper cups' sturdy manufacturing and appealing appearance, the label's stock is frequently sought.

Catering & Party

Catering companies or event planners put large orders for paper cups. We produce paper cups with precision, allowing you to manage your disposable supply effectively.

Why YOON Paper Food Bucket Wholesale


For your business, we will design specialized food packaging that flawlessly reflects your brand. We will create digital proofs for your review and finalize the custom food containers.

Design and Printing

We offer your business a variety of designs, whether ready-made stock print designs or products with bespoke printing, thanks to our first-rate design and printing service.


We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly food packaging choices that lessen customer reliance on petroleum-based packaging.

Short Lead Time

We provide stunning custom printing of your brand and style on your food containers in less time. We normally deliver printed standard items three to six weeks after the date of purchase.


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