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French Fry & Chips Packaging Wholesale

Convenient YOON’s wholesale packaging options for french fries and chips, including single-serving and large-scale options for any food business.

French Fry & Chips Paper Container

YOON Packaging is one of the world’s most experienced printing and box suppliers. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in obtaining amazing customized fast food containers, and our talented designers will ensure that you have the correct designs.

Get the answer to all of your packaging problems. It’s not only about interestingly displaying your snacks; it’s also about marketing the brand. Our unique paper boxes are constructed with specific materials to address all of your health concerns.

Fast food businesses are looking for innovative french fry boxes for takeout meals and brand promotion. We meet their requirements for high-quality box printing. Have your personalized cardboard boxes fashioned in such a way that they entice your customers to grab your french fries right away? Get high-quality customized food packaging in a variety of sizes at a low cost for your french fry, chips, and snacks.

French Fry & Chips Packaging in YoonPak

French Fry Paper Packet

The stylish and convenient design of the YOON french fry paper packets makes them great for on-the-go french fry consumption.

French Fry & Chips Trays

French Fry Serving Tray

YOON’s french fry serving tray is perfect for serving fries and your salad or side dishes.

snack paper cone

French Fry Box

YOON’s french fry box is perfect for the food services business and is easy to transport and handle during busy service hours.

drink tray & snack tray

Tray & Cup Holder

Our tray & cup holder is a must-have item in any business. Create to hold all your drinks and your fries at the same time.

Custom Your Design

With YOON’s custom design service, you can create unique french fry and chip packaging that sets you apart from your competitors.

Custom French Fry & Chips Packaging Options

Color logo and pattern

We provide bespoke printed boxes with logos to assist you in building your brand. A high-quality bespoke french fry packaging print necessitates creative design ability.

Size and Shape

Our bespoke french fries boxes are available in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your specific needs.


Our unique paper french fry trays and boxes are constructed with specific materials to address all of your health issues.

French Fry Boxes & Trays Wholesale Support Your Food Businesses 

YOON offers wholesale French fry boxes and trays to support your food business. Our durable, eco-friendly packaging is perfect for takeout and delivery orders. With customizable options and bulk pricing, YOON has everything you need to elevate your fries to the next level, including various customized options and french fry containers wholesale bulk prices. 

Fast Food

Our bulk pricing makes us a cost-effective solution for large fast food chains. We also serve fast-casual dining businesses looking to enhance the customer experience and improve the overall perception of their brand.


Our packaging is perfect for quick-service restaurants and takeout/delivery businesses looking for durable and eco-friendly options. We also provide customizable options for fast food chains to promote their brand while keeping their fries well-presented.


Our french fry boxes & trays could be utilized to hold baked goods, pastries, or sandwiches, which can enhance the customer experience and increase the perceived value of the products.

Coffee Shop

Our customizable boxes & trays are moisture and tampering-resistant. Designed to meet the needs of fast-paced, high-volume operations while providing customers with a stylish and eco-friendly option. 

Street Food

These french fry boxes are perfect for your business serving fries, onion rings, nuggets, potatoes and many more food items. Make your cardboard boxes appealing to customers by personalizing them.

Catering & Party

Our awesome disposable french fry container are great for serving crispy, golden delicious fries. Also available in various sizes and designs and can be customized with branding or logos.

YoonPak - Your Reliable Paper French Fry Container Supplier 

Custom Services and Experience

You can distinguish your fries packaging box from the competition using YOON's custom-printed packaging and rich experience in the industry. You will amaze your customers before they open the bag and taste your food using flexible custom-printed paper cups and boxes.

Design and Printing

Our talented designers will work with you to create a design that will make your french fries containers stand out. With our advanced printing techniques we ensure your design is vibrant and long-lasting.

Green materials/Sustainable

We manufacture, develop, and market a wide range of sustainable paper french fry box solutions that reduce customer dependency on oil-based packaging. We replace oil with abundant, long-lasting materials such as sugarcane and paper.

Factory Direct

YOON is a leading paper food packaging manufacturer that offers the perfect balance of flexibility and reliability. We can quickly adapt to changing customer needs while also providing the dependability and consistency of a larger manufacturer.


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