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French Fry Containers Custom & Wholesale

Would you like your french fries to last longer while still enticing clients with appealing french fry box packaging? The catch is our one-of-a-kind custom printed French fries boxes from Yoon, the dependable Custom Box Makers.

French Fry & Chips Paper Container

Yoon Packaging is one of the world’s most experienced printing and box suppliers. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in obtaining amazing customized packing boxes, and our talented designers will ensure that you have the correct designs.

Get the answer to all of your packaging problems. It’s not only about interestingly displaying your snacks; it’s also about marketing the brand. Our unique paper boxes are constructed with specific materials to address all of your health issues.

Fast food businesses are looking for innovative french fry boxes for takeout meals and brand promotion. We meet their requirements for high-quality box printing. Have your personalized cardboard boxes fashioned in such a way that they entice your customers to grab your french fries right away. Get high-quality customized food packaging in a variety of sizes at a low cost for your frozen foods.

What We Supply

red french fire paper packet

French fry paper packet

french fries and katchup

French fry serving tray

snack paper cone

French fry box

drink tray & snack tray

Tray & Cup Holder

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Custom Your Design

French Fry Paper Holder Types and Features

French Fry Togo Box

French fry-to-go boxes are ideal for displaying and serving orders in elegance. These takeout cartons for french fries are ideal for gatherings.

French Fry Serving Tray

Salads, cut fruits, snacks, side dishes, and other items can be served on this platter.

French Fry Paper Bag

French fry bags typically accommodate 5.5 to 7.5 ounces of French fries. Oil and grease penetration is reduced by using grease-resistant paper.

French Fry Paper Cone

Our Paper Cones are expertly manufactured by employing high-quality snack packaging materials. They are:

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Custom Choices in YoonPak


Our unique paper boxes are constructed with specific materials to address all of your health issues.

Color logo and pattern

We provide bespoke printed boxes with logos to assist you in building your brand. A high-quality bespoke box print necessitates creative design ability.

Size and Shape

Our bespoke French fries boxes are available in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your specific needs.


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