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Chinese Takeout Boxes Guide: History, Benefits, and the Best Choice

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Chinese takeout boxes were initially a means of transporting Chinese foods but it has fast become a go-to packaging material for most American restaurants. There is a lot you can do with Chinese takeout boxes also called oyster pail boxes that evade the eye. 

With the rise of online food delivery services like Ubereats, Door dash, Instacart etc, the market demand for Chinese takeout boxes has surged, hence the need for restaurants to trust the right brand for their supply. In this article, we will learn about the history, benefits and the best brand of choice for oyster pail takeout containers.

What Are Chinese Take Out Boxes 

two samples of ouster pail boxes

The first thing to know is, what are Chinese take out boxes called?

Chinese take out boxes are also called oyster pail boxes. They are folded white cardboard boxes usually used to package food items. Most of them come with a wire frame handle and they either can be paper or waxed. Chinese food takeout boxes are rarely used in China and other Asian countries as they are mostly seen in America.

Secondly, where were the Chinese take out boxes invented? 

The Chinese takeout box was actually invented by a man named Frederick Weeks Wilcox, who was an American. The origami takeout boxes design was inspired by the Japanese origami paper-folding technique and was originally used to package raw oysters.

While it’s not clear whether Wilcox himself had any direct involvement with Chinese cuisine or culture, the Chinese takeout box became popular as a container for Chinese food in the United States in the 1920s. So, while the Chinese takeout box has become associated with Chinese cuisine, it was not actually invented by Chinese people. 

Also, note that oyster pail boxes were originally designed to hold oysters but they have evolved to become a packaging material for different fast foods. Read on to find out the full history of Chinese takeout boxes.

Chinese Takeout Container History

Like most things, the Chinese takeout container came from somewhere or someone. This section is an attempt to capture the history of oyster pail boxes, as we know them.

The Earliest History

The Chinese takeout container history dates as far back as 1894 when Frederick Weeks Wilcox made his version of the Chinese takeout box design called “paper pail”. His style was inspired by Japanese origami. The original version of the Chinese takeout container was called an oyster pail box. 

However, it became popular in the 20th century when most Chinese restaurants and fast food adopted it as their packaging material because they were convenient and easy to carry. 

It is safe to say that the Chinese take out box history dates to the early Chinese immigrants to California, US. This led to many Chinese restaurants and fast food in the country. Chinese takeout box origin was to transport oysters, which was a popular Chinese food at the time. The boxes’ foldable and interlocking design makes them easy to assemble, seal and carry. These qualities made it the ideal food container.

The Design

Frederick Weeks Wilcox invented the popular design of the Chinese takeout box, with its folded paper sides and wire handle, in the early 1900s. Wilcox was a New York-based inventor who created the design as an improvement over the traditional oyster pail. His design allowed the container to be easily folded and sealed, making it more secure and portable. 

Later on, a graphic designer added a Chinese inspired design to the oyster pail boxes and most companies began printing a pagoda symbol and the words “thank you,” stylized after Chinese calligraphy, on the boxes. They also opted for the color red, which symbolizes good fortune in China. The re-design helped form an even stronger association with Chinese culture. 

The Rise in Popularity

These oyster pail takeout containers became popular in the US as they were seen in movies, TV shows, advertisements, etc. They can be seen in many American households today as a food packaging material for different food items. However, they have other applications like gift boxes, storage containers, party favors, launch boxes, and decorative items.

The Current Application

Now, most bakeries, catering companies, coffee shops, fast food, restaurants, and street food joints use oyster pail boxes to package burgers, chicken, coffee, French fries and chips, hot dog, ice cream, pizza, etc. They can be modified into various and designed for food containers, lids, sleeves and straws, paper bags, paper bowls, paper cups, paper food boxes, paper food buckets, paper trays, etc.

In summary, the Chinese take out box origin is uniquely an American invention. Chicago inventor, Fredrick Week Wilcox, patented it in 1894. The “thank you” and “Enjoy” on the boxes were popularized in the 1970s alongside the red pagoda. We see this Chinese takeout boxes template today.

Benefits of Using Chinese Take out Boxes for Food Services

There are different benefits of using Chinese to go box for your packaging needs and we will discuss some of them in detail below:

Eco-friendly Material Communicates Your Brand’s Environmental Beliefs

The paper material used for the takeout boxes came from trees, which makes it renewable. These trees can be planted and replaced sustainably, promoting a green environment. Paper is also biodegradable which means that it breaks down naturally with time and doesn’t contribute to pollution and waste. This is in contrast to plastics, which take years to break down and can harm the ecosystem. 

Paper can also be recycled. Recycling paper saves energy, reduces landfill waste, and reduces the need for new trees to be cut down. Compared to other materials like plastic, producing paper has a lower carbon footprint. The production of paper involves fewer fossil fuels and emits fewer greenhouse gases. Therefore, opting for an Eco-Friendly Takeout Container: Make Business Greener can help in conserving energy and natural resources.

Paper can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of a product, which can reduce waste and packaging materials. For example, using paper sleeves or wraps can reduce the need for larger boxes or plastic packaging. Chinese take-out boxes became popular for their eco-friendly nature because they are made with eco-friendly materials. 

When you use these kinds of boxes for your packaging, you show that your brand values the environment and its impact on humans. YOON is your go-to brand for sustainable paper cups and food containers. We have experience in areas such as coffee go-to, vending, retail, and food-to-go and we will go to the extra cup to keep your brand strong, cohesive, and bold.

Our custom Chinese takeout boxes at YOON are made from paperboard, which is a renewable material. They are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. This makes them less harmful to the environment as compared to plastics and Styrofoam.

Using Chinese take out boxes for your brand would attract environmentally conscious customers that can promote brand loyalty and admiration.

Eco-friendly custom chinese takeout boxes

Custom Chinese Takeout Box Design Showcases Your Brand Image 

Chinese takeout box has a unique design that sets them apart from generic ones. The material for Chinese take out boxes makes it easier to indent your brand name and logo to your packaging. With this, you can display your brand image and create a lasting impact on the minds of your audience. 

Having custom packaging material gives your brand a professional look. It shows you take your brand seriously and is willing to stand out. Customers love and trust brands that look professional.

A good packaging material like oyster pail boxes makes brand awareness easy for you. People will immediately recognize your brand once they see your packaging. In addition, if you are active on social media, having beautiful packaging will give your page an aesthetic appeal.

Our boxes at YOON are made with clear and soft papers. This makes it easier to design your boxes to suit your brand aesthetics and image. In addition, we have a variety of printing equipment that allows us to apply images of any complexity.

Convenient Design to Enhance the Guest Takeout Experience 

Chinese takeout boxes are designed with a simple, efficient closure system that makes them easy to open and close. The flaps on the top of the box interlock to keep the contents secure during transport, but can be easily opened by pulling them apart when it is time to eat. This makes them a popular choice for takeout and delivery services, as they can be quickly and easily packed and unpacked. 

These takeout boxes also enhance a simple, user-friendly online ordering system that allows guests to place orders and pay online. This can save time and reduce errors.

Investing in quality packaging is one way to give your customers a positive customer experience. Oyster pail boxes enhance your customer take out experience and make it easier for them to keep trusting your brand.

Our take-out boxes at YOON are designed with care. From the handle down to the paper material itself. Our boxes are self-insulating which is more comfortable for your customers.

Easy to Apply 

Chinese takeout boxes are designed for convenience and efficiency. They are easy to apply and handle. This is because they are folded up from one lightweight piece of paper. This makes it reliable for food packaging, as there is no place for food and drinks to seep out. They can be also transported in large qualities without taking up space. 

The design of Chinese takeout boxes has been refined over many years to optimize convenience, efficiency, and functionality. As a result, they have become a popular choice for takeout food and are recognized around the world as an iconic symbol of Chinese cuisine.

YOON makes the different easy-to-handle Chinese take out box sizes that you can ever find. We have the comfort of the end user in mind and we take extra care to satisfy our customers. Explore Types of Restaurant Takeout Food Containers to discover the best fit for your needs in our guide.

Wide Applications 

There is a wide application of Chinese takeout boxes like the following:

  • Packaging food items such as sandwiches, salads, and pasta. They are also great for holding snacks such as popcorn, chips, and nuts. 
  • Gift boxes. They are an attractive and affordable way to package small gifts such as jewelry, chocolates, and other small items. 
  • Party favors for a variety of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. They can be filled with candy, small toys, or other trinkets and handed out to guests. 
  • Storage containers for small items such as office supplies, craft materials, and sewing notions.
  • Decorative items. They can be painted or decorated with stickers and used as centerpieces or hung from the ceiling as party decorations. 
  • Planters for small plants such as succulents and herbs. They are lightweight and easy to move around, making them ideal for small spaces. 
  • The box can also serve as a plate when the wire frame handle is taken off. 

At YOON, we provide you with different oyster pail boxes to meet your different packaging needs. Whether you’re a restaurant, fast food, bakery, or coffee shop looking for a Chinese rice box, gift box, snack package, chicken bucket, Chinese rice container, etc. we have all it takes to meet your packaging needs and satisfy your customer.

Chinese takeout boxes used for food

How to Make Chinese Takeout Boxes

Looking to learn how to make Chinese takeout boxes for your brand packaging? Here are the best steps to follow:

Tell Your Packaging Supplier the Custom Design Needs 

The first step is to know what you want. Think about factors like size, shape, color, or any specific design element you want to include. Consider the peculiarities of your brand products and the image you want to portray and be sure to communicate that with your supplier. 

Next is to find suppliers like YOON with a proven record of accomplishment of working with businesses to bring their packaging design to life. Schedule a meeting with your chosen supplier to discuss your needs and how to meet them. Then ask for samples to choose from. You can choose from existing catalogue or you could request a sample to be made for you. Once you like what you see, you can go ahead and seal the deal.

Get Your Brand Noticed on the Chinese Takeout Boxes

Next is to know how you want your box to be designed and your brand visuals expressed. Choose colors that match your brand identity and perception, and use the best quality form of your logo and other graphics or illustrations that represent your brand. You should also be intentional about your messaging. 

Keep the copy simple and the messaging straight to the point. Also, use slogans that your customers will remember easily. Another thing is to consider the box shape and size and the quality of the material you want your brand to be associated with.

Print Your Design on Chinese Take out Boxes 

Once you’ve chosen a supplier and the design you want, the supplier prints your design on the Chinese takeout boxes. First, They tweak the printing machine and choose the right paint to make sure your pattern is correctly reproduced. They also confirm samples before mass production.

A good packaging manufacturer like YOON will make sure the design is perfectly attached by Flexo Printing and Offset Printing. At YOON we take simple steps to deliver your order so you don’t have to worry about ambiguity. You can trust us to deliver excellent takeout boxes whenever you need them.

Cut the Chinese Takeout Boxes Template Accurately 

For this step, they use the template they’ve created in the previous section to cut other takeout boxes for your packaging. They make sure your template includes the necessary folds and flaps and the taps that hold the box together. Next, they cut the template onto cardboard or paper carefully along the lines of the template with cutting machines. 

They follow the lines closely so the final outcome will be in the right shape and size. They should be very careful at this point, so they don’t cut the wrong angles. Using a ruler or a straight edge can ensure they’re following the right pattern. When done correctly, they should have a lean-cut take-out box at this point.

Assemble Chinese Takeout Boxes 

Reliable packaging manufacturers should know how to fold Chinese takeout boxes perfectly for their clients. This is an important part of the process as it determines how the final product will look at the end.

Here are the stages a packaging manufacturer takes to assemble your Chinese takeout boxes:

  • First, they fold along the scored lines of the template to create the base of the box. They use a ruler or straight edge to make sure the folds are straight and neat. Then, they fold in the flaps to create the sides of the box.
  • Next, they fold down the top flaps of the box and then fold in the two side flaps to create your signature Chinese takeout box shape. They secure the side flaps in place with a small piece of tape or a dab of glue.
  • Finally, they fold in the small triangular flaps on each side of the box’s top to close it off. They can also use tape or glue to hold it in place.
  • Your Chinese take out boxes should be ready to be tested by now!

Test Chinese Takeout Boxes before Delivery 

This is an important quality control step every packaging manufacturer should take to ensure an excellent outcome. Here are a few things a packaging manufacturer can do in this step: check the lid to make sure it fits securely and make necessary adjustments, fill the box with food or any material to make sure there’s no hole in the boxes, and move around with the food to make sure everything is in place.

How to Choose the Right Chinese Takeout Boxes for Your Business 

Salad takeout box

Choosing the right takeout box for your business can be a hassle especially when there are many options to choose from. In this section, we will give you a systematic template to choose the best oyster pail box for your business packaging needs.

Chinese Takeout Box Sizes

Size is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the right takeout box for your business. You have to be sure that your size can contain the food you serve and will be easy for your customers to carry. There are different sizes of Chinese take out boxes like the 4 oz Chinese takeout boxes for items like sushi rolls or fried wontons, and 8 oz Chinese takeout boxes for moderate portions of rice and noodles.

16 oz Chinese takeout boxes are for bigger portions of meals like rice, noodles, chicken, and mini Chinese take out boxes good for desserts and small treats. Ultimately, the size you choose will depend on your food material and the sizes you deliver to your customers, your customer preferences, or how you want to differentiate from your competitors.

Chinese Takeout Box Colors 

Chinese takeout boxes come in different colors like red, white, black, green, blue, etc. You can choose your color based on your brand colors and logo. Ultimately, you want to make your product easy to identify in the midst of other similar products. Choose a color that makes it easy for your logo to be visible to your customers. Also, be sure to choose a color that will leave a lasting impact on your customers. 

Chinese Takeout Box Materials and Quality 

Another factor is the materials and quality of the Chinese paper box you chose. These boxes can be made from either paper or plastic. Paper is more eco-friendly and can be recycled while plastics are more durable. 

The values of your business will determine the material to choose. In terms of quality, you want to make sure that the box you choose is strong enough to carry food materials and withstand the pressure from varying food temperatures. In addition, you need to be sure the material is safe to be exposed to food and do not choose a box quality that will leave paper trails on your food or contaminate it. 

We go green at YOON and our products are FDA, LFGB, and FSC certified so you can trust our products to be eco-friendly, durable, and safe for your food. Our products are also made with double-layered materials, which serve as good insulation to keep the food in the right temperatures. 

Bulk Chinese Takeout Box Price 

So many things affect the price when buying bulk Chinese take-out boxes. These factors include material and quality, customization, shipping cost, and seasonal pricing. For example, paper and eco-friendly boxes are more expensive than plastic boxes; boxes built with stronger and insulating materials with higher safety ratings are also more expensive. 

In addition, customizing the boxes with your logo and brand materials will add to the price. Shipping costs and seasonal holidays can also affect the price you pay. We suggest you always compare prices from different vendors to get the best deal on price. Also, look out for discounts and take advantage of them. Choose a supplier that meets your brand’s budget. 

At YOON, we consider your business needs and factors before recommending the best products to suit your budget.

A Trustworthy Chinese Take out Boxes Bulk Provider – YOON

You might be wondering where to buy Chinese take out boxes. No worries, you have come to the right place. YOON is your most reliable food container manufacturer. Asides from having different Chinese takeout box sizes to suit your needs, we also offer free design, free consultation, free samples, and a free catalog and price list. 

Here is all you can expect from YOON:

Modern Factory to Ensure Fast Delivery 

We offer flexo and offset printing, tailored solutions, and quality manufacturing. This proves that we have a modern state-of-the-art factory to meet your day-to-day demands. We also have a good logistics network that enables us to offer worldwide shipping so we can process your shipping order within 48 hours!

Eco Materials to Ensure Premium Quality 

Our materials are environmentally friendly and meet the accepted quality. Our products are made from plants, not oil and our papers are from certified plantations made from renewable resources and polylactic acid.

Full Set Customization Available to Ensure Unique Designs 

We provide a tailored solution as we give you free samples to make your choice. 

Here is how to get custom customization from YOON in four steps:

Step 1. Choose the product you want from our wide range of products.

Step 2. Send us your logo and other branding assets. We will be done with your work and send you a digital proof to review.

Step 3. We amend your final proof.

Step 4. You sit back and we deliver your order to you.

Flexible MOQ to Support Startup and Amazon Business

At YOON, we understand the unique challenges faced by startups and Amazon businesses so we offer a flexible minimum order quality of just 10,000 units. This is to enable startups to access our high-quality products without having to worry about meeting the high standard minimum orders. 

We help small businesses minimize risk and gain a higher return on investment by making our packaging materials more accessible. We also offer a range of customizable options to meet the individual needs of businesses. We are an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable takeout box providers. 

One-stop Service to Save Clients the Cost of Sourcing in China

We streamline the stress for our clients and help them source all they need from a single supplier. We have a wide variety of product types to meet your needs. Our products range from paper food containers like ice cream cups, chicken buckets, etc., and custom food packages, we also give discounts when you buy in bulk.

Pizza box
Source: YOON website

You can trust YOON to deliver the best quality materials for your packaging needs at the best price rate.


YOON is the best oyster pail boxes supplier to work with if you need eco-friendly material that communicates your brand’s environmental belief, takeout designs that displays your brand’s images, convenient design to enhance the guest take-out experience, easy application boxes, and wide application designs. 

We also make other packaging products like bakery boxes, burger boxes, pizza boxes, coffee cups, French fries and chips trays, ice cream cups, lunch boxes, etc. Expect a 24 hours online full-service support when you choose us. Let YOON be your packaging partner. Get in touch with YOON today and get a quote from our wide range of Chinese take out container sizes pizza cups.

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