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How Much Does a Pizza Box Cost? A Comprehensive Pricing Guide

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When we see at pizza conveyance, the pizza box is truly critical. It makes a difference make beyond any doubt our favorite pizza cut comes to us fair right. But, have you thought, “How much does a pizza box fetched?” This address sounds straightforward, but numerous things influence the cost. The kind of fabric and the plan components are two huge reasons. For anybody running a pizza put, knowing how many pizza boxes take a toll is exceptionally imperative. They have to discover a great adjustment between how much they spend and the quality they provide.

How Much Does a Pizza Box Cost?

How Much Does a Pizza Box Cost

On average, a simple medium pizza box might cost between 0.10 and 0.30. But, if we add special designs and customization, the price could go up to between 0.30 and 0.60 for each box. The cost changes for many reasons like the size of the box, what it’s made of, and how complex the designs are. For pizza places, choosing the best pizza box is very important. It affects how much they spend and how happy their customers are.

What Will Affect Pizza Box Cost?


The size of the pizza box is very important for its price. Usually, pizza boxes are available in many sizes, from 10 inches to 18 inches. The reason size is so important is simple—the bigger the box, the more material (like cardboard) is needed to make it. This makes the cost go up, so bigger boxes cost more than smaller ones.

To give you an idea of how size affects price, let’s consider some common dimensions used in the industry:

Box Size (inches)Approximate Cost Per Unit
10″ x 10″$0.20 – $0.30
12″ x 12″$0.25 – $0.35
14″ x 14″$0.30 – $0.45
16″ x 16″$0.35 – $0.50
18″ x 18″$0.40 – $0.60

This shows that the size of a box and how much it costs are linked. The bigger the box, the more material is needed, so the cost goes up. Pizza shops and food delivery need to know this to price their pizzas right. Remember, even though big boxes are pricier, they are needed for large or special pizzas. This makes them essential for any pizza shop’s packaging.


Pizza boxes are usually made from materials like kraft and corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is strong and keeps the pizza slice safe during shipping. It usually costs more than the lighter kraft kind. Let’s look at how different they are:

AspectKraft CardboardCorrugated Cardboard
DescriptionMade from wood pulp, offering a more natural look.Consists of a fluted corrugated sheet between two linerboards, providing enhanced strength.
Benefits– Eco-friendly and recyclable
– Suitable for lighter, less greasy pizzas
– Durable, offering superior protection
– Better insulation to keep pizzas hot
Cost EffectivenessGenerally cheaper due to simpler processing and lower material weight.More expensive due to a complex manufacturing process and increased material use.
Typical Price Range (Bulk Orders)0.08- 0.15 per box0.12-0.30 per box
Best Used ForLighter and less greasy pizzas that do not require as much insulation or grease resistance.Larger, heavier, or greasier pizzas that need more protection and better heat retention.


From the standard square box to innovative designs like the GreenBox (a box that separates into plates and a smaller box for leftovers), the type of pizza box chosen can affect cost. Specialty or novelty designs often carry a premium price.


When we talk about making pizza boxes look good, using logos is important. Using patterns and colors is also very important. It helps a brand be unique and catches the customer’s eye. Adding neat designs to a simple pizza box can turn it into a powerful advertising tool. It can alter the way customers view and experience their meal. For example, a pizza place wanting to look fancy and modern might use a simple design with a cool, one-color logo. But, a place that wants to be known as fun and family-friendly might use bright colors and fun patterns. Choosing these designs seems easy, but you have to think a lot about how printing them will change the cost.

For case, a company that needs to see favor might utilize a cool strategy called metallic thwart stamping. This makes its symbol see more lavish. But, this uncommon see costs more since of the one of a kind materials and machines required. On the other hand, pizza places that need a straightforward, custom made fashion might go for a two-color plan. This employments cheaper inks but can still stand out with shrewd, brand-related pictures. These illustrations appear that choosing on a plan isn’t almost about how it looks. It’s moreover approximately fitting the brand’s picture and what the clients anticipate. Moreover, putting plans on the box things. The printing strategy and ink sort influence the cost and last see. The enormous objective is to form the box see great, share what the brand is almost, and not spend much cash as well. This way, each pizza box tells a portion of the brand’s story.


When you buy a bunch of pizza boxes all together, you usually get to save some cash since the price per box goes down. This idea has a fancy name: economies of scale. Suppliers are pretty cool about this and will cut you a deal if you’re buying in bulk. So, it’s a smart move for pizza shops to buy a lot of boxes in one go. Like, if you decide to order between 1,000 and 5,000 boxes, you’ll notice the price per box gets way cheaper. That’s because it’s less expensive for the supplier to produce and ship a large order. But, pizza shops must check if they have space to store all these boxes. They also need to see if they can afford to buy so many at once. It’s key for them to make sure that buying a lot of boxes at one time actually helps their business. Not just in thinking, but in real life too.


How Much Does a Pizza Box Cost

The way we print pizza boxes really changes how much they cost and how good they look. Using one or two colors to print is the cheapest way, good for simple designs like logos and words. But for more colorful and clear pictures, we use cool printing methods like lithography, flexography, and CMYK printing. Each one changes the price in different ways.

Lithography makes really clear, detailed pictures, which is great for fancy designs but costs more because it’s hard to set up. Flexography is cheaper when you’re making a lot of boxes. It uses bendy plates and ink that dries fast. The pictures aren’t as sharp, but it’s faster. CMYK mixing four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) gives us lots of colors. It works with both lithography and flexography, giving a nice mix of good quality and good price.

In the end, picking how to print depends on what the pizza shop wants to look like and how much money they want to spend. Lithography creates very detailed and pretty designs. Flexography helps make many boxes fast and helps save money. CMYK adds many colors to boxes without being too expensive.

Shipping and Handling Fees

Shipping and handling can add to the cost of pizza boxes. This is especially true for pizza shops far from their suppliers. Because pizza boxes are big and take up a lot of room, sending them costs more. How much more depends on how far away the pizza shop is from the supplier and how quickly they need the boxes. Choosing faster shipping to get the boxes quickly can make it even more expensive.

Top Tips for Saving on Pizza Box Costs

How Much Does a Pizza Box Cost

Saving on pizza box costs is crucial for wholesalers aiming to maximize their profit margins while maintaining quality. Here are some top tips to help reduce expenses:

  • Bulk Buying: If you buy lots of boxes together, each box becomes cheaper. This happens because suppliers give discounts for big orders. Making smart guesses about how many you’ll need can save a lot of money over time.
  • Simple Designs: Choosing easy printing and design elements saves money. Complex designs and lots of colors cost more. Simple, modern designs can also be more attractive to customers today.
  • Strong Materials: Paying more for strong materials is a good idea. These materials last longer during shipping and storage. Better boxes make customers happy and come back, which helps pay for the cost of better materials.
  • Green Materials: Think about using materials that are good for the planet. This could let you get refunds from eco-friendly programs. It could also attract customers who care about the environment. This might help increase your sales.
  • Local Suppliers: Working with suppliers nearby can cut down on shipping costs. It can also make your business relationships stronger. This might help you get better deals on prices and payments.
  • Fewer Sizes: Keeping to a few standard box sizes can save money. Making many boxes of the same size could lead to better price deals.
  • Negotiating: Talk to your suppliers about prices, especially if you buy a lot or often. Suppliers usually want to keep a good relationship and might offer better prices to do so.
  • Checking Suppliers: Always check how your suppliers’ prices compare to others. This makes sure you are getting a good deal. Changing suppliers or using competition as a bargaining tool can lower costs.

Implementing these strategies can help wholesalers maintain a balance between cost-efficiency and quality, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Why Select YoonPak?


YoonPak is special for a few reasons. They make high-quality pizza boxes. They care about the environment. And they offer great customer service. They make boxes that perfectly match what different brands want, giving choices for custom sizes and how they are printed. Their factories are top-notch and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. They also use the latest tech for printing and cutting boxes. YoonPak also has a strong support team ready to help any time, day or night. Plus, they don’t charge extra for designing, making the cutting shapes, or other steps in making the boxes. This means YoonPak is a smart pick. It is good for the wallet and focuses on high quality. It’s great for anyone looking for pizza boxes.


In conclusion, many things affect the price of a pizza box. These include the material, size, how much you customize it, and how many you order. If pizzerias and food delivery services learn about these factors and plan carefully, they can manage to get good quality boxes without spending too much money. This way, they make sure their pizzas look great when delivered without costing too much.

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