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At Yoon, we design, manufacture, and supply the foodservice industry with quality paper cups for wholesaler, delivered with the level of service and care you'd expect from us.

Why Choose Yoon

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Next-day Delivery

We can express samples within 48 hours. Ask a representative for further detail.

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Packaging on Demand

We supply you with various product packaging options to suit your customs.

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Worldwide Shipping

Deliver to main cities and districts and in any methods you required.

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Quality Manufacturing

100% ISO9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturer and leading plants.

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Our Products

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Single Wall Paper Cups

Benefit From:

  • Full color CMYK print
  • Food safe inks
  • Food grade paperboard used
  • Minimum 160 gsm boards used.
  • Unlimited design options.
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Double Wall Paper Cups

Benefit From:

  • Features a 360 degree air chamber to keep hot beverages hot and hands cool
  • Double-wall design
  • Poly-coated inner liner provides increased moisture-resistance
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Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Benefit From:

  • Keeps drinks hot and hands cool
  • Great for hot coffee, tea and any other hot drinks
  • Solid feel and unique appearance
  • Bulk packaging at lower prices
  • Unlimited design options
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Embossed Insulated Cups

Benefit From:

  • Full color CMYK print
  • No need for separate sleeves
  • Keep the heat in
  • Bulk packaging at lower prices
  • Unlimited design options.
  • Constructed with 100% paper
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Eco Paper Cups

Benefit From:

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Lined with PLA, a plant-based plastic
  • Ideal for to-go orders, cafes, food trucks, events, and other types of hot-beverage service
  • Hot insulated
  • Unlimited branding
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Ice Cream Cup

Benefit From:

  • Custom branding
  • Eco-friendly and biodegrable
  • Available various sizes
  • Full color CMYK print
  • Unlimited design options

Accredited by

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    FDA Certification

    FDA Certificated approved food grade silicone and PP Material, no BPA, non-toxic.

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    LFGB Certification

    The product does not contain chemical hazardous material.

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    FSC Approval

    Durable, non-toxic and offer a seamless experience for the users.

Custom Branding in 4 Easy Steps:


Choose your product

Choose what product you would like to order and how many items your business requires.


Let us do our magic

Send us your logos & brand guidelines & we will prepare digital proofs for you to review


Amend and finalize

Discuss, develop and amend your final digital proof. No changes are ever too small or too big.


We deliver the goods

Sit back, relax and we will be in touch when your products are ready for delivery.

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Quality Defines

We use advanced technology to seal the side seam of the paper cup. This ensures the tightness of the seam and the absence of traces of adhesions.

We perform quality control every hour. If we detect a defect, then all products produced since the last successful test are rejected. Thus, a possibility of delivering a faulty product to a customer is reduced to zero. To ensure the accuracy of this process, a date & time of production and a serial number are printed on the bottom of the cup.

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Full-Cycle Manufacturing

Yoon is a full-cycle manufacturer: from printing on paper to the molding of finished products. This allows us to ensure the minimum timescales & lead times, and quality at every stage of production.

A variety of printing equipment allows us to apply images of any complexity.

100 sets of equipment are able to handle a capacity of up to 16 billion cups every year. Automatic packaging ensures the safety of our products.

We're Trusted By

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