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Paper Food Buckets

In the creation of ecologically sustainable food packaging containers, YOON is a prominent player. At extremely fair prices, anything you require for food service can be found here.

Wholesale Paper Buckets for Food

We at YOON provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and premium paper buckets that are both recyclable and biodegradable. Our customizable disposable buckets and other paper food containers come in a variety of sizes and different shades. They are ideal for food service businesses to pack to-go chicken, popcorn, and other fast food. 

In addition to offering wholesale paper buckets to our clients, we also offer custom printing services for all food containers in accordance with their needs. YOON fulfils on schedule, satisfies consumers, and offers the best items to our clients.

We’ve gained recognition for our brand in the marketplace by providing high-quality paper buckets in bulk. Contact YOON today to get a reasonable price for your food packaging needs.

Disposable Paper Food Buckets in YOON

With great customization options and high-quality materials, YOON will provide you with the go-to paper food buckets for your business.

Recycled and BPA-free paper popcorn buckets at YOON are portable, convenient to use, and with great temperature resistance.

Our chicken bucket materials are available in a wide range of patterns, designs, and cutting-edge concepts to satisfy your particular needs. 


Customized paper food buckets are available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try YOON!

Custom Paper Bucket Choices

With great customization options and high-quality materials, YOON will provide you with the go-to paper food buckets for your business.

Size and Shape

To satisfy your unique paper bucket needs for food services, we provide a choice of designs, sizes, and shapes for our widely used bespoke food packaging containers.

Logo and Printing

Creative design talent is required to produce a high-quality customized paper bucket print. If you want to promote your business using the packaging of your paper food bucket, place your logo on it. They are customizable! 


For a distinctive paper bucket that stands out and complements your brand, we could use one color or an all-over print. 


These paper buckets were made from ecologically safe materials. Protects the food from harm, our paper buckets allow your customers to taste delectable snacks in a high-quality take-out container. 

Bulk Disposable Paper Bucket Support Your Food Businesses

We provide high-quality disposable paper buckets for various food industries. Below are some of the businesses that we serve.

Fast Food

Fast food establishments use disposable paper buckets for takeaway food and brand promotion. Our paper buckets are durable and eco-friendly. We meet customer requirements for printing buckets of superior quality. Customize a sizable quantity of paper food buckets straight now.


We provide a range of bulk paper buckets to meet various requirements in your restaurant. We aim to give convenient and safe paper food containers for your to-go food or fast food packaging.


To promote your bakery and serve cakes and pastries, we support custom paper buckets in bulk with bespoke designs.

Coffee Shop

Bulk orders of our paper buckets can be placed to offer refreshments and represent your coffee brand with customized logo and printing.

Street Food

We develop and manufacture paper buckets with the greatest level of accuracy for you to easily control your supply of disposables.

Catering & Party

Paper buckets can be ordered in quantity by catering companies or event planners. Since there is no cleaning after a party when using disposable items, it can be easier for individuals who work in restaurants, café, or any eatery businesses to offer customers food.

Why YOON Paper Food Bucket Wholesale 


For your business, we will design specialized paper food packaging that flawlessly reflects your brand. We will create digital proofs for your review and finalize the custom food buckets.

Design and Printing

We offer your business a variety of designs, whether ready-made stock print designs or paper buckets with bespoke printing, thanks to our first-rate design and printing service.


We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly food bucket choices that lessen customer reliance on petroleum-based packaging. 

Short Lead Time

We provide stunning custom printing of your brand and style on your food containers in less time. We normally deliver printed standard items three to six weeks after the date of purchase.


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