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In the creation of ecologically sustainable food packaging containers, YOON is a prominent player. At extremely fair prices, anything you require for food service can be found here.

Paper Ice Cream Cups, Tubs, and Bowls

Our throwaway ice cream cups are important goods for any shop or ice cream store and are ideal for serving scoops of ice cream, sundaes, or swirls of delectable frozen yogurt. Regular ice cream or frozen yogurt cups are available, along with banana split boats for sundaes and larger containers for those who wish to take huge quantities of ice cream away.

We also have reusable frozen yogurt cups in a range of sizes, enabling you to buy in bulk and offer your customers a range of options.

Plastic cups are robust and fracture-resistant, while poly-coated paper cups are leaking immune and come in a range of attractive colors and designs. We also provide appropriate lids for a variety of alternatives, so your clients can enjoy their sweet delights on the go without fear of spillage.

Disposable Paper Food Buckets in YOON

Disposable Ice Cream Bowl

Disposable Ice Cream Bowls

Our disposable ice cream bowls are made of sturdy, leak-proof materials and come in various sizes and designs to suit any need.

Paper Ice Cream Cups

Paper Ice Cream Cups

Our paper ice cream cups, like the ones we provide, are an absolute must for any concession stand or ice cream establishment.

Cardboard Ice Cream Tubs

Cardboard Ice Cream Tubs

Select from our premium selection, personalize it with your unique design, and create custom cardboard ice cream tubs that perfectly showcase your brand’s identity.

Paper Ice Cream Cup with Lid

Paper Ice Cream Cup with Lid

With YOON, you’ll get top-quality paper ice cream cups with beautiful and functional lids, perfect for any ice cream shop.

Clear Ice Sundae Cup with Lid

Clear Ice Sundae Cup with Lid

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or want to add an elegance touch to your presentation, YOON offers quality.

Produce Your Design

YOON’s team of design experts will collaborate closely with you to guarantee that your ice cream paper packaging design is precise as you envisioned it.

Custom Ice Cream Paper Packaging in YOON


We make ice cream cups and lids out of flexible, impact-resistant materials that are designed to endure the cold conditions involved with ice cream production and storage.

Color logo and pattern

We provide bespoke alternatives for businesses to put their logo front and center on ice cream cups with lids. To raise brand recognition in order to enhance sales.

Size and Shape

We also have biodegradable ice cups in a range of sizes, allowing you to buy in bulk and offer your customers a range of options.

Disposable Ice Cream Containers Wholesale Support Your Food Businesses 

Add a fun and unique touch to your business with YOON’s stylish and eco-friendly disposable ice cream containers. Our containers are designed to showcase your delicious ice cream creations visually appealingly while also being a responsible choice for the environment.

Fast Food

YOON offers a variety of disposable ice cream containers for fast food businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. Made of high-quality materials, these containers are leak-proof, sturdy, and easy to dispose of.


Get the best deals on paper ice cream containers with YOON. Perfect for any fast food business, these containers are made of sturdy and eco-friendly materials. Wholesale support is available for bulk purchases. 


With YOON's customizable options for gelato and pastries, you can easily make your ice cream shop unique and stand out from the competition.

Coffee Shop

At YOON, we offer you various custom ice cream cups made from the highest quality materials. Our cups are durable, heat resistant and provide a smooth finish.

Street Food

Upgrade your street food presentation with YOON's eco-friendly ice cream containers. These containers are made of sturdy and environmentally friendly materials, making them perfect for street food vendors.

Catering & Party

YOON offers a wide range of paper ice cream pint containers for catering and party businesses. Wholesale support is available for your business looking for a cost-effective solution.

Why YoonPak As Your Paper Ice Cream Bowls & Cups Wholesale Supplier 

Packaging Industry Experience

YOON is an experienced wholesale supplier manufacturer of 23 paper ice cream bowls & cups. Offering high-quality, customizable, eco-friendly options available. With competitive pricing and bulk ordering options for your business.

Design and Printing

We have a team of experienced designers with design and printing capabilities. We offer a wide range of design and printing services to create unique and eye-catching designs that will make your products stand out.

Sustainable Materials

We offer you an alternative to conventional food packaging that is not only more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective than our typical food packaging.

Full Range of Paper Food Containers

YOON provides a wide range of paper ice cream bowls and cups that are perfect for any food service setting. Our containers are made from high-quality, food-grade materials.


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