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Paper Lunch Boxes Wholesale

Eco-sustainable lunch boxes are produced and sold in bulk at YOON. In addition to our regular design, we also provide a wide selection of paper lunch boxes that are completely personalised.

Custom Paper Lunch Boxes Manufacturer in China

Our paper lunch box acts as a premium food container that may be more popular than traditional boxes and plastic containers in fast food applications. The most advanced, eco-friendly disposable paper boxes are available from YOON in bulk. 

Food packaging that is recyclable and ecologically beneficial is supported by YOON. We provide a broad range of sizes and forms for our paper lunch boxes. In every manner, customer happiness comes first. We produce distinctive designs and color printing while offering our customers individualized solutions.

Disposable Paper Lunch Boxes in YOON

No matter what you prefer, we have a disposable paper lunch box option for your business. We deal with the following products.

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Kraft Paper Lunch Boxes

Our recyclable paper lunch boxes are made with environmentally friendly kraft paper and are ideal for upholding the sustainability standards of your business.

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Square Paper Bowl with Lids

Our durable disposable square paper lunch boxes are ideal for a broad range of applications. These square paper boxes are made and packaged using material derived from natural resources, one of their greatest qualities.

Paper Lunch Box with Window

Any service circumstance can benefit from YOON’s Paper Lunch Box with a window. For convenience and to attract your clients’ focus, it is featured in famous restaurants.


The customized paper lunch box is available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try YOON!

Custom Paper Lunch Container Options

Size and Shape

You may purchase sustainable paper lunch boxes in bulk from our company and offer your consumers the proper-sized containers for different foods.

Logo and printing

For businesses to boldly promote their logo on paper lunch boxes, we provide unique choices. To grow a business, it aids in raising brand recognition.


Your bulk paper lunch boxes may easily and quickly be given a particular splash of color with our personalized disposables, ensuring that your visitors will remember their eating experience there long after they have departed.


We create, manufacture, and offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly packaging choices for food that eliminates customer reliance on products made of oil. We substitute plentiful, sustainable methods like sugarcane and paper for the oil base.

Bulk Disposable Lunch Boxes Benefit Your Food Businesses

YOON creates, produces, and provides the food service industry with high-quality disposable lunch boxes. Our lunch boxes can cater to a wide range of businesses.

Fast Food

Fast food restaurants utilize reusable paper lunch boxes to take out meals and advertise their brands. When printing lunch boxes of the highest caliber, we satisfy customer demands.


For takeaway sales and company promotion, restaurants are seeking unique paper lunch boxes. We provide a variety of bulk, superior quality lunch boxes to satisfy different serving needs.


Purchase our personalized paper lunch boxes in bulk to advertise your bakery and serve cakes and pastries. Paper lunch boxes are the best environmentally friendly food boxes available on the market.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a specialty food sector that concentrates on ice cream, waffles, and doughnuts. Our paper lunch boxes may be ordered in bulk if you want to provide snacks and promote your brand.

Street Food

We frequently receive requests for the entire collection because of the paper lunch boxes' sturdy construction and appealing designs. This aids in leaving an indelible mark on our clients.

Catering & Party

Catering services or event planners can place bulk orders for paper lunch boxes. We design and produce paper lunch boxes with the highest level of precision so that you can simply manage your supply of disposables.

Why YOON Paper Lunch Boxes Wholesale


Create unique food packaging for your company representing your brand with us. Simply provide the logo, and our team will create digital proof for the same. This is done in one business day.

Design and Printing

For every printing, we combine CMYK and the Pantone Matching System. Thanks to our excellent design and printing service, we provide your company with a selection of designs, including goods with ready-made stock print designs or customized printing.

Green and Sustainable Materials

As a packaging company that strives to set the bar for sustainable growth, YOON is BPI, DIN, and FSC certified. To guarantee that our goals are achieved, we have partnered with industry titans in ecologically friendly packaging materials.


Short Lead Time

YOON believes in providing the best services to the clients in a short span of time. Following the date of purchase, we typically deliver printed standard items three to six weeks later.


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