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Which Material is Better for Bakery Packaging, Paper or Plastic?

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Today, the global bakery market size is enormous; it was valued approximately at USD 500 Billion in 2022. This market is so lucrative that it is expected to grow further by a rate of 5.12%. This ever-increasing industry utilizes many packaging materials and indulges in creative ways of different types of bread packaging and designing impressive packages for various confectionary items, including cakes and doughnuts. 

For a bakery business, it is indeed very confusing to make a decision about whether plastic or paper packaging is the best. The freshness of the baked bread relies mainly on its packaging, which is why it is vital to select suitable packaging materials. 

The Need for Suitable Bakery Packaging Materials 

Cookies In A Paper Box

A bakery business needs to pay a lot of attention to its packaging to ensure its products are safe. For instance, if the bakery focuses on baking cakes and decorating them with frostings, plastic packaging is never a good option; instead, they need customized bakery boxes. On the other hand, if the bakery readily delivers freshly-baked bread, paper bakery packaging is just the right choice. 

There are many legit reasons why a bakery needs suitable bakery packaging materials

Extend Bakery Shelf Life

Perfect packaging with suitable materials extends the shelf life of baked products. For instance, if the bakery makes moist bread and the chosen packaging material is paper, the moisture from the smoking hot bread will dampen the paper and degrade the quality of the bread. Therefore, to extend the shelf life of baked products, it is essential to choose the packaging materials accordingly. 

Food Hygiene Requirements

While packaging, the hygiene of a product plays an integral role. No customer will be willing to buy bread or pastry paper packaging that has dampened and soaked oil. This undoubtedly looks unhygienic. 

Hence, to maintain hygiene in such cases, bakeries choose plastic packaging. But, as plastic is not eco-friendly, packaging industries are mixing paper with other sustainable materials to make the best eco-friendly packaging that does not dampen and is readily available. 

Good Packaging Makes Your Bakery Products Stand Out

For products, the first impression is indeed the last impression. No matter if the chosen material is plastic or paper, the more attention is paid to the packaging design, the more unique the product becomes. Good packaging will make your business stand out and make the best first impressions. 

Packaging Promote Your Brand

The sole purpose of bakery packaging must be to promote the bakery brand; therefore, one must promote the logo through packaged products as well as on various platforms like social media. Unless the target customers recognize the brand’s logo, they will not purchase your products. 

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Paper Bakery Packaging And Its Characteristics 

A Bakery That Smells Like Heaven

Plastic has been the most common material used in bakery packaging for decades. But the more people are becoming concerned about nature, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is increasing rapidly. By discarding plastic, any business can also ‘go green‘ and help reduce pollution. 

Paper is an eco-friendly, biodegradable material used widely for various purposes, including packaging. Different types of paper are being used in bakery packaging, helping to discard the dependency on plastics. 

Paper and Paper-based Bakery Packaging

Paper and paper-based materials are prevalent in bakery packaging. They are eco-friendly. Paper-based packaging is one of the oldest ways of packaging and is also renewable. They are preferred worldwide even to this date because of their low cost. 

  • Paper

Paper is the most readily-available packaging material and undoubtedly the most versatile one. They can be used in multiple ways such as printing on them, cutting shapes, folding them into different shapes, and so much more. Papers are one of the best materials for packing different types of bakery products. 

Another reason why bakery businesses worldwide prefer paper for their packaging is that it is the cheapest option available. From local bakeries wrapping their freshly-baked bread in newspapers to the biggest bakery brands sealing their products in paper bags, paper is indeed the most common and cost-saving material for packaging. 

  • Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is one of those common bread packaging materials that are cheap and readily available. Kraft papers are more durable than ordinary ones and are recyclable. These papers are known for their waterproof and oil-resisting qualities, which help make the packaging more hygienic. 

Kraft papers are made from 100% safe materials; therefore, it is safe to pack food in kraft paper bakery boxes. Also, they do not contaminate the quality of the food packed in them. This perfect environment-friendly paper is every food business’ ideal choice. 

  • Waxed Paper

Waxed papers are specially made for food packaging industries because they can prevent oil leakage from food. When loaves of bread and other fried food are packed, oil stains and dampening is always possible, but waxed papers prevent such things. Waxed paper packaging helps the food to stay moist and fresh longer and is frequently used by bakeries to bake cakes.

Waxed papers are coated with wax layers for another main reason, to remain non-sticky. These papers prevent the food from sticking to the packaging. Waxed papers also prevent impurities from contaminating the food quality. 

  • Parchment Paper

Every baked muffin has paper surrounding its base which also makes it look more impressive, it is parchment paper. Transparent and non-sticky parchment papers are extensively used in baking, especially in baking muffins and cookies. Since parchment papers are grease-resistant, they give baked products a non-sticky base and prevent oil leaks. 

Pros of Paper Bakery Packaging 

Paper-based packaging is widely popular among bakery businesses because it offers many advantages.

  • Great Breathability

Paper packaging offers excellent breathability thus, helps keep the food fresh. Bakery products require breathable packaging because airtight ones can contaminate and spoil their taste. Therefore, paper packaging prevents the locking of moisture inside and maintains freshness. 

  • High Printability and Decorative Potential

Paper packaging is much like an empty canvas; people can get as creative as they want to design the cover of their bakery business. From innovative designs and patterns to an impressive logo, the paper offers great decorative potential and high printability access. 

  • Greaseproof Qualities

A special type of pastry packaging materials like the ones that are used in packing cakes, muffins, cookies, and any other fried food or street food. Usually, bakeries use greaseproof papers such as parchment or waxed papers to pack their products. This helps maintain food quality and hygiene. 

  • Rustic and Homey Feel to Customer 

Paper packaging reminds everyone of the traditional ways of packaging freshly-baked loaves of bread and cakes. Before packaging technology existed, bakeries used newspapers and ordinary papers to pack their products. 

And now, in the 21st century when this eco-friendly material is chosen again for your business, it is bound to give the customers a rustic and homey feel and rejuvenate their childhood memories. Also, the latest fashion trend is helping the world have a greener future, and by switching to paper, you are taking a step towards a better future. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

Undoubtedly, paper is environment-friendly; it does not harm nature and also the surroundings. To care for the environment today is a step towards having a greener future. 

Cons of Paper Bakery Packaging

Everything in the world has a good and bad side; similarly, paper-based packaging has very few cons that can be overlooked or replaced with better solutions. 

  • Not Durable While Contain Moist Product

Paper-based packaging may not prove ideal packaging materials for baked products that are moist and have a chance to leave behind oil stains. The whole packaging can get contaminated and degrade the taste and also hygiene. 

  • More Expensive In The Short Term 

Paper-based packaging can be a bit expensive for short-term production compared to plastic packaging. 

Plastic Bakery Packaging and its Characteristics 

Cute Cookies In A Clear Plastic Packaging
Cute Cookies In A Clear Plastic Packaging

Plastic is considered the cheapest packaging material available in the market for bakery packaging. Plastic bakery packaging is popular worldwide because it makes the packaging of moist bakery products easy. 

Plastic proves to be the best barrier for locking moisture, preventing the entry of air and light inside the packaging, and preventing grease or oil leaks. This type of packaging also helps retain the quality, taste, color, and aroma of food. 

Plastic Bakery Packaging

  • Polyolefin Containers 

Polyolefin substance is one of the most commonly used packaging materials in bakeries. Polyolefin shrink films are converted into airtight, spill-proof packages, whether for different types of bread packaging or packing muffins, cookies, pastries, and candies. 

Polyolefin containers are ideal for non-respiring and respiring food packaging; they help maintain hygiene and product quality. Polyolefin containers protect the packaged food from external factors like dust, air, light, and moisture and make reheating the food easier. 

Since polyolefin containers are microwave-safe, most bakeries choose them for their cakes, pastries, or other similar bakery products. Concerning safety measures, polyolefin containers are very safe because they do not react with the food stored or contaminate its quality in any way. 

  • Complex, Compound Film

Bakeries and other food packaging businesses extensively use complex, compound plastic films to preserve their products. These films are available in a range of thin to thick films, and the density of the films can be chosen accordingly. 

Pros of Plastic Bakery Packaging

The wide availability and cheaper production costs make plastic popular among the packaging industries. There are many advantages to choosing plastic bakery packaging

  • More Convenient

Choosing plastic as the ideal packaging material is convenient compared to paper because plastics are readily available, cost-effective, and the best choice for moist bakery products like cookies and cakes. It is easier to pack pieces of bread and confectioneries in plastic and also, and the packaging ensures freshness and maintain hygiene. 

  • Last Longer Time While In Adverse Conditions

Plastic is one of those materials that can stay ineffective for hundreds of years. Besides fire, almost nothing can destroy plastics; therefore, they are commonly used in packaging. When the bakery products are packed in plastic packaging, there is nothing to worry about in adverse weather conditions because the food inside will remain unaffected for a long time. 

  • Cheaper In The Short Term

For short-term production, plastic is indeed the cheapest packaging material. If the requirement for plastic packaging is only for a small range of products, there is nothing to worry about the production costs.

Cons of Plastic Bakery Packaging

Plastic may be a unique, spill-proof, and waterproof material, but it leaves behind adverse environmental effects. Plastic is non-biodegradable and the primary cause of pollution of land and water. Some other disadvantages of using plastic are:

  • Not Properly Recyclable

Although some variations of good-quality plastics are recyclable, not all are sustainable. This is the main problem with plastics; they are mostly non-recyclable; thus, they contaminate the environment. The world is still struggling to find ways to deal with plastic waste, so it is not a good option to choose plastic packaging. 

  • Pollutes the Environment

Undoubtedly plastics are the primary cause of environmental pollution. From land to sea, the world is facing enough problems because of the pollution caused by plastics. It takes hundreds of years for a plastic wrapper to decompose into the soil; if they do, they contaminate soil and water. 

  • Buyers Might Prefer Organic Packaging Options

Since more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, they may not buy the products because they are wrapped in plastic. If a business wishes to impress its customers, it must switch to eco-friendly options.

Precautions for Packaging Material Selection 

Bread Packaging
Bread Packaging

Before choosing a packaging material finally for the bakery business, there are a few things to consider. The first thing one must be concerned about is the environment; choosing eco-friendly and sustainable packaging will stand out among the competitive markets. A few more factors that need to be considered are: 

  • Characteristics Of Different Types Of Bakery Products

The packaging of all bakery products will not be the same; for instance, the bread packaging will be much different from the pizza packaging, and hence; there will be a need for special pizza boxes. Similarly, the cakes with frostings will require bigger solid paper boxes. So, before making a final decision, it is important to list the products and design the packaging accordingly. 

  • Cost Control

Every small business struggles with budget issues and the cost of production is often a burden. To minimize the cost of production, it is wise to choose cheap and eco-friendly materials like paper that are both good for the environment and the company’s budget. 

  • Safety

The safety of the employees, the customers, and the environment matters the most. By switching to the safest technologies and the safest packaging materials, one can be assured that their business causes no harm to others.

When it comes to food, the packaging material is a more significant concern because it can react or contaminate the food quality. This can also cause harm to the health of the customers. Hence, safety comes first; businesses must be picky about the packaging materials. 

  • Overall Look

The overall look of the packaging is another factor that needs to be concerned. The more attractive the packaging is, the more good impression it will create. Thus, the overall product packaging design is a serious concern and must not be overlooked.

By choosing vibrant illustrations and designs, and an eye-catching logo, anyone can be assured their products look impressive and trustworthy to the customers. 

  • Sustainability

Choosing sustainable packaging, especially recycled ones, is a wise business decision. The more sustainable material is chosen, the more environment-friendly the packaging is. Since the latest trend is to help the world discard plastics and switch to eco-friendly options, your business must also take a step ahead. 

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A Trustworthy Bakery Packaging Products Provider 

Finding a trustworthy bakery packaging manufacturer is much like treasure hunting. Companies like YOON take away the burdens of food packaging and help businesses customize their packages while being careful about the environment. YOON is a trustworthy company that focuses on making every business ‘go green’ with its paper-based eco-friendly products. At YOON, you can expect the following:

Modern Factory

YOON has a modern factory equipped with advanced technology. Advanced manufacturing machines enable the fastest production rates and the perfect customizations. YOON’s factory meets the requirements of ISO9001 & ISO 14001 standards. 

Ecology and Safety

The production of paper-based packaging products is conducted only with raw materials that are natural and certified. The products abide by the regulations of FSC, FDA, and LFGB, and the production waste gets recycled. 

Full Set Customization Available

YOON has the best in-house design tools to customize product packaging. From vibrant brand logos to custom prints, you can expect a top-quality range of designs here. 

Quality Defines

YOON is very concerned about the quality of its production and eliminates faulty products to prevent defective deliveries. Details such as the time and the date of production, serial number, and production time are printed on packages to maintain accuracy. 

Fast Shipping

The company promises timely deliveries. Since the production of YOON is in bulk, it becomes easier to deliver custom packages at the earliest. 


For a bakery business, paying attention to the packaging materials is as important as maintaining food quality. Selecting the wrong packing materials can lead to the degradation of food quality. Every bakery business seeks the perfect packaging materials, but finding such trustworthy manufacturing partners is always the most challenging part. 

At YOON, one can customize packaging according to their business requirements and take a step ahead toward protecting the environment. If looking for the best paper-based packaging solutions, contact YOON and experience the best of custom packaging. 

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