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Togo Paper Soup Container Wholesale

Yoon is a reputable company with 19 years of paper production expertise, supplying wholesale customized and sustainable paper soup container solutions to our valued clients.

Paper Soup Cup & Soup Bowl Wholesale

We have everything you need for your soup, whether it’s a conventional white paper soup cup, a styled variant, or a transparent plastic container. Yoon has a wide range of alternatives to ensure you receive the finest soup container for your needs.

With our certified paper soup containers, you can show your clients that you care about carrying ecologically responsible food packaging. They are created from renewable resources and are BPA-free. These containers are extremely durable and leak-proof. They can even be used in the microwave. Not only that but they can also be used to make ice cream, making them twice as valuable to your company.

Our paper soup containers are strong enough to resist microwave use and are freezer-friendly.

Hot Soup/Porridge Cup and Bowl We Supply

round kraft paper bowl

Soup & Porridge Bowl with Lid

paper soup cup

Soup & Porridge Cup with Lid

white paper spoup cup

Cup and Bowl of all Sizes

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Produce your Design

Paper Soup Cup vs. Paper Soup Bowl

Paper Hot Soup Cups with Lids


The availability of lids allows for spill-free storage and transportation. Customers who want to transfer their soup before eating it can do so with the help of a lid.


The cup body of a soup paper cup contains fluorescent remnants that are detrimental to human health. Fluorescent compounds are difficult to break down or eradicate.

Paper Soup Bowl with Lid


Soup paper bowls may be recycled if the proper facilities are used. Our Soup paper bowls are sturdy enough just to avoid hot soup from spilling.


A soup paper bowl body includes fluorescent residues that are harmful to human health. Excessive exposure may pose a carcinogenic risk.

Custom Choices in YoonPak


Our salad containers are available in a range of materials. There is bound to be a choice that best meets your business's demands, whether it's eco-friendly solutions like bagasse or paper!

Color logo and pattern

Our personalized disposables allow you to easily add a unique flair of color or brand to your containers, allowing your customers to remember their experience at your eatery long after they've departed!

Size and Shape

Our paper salad bowls are available in a range of designs, sizes, and forms, ensuring that there is a packaging choice for every meal and purpose.


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