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Custom Burger Takeaway Box Wholesale

Are worried about burger packaging? Don’t, Yoonpak, the reliable custom burger box supplier got you covered. We offer wholesale custom burger boxes at competitive prices.

Paper Burger Box

Food vendors in need of eye-catching personalized hamburger boxes should go to yoonpak.com. Our boxes are creatively created with superior finishes to give an amazing first impression that reflects the quality of its products.

These to-go containers are constructed of food-safe components that are free of BPA and other pollutants that can contaminate food. Our custom burger boxes include a hinged clamshell that makes it simple to open and seal tight, keeping food safe, undamaged, and secure. They are composed of a strong, grease-resistant material that is suitable for both cold and hot meals.

Our burger boxes are made of recycled paper and are an environmentally friendly way to store treats and burgers. Because they are lightweight, simple to transport, store, and serve. Some of these bespoke burger boxes can endure high temperatures, making them microwave safe.

What We Supply

burger in a kraft clamshell box

Kraft Clamshell Boxes of all Sizes

fast food clamshell box

Printed Clamshell Boxes

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Produce Your Design

Custom Choices in YoonPak


Our personalized burger boxes are made of recyclable materials and are an eco-friendly way to store goodies and burgers.

Color logo and pattern

Brands interested in purchasing this packaging can select their favorite boxes based on their brand design so that we print their logos on them.

Size and Shape

To fulfill the demands of our customers, we provide bespoke burger boxes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.


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