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The Best 3 Pizza Box Manufacturers In Turkey

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Pizza has become the most loved food item in every household all across the world. From young to old, everyone enjoys a slice of delicious cheesy pizza. However, have you ever wondered where the pizza boxes are coming from? When we are served pizza, we are always served in a box, yet we never tend to pay much attention to where the boxes are coming from. In this writing, we have listed a number of pizza box manufacturers, in Turkey, which will help you apprehend a little bit more about them. 

List of top 3 Pizza box manufacturers, in Turkey

Here we have listed the top 3 pizza box manufacturers in Turkey. 

  • VYS Packaging Group 
  • Ekim Packaging Ltd
  • Polo England Packaging 

1. VYS Packaging Group

VYS Packaging Group logo

Type of business: Packaging solutions 

Established: 2016 

Standards: VYS GROUP A.S.

Address Details: Yakuplu Neighbourhood, Hurriyet Boulevard, No 39. Apt 16, Beylikduzu

They make durable pizza boxes that are suited for health conditions and prevent heat loss for pizzas, one of the most popular dishes in the ready-made food business. All of their customers in Turkey and Europe receive the highest service available. 

They deliver all of their pizza boxes to all of Turkey’s cities. For international shipments, the company has all of the required compliance and food certificates. The quality and weight of the paper may fluctuate in response to consumer requests. They produce in standard or custom sizes, depending on the specific needs of our customers.

Products offered: 

  • Plastic and carton cup
  • Craft bags, pizza box
  • Aluminum containers
  • French fries box
  • Sliced cake cardboard box
  • Plastic garbage bags

2. Ekim Packaging Ltd

Ekim Packaging Ltd
Source: Ekimpak

Business Kind: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Location: Izmir, Turkey

Establishment year:1997

Main Markets: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Mid East, Northern

Know well for delivering pizza boxes all over the world, they are happy to inform you that they produce and export corrugated board sheets and cartons for all purposes, including pizza boxes obtainable in sizes ranging from 7″ to 16″ in white or brown, E or B flute, up to 5 colors printing (with franchise brand, the private label available).

Ekim Packaging has more than 20 years of experience in packaging and takeaway pizza boxes. Flexographic printing with liquid inks ensures a product that complies with current food packaging regulations.

Products offered:

  • Pizza Boxes
  • Food Box
  • Paper Box
  • Corrugated Box
  • Corrugated Sheet

3. Polo England Packaging 

Polo England Packaging logo
Source: Polo England Packaging

Business types: Manufacturers and suppliers

Location: Turkey, England

Established in: 2013

They deliver pizza boxes all over the world. The prints are clean and vibrant. They deliver all of their made-to-order pizza boxes to each and every city in Turkey. For international shipments, they have all of the essential compliance and food certificates. 

The grade and weight of the paper might vary depending on the needs of the customers. We produce in standard or custom sizes, depending on the needs of our customers. When perpendicular force is applied to the cylindrically formed sample, they employ paper with the highest compression force the paper can withstand. 

 Products provided:

  • Cleanliness boxes
  • Greengrocery boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Slide boxes

Need for pizza boxes 

Pizza box manufacturers
 Source: Freepik

Pizzas are among the most popular foods in the world, with people all around the world enjoying them. Pizza, which developed in Italy, has now caught the public imagination and taste buds of people all over the world. As a result, it’s no wonder that pizza restaurants are a proven method for making income in the food industry. 

Pizza box manufacturers in Turkey are well known for creating quality boxes. Along with the various factors that you must consider when opening a pizzeria, such as the interior ambiance, seats and tables, promotional signage, and cooking equipment, you also must consider getting the greatest quality pizza boxes. 

Things to keep in mind when purchasing pizza boxes for your business

Pizza box manufacturers
Source: Unsplash


The pizza box’s strength is critical since it must be sturdy and long-lasting. Pizza boxes are usually used in corrugated packing and transportation; therefore, they must be strong in order to function effectively. The fact is, just like quality, strength is a quality that you just cannot afford to ignore when it comes to a suitable pizza box, regardless of the price.

Reasons one wants to use them.

There are many multiple kinds of pizza boxes, and your choice will most likely be based on your requirements. Strength is less essential for specific jobs, but it is quite important when considering a pizza box for another function. In short, the pizza box one purchase will be decided by one future requirement.


One of the most heated debates about pizza boxes has always been how successful they are at recycling and repurposing. While some things are recyclable, others are not. Also, depending on how the pizza packaging will be used, recyclability is an important factor to consider.

It should definitely be made of high-quality materials that keep the pizza warm.

As previously said, pizza should always be served hot and fresh. Customers will start going to your competitors if the pizza isn’t warm and isn’t presented correctly. In the case of a delivery service, this is a challenging task. Pizza boxes, or bespoke pizza boxes, should be built in such a way that they tend to keep the pizza warm. 

During the production process, eco-friendly and health-friendly materials should be used.

There should be zero sacrifices made when it comes to the ecologically responsible materials used to make custom pizza boxes. The eco-friendly material is healthful, and it includes no ingredients that could end up presenting a health risk to your consumers in the long term.

Pizza boxes for private use should be available in all sizes.

Because pizzas are available in a range of sizes, it is suggested that personal pizza boxes be offered in all sizes. Corrugated pizza boxes are ideal since they keep the pizza fresh and heated all the time.

Summing up 

As a result, the availability of suitable pizza boxes may significantly help you in ensuring that your customers have a wonderful time when buying pizza from your business. When buying pizza boxes, make sure you follow the points mentioned above. Also, the pizza box manufacturers turkey, mentioned above will help you obtain the highest quality products. 

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