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Top 4 Eco Friendly Disposal Food Container Manufacturers In India

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The modern consumer is increasingly aware of the sustainability efforts of the companies they purchase from. They look for brands that support sustainability. Companies should be transparent about sustainability in their packaging. Packaging can help brands communicate their sustainable initiatives. 

The buying process is simple when you buy any product from retail, as you have the product in your hands. When you touch the product, feel it, and see it, you can tell if it is good quality, worth buying, and if it will last. Purchasing disposable food containers wholesale changes the equation entirely. There is less scope for checking individual products. Therefore, when you buy disposable food containers wholesale, it is very crucial that you follow a few rules.

List Of Eco Friendly Disposal Food Container Manufacturers In India

We will discuss these eco-friendly disposable food containers India manufacturers in our compilation here :

  • Yoon
  • Pappco greenware
  • Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging
  • Dinearth

Leading Food Packaging Companies In Minnesota

1. Yoon

Source: YoonPak

Type of Business: Food & Beverage Packaging Distributor

Location (Headquarters): Caidian District, Wuhan City, China

Year Founded: 2000

Certification: ISO9001 & ISO 14001 certified facilities

Products Offered: Paper Food Trays, Food containers, Paper cups, and bags, Paper bowls

Yoon’s research focuses on sustainable packaging. The company makes paper food trays as part of its commitment to sustainability. Their high-tech innovations and recyclable materials ensure that eat-in containers remain of the highest quality. The increasing use of paper food trays indicates that Indian food services businesses are moving towards environmentally friendly restaurants.

Choosing the type of disposable food container you want to order is possible by customizing them to represent your brand. 

Food containers from Yoon offer many benefits beyond sustainability. They are available in many shapes and sizes and can be used to pack a wide variety of foods.

2. Pappco greenware

SJF Material Handling Logo
Source: SFJ

Type of Business: Food Container Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai, India

Year Founded: 2010

Products Offered: Tableware, Gourmet bowl, Eco box

A popular brand throughout the Indian subcontinent, Pappco Greenware products are also sold outside India in the UAE, UK, Africa, Qatar, and Sri Lanka. Pappco has always emphasized good design when it comes to its packaging. To provide the best innovations possible on the market, they undergo massive research & development continuously at their head office to work toward making sustainable packaging more user-friendly.

3. Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging

Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging Logo
Source: imimg

Type of Business: Exporter and Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Ghaziabad, UP

Year Founded: 2002

Products Offered: Engineering Packaging, Food & Beverage Packaging, Technology

Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging, are a reputed manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Disposable Packaging Products for Food. Due to their matchless product quality and on-time delivery, they have been able to establish a strong niche in this domain. The wide range of products we offer, and their cost-effective pricing, have earned us a wide industry reputation. We offer a wide variety of plates, glasses, and cups that meet the needs of various industries.

4. Dinearth

Dinearth Logo
Source: Dinearth

Type of Business: Exporter and Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai, India

Year Founded: 1998

Products Offered: Disposable bowls, containers, trays, plates, straws, cutlery

Dinearth arose from realizing that we live on a polluted, wasteful, and deteriorating planet instead of one that is green and pure. Dinearth is a line of reusable and recyclable tableware that casts a green footprint on today and tomorrow. The company is a leading supplier of natural plant fibers and other green packaging products for better health and the environment domestically and globally. 

The Top 5 Ways to Buy Wholesale Disposable Food Containers

Wholesale Disposable Food Containers
Source: Freepik

Samples v/s Products

The first step towards establishing a relationship with a new vendor is to connect. Be sure to ask for samples before ordering in bulk in order to ensure the quality, size, and any other specifications that are relevant to your purchase.

Factory Visit

Another good idea is to arrange a factory visit. See how synchronized the team is by visiting the factory, checking the production line, quality control, warehousing, and shipping areas. Factory tours are not permitted at some factories, since some products have patents. However, if this is the case, you can visit the corporate offices and speak with staff. The best way to do business is to meet people face-to-face.

Quantity mismatch

One of the biggest mistakes in any industry involves quantity mismatches. There might be a mismatch in quantity when ordering in bulk, whether by human error or for other reasons. Even though this isn’t a big issue, you can always inform your supplier, and they will fix it for you.

Packing mismatch

Packing mismatches can occur in two different ways. The first is when there are different quantities of boxes. The second type of order occurs when an order is ordered for one size and dispatched for another. If you want to avoid these delays and costs, make sure you work with a professional disposable food container wholesale.

Delivery trouble

It may not be you or your vendor doing the work, so it is one of the most difficult tasks. A transporter usually handles the delivery of disposable food storage containers wholesale. Such vendors handle the transportation of goods between parties. This transport is prone to mishaps. Having a trusted transporter will allow you to deal more easily with mishandling, lost, or stolen products.


Brands are reflected in their packaging. A customer only sees the packaging before using the product. Customers who care about the environment recognize an organization’s environmental efforts. Packaging which communicates sustainability through materials, graphics, and end-use functions should be a focus for brands that value sustainability and want to communicate it to their customers. We hope this list of biodegradable food containers manufacturers in India helps you choose the best disposable food containers.

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