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Top 4 Fast Food Packaging Suppliers In South Africa

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Today the world has become very dynamic. Every single person is so busy that it becomes difficult to do daily activities such as cooking. As a result, people are mostly imbibing the fast-food culture. Fast food means food that is already ready to eat or requires a few minutes to prepare. Due to this nature, packaging plays a vital role in the fast-food industry.

Need For Fast Food Packaging

Fast food packaging supplier
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A good package protects the food from tampering and provides the particular chemical, biological and physical needs that the food requires to remain fresh. The fast-food packaging suppliers look after this efficient packaging. It further goes ahead to reduce waste, along with a reduction of carbon footprint in the genre of business. It also helps the environment, because nowadays most food packaging is made with paper, so they are both recyclable and sustainable.

Like most of the countries in the world, South Africa is also imbibing the fast-food culture. As such, the fast-food packaging suppliers, South Africa, are also getting popular.

The Suppliers That You Can Consider

Fast food packaging supplier
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Knack Packaging

Established in 1980 and with over 40 years of experience in this field, Knack is one of the leading manufacturers of fast food packaging suppliers in South Africa. They have pioneered the packaging of woven sacks and bags. Knack has achieved various prestigious certificates from Sap S/4 HANA and BRCGS for their international quality standards. One unique thing about their packing is that they try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Also, having Indian roots, they like putting in the essence of woven cloth in their products. Hence the bags they manufacture are composed of flawlessly woven cloth. These bags are not only long-lasting but also lightweight and adorable as well. They are ideal for the transportation of vegetables. Though vegetables in themselves do not exactly come under the fast-food category, they form an essential ingredient in making any fast food, be it sandwiches or pizza.


Located in Paarl in the western cape, Vannpax was established in 2013 and is one of the most well-known fast-food packaging suppliers in South Africa. Though established in 2013, they have a vivid knowledge about their work which is making them outshine in this field. Due to their amazing international standards, they have achieved many certificates and hence have been partnering with IPA Global and were also an integral part of the DLF Group in 2019. 

They are not just pioneers as food packing suppliers but have also obtained a remarkable position in the field of packaging in the cosmetic, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. They generally do not focus on any particular material of packaging. Instead, they customize it according to the needs of the customer. Vannpax came into being as skilled artisans who were not employed and hence aimed to promote human resources. One good feature that Vannpax offers to its customers is that it is custom based and hence, can give service all over the world.

Packit Packing Solutions

Being one of the premier fast food packaging suppliers in Johannesburg, Packit Packing Solutions started to operate in 1972 with its head office in Maitland, Cape Town. Not only are they fast food packaging suppliers, but also distributors of packaging machines. Since they have pioneered in this field and are getting proper recognition, their main objective is to provide premium quality products. 

They generally are famous when it comes to industrial orders. They also take commercial orders and do not have any particular inclination about the usage of any particular product in their packaging. It keeps on varying as per the desire of the customer. Packit has emerged from a small unit hence knows the importance of money. They try to make their product as affordable as possible. Also, Packit gives equal and significant importance to all its clients.

Wyda Packing

Established in 1992 and situated in Kempton Park, Wyda Packing is popular for its aluminum foil packaging as a fast food packing supplier. They are ISO 9001 certified and are associated with the food packaging and catering industry. They are particularly inclined in manufacturing aluminum foil containers like trays, bowls, and dishes as they are unparalleled in this field in the South African market. 

They have completed 29 years in this field and are now considered among the best in this field. They take proper care in trying to preserve the wellness of the food in their aluminum foil packaging. They have also achieved various certificates for their excellent service in this field. Their main objective is to make life convenient for their consumers, ensuring their product’s sustainability and quality.

How To Choose The Best Fast Food Packaging Suppliers In South Africa?

Fast food packaging supplier
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There are various fast food packaging suppliers in South Africa, but which one you should choose is the question. So there are certain things that you should keep in mind before selecting a particular packaging supplier. These are:-


Price plays the most critical factor and should be considered before you finalize your fast food packaging supplier. Every individual has a price range, and you need to find the best product in your feasible range.

Diverse product range

It is always desirable to take products from suppliers who have a variety of products to offer you. In addition, every food type requires a different packaging, and hence, a diverse product range should be prioritized.

Check samples

It becomes much easier to choose products when you can see samples. A sample helps you understand the exact dimension as well as the strength of a product. So, you should get your product from a supplier who is willing to offer you relevant samples.

Delivery time

It is always desirable that you have your products delivered to you as soon as possible. So, before you place your order, you must see which suppliers have an efficient shipping facility since it will be undesirable to wait too long for the product to be delivered.

Bottom Line

When choosing fast food packaging suppliers, they will help you finalize the suitable suppliers if you keep these points in mind. Another thing to ponder is which fast food packaging supplier uses eco-friendly material? Today, just as fast food packaging suppliers play a crucial role in our lives, they also play an integral part in the environment. 

If they are using non-biodegradable products, it will negatively affect the environment. Hence, our responsibility is to encourage the fast-food packaging suppliers to use biodegradable materials, which will have no harm on our dear planet. You can contact Yoonpack to get your fast food packaging solution.

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