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Top 4 Paper Ice Cream Cup Wholesalers in UK

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If you want to buy ice cream cups wholesale in the UK, we have got just the list for you. This blog has the best suppliers for paper ice cream cups. 

Buying food storage and serving products made of paper and sustainable materials is a very wise approach in terms of environmental impact. If you are on the lookout for paper ice cream cups in UK, you do not have to look any further. There are several different local and international suppliers who will provide their service in the UK based on your requirements. 

As a buyer, you will have to take care of many factors like the quality, the price, and the service each supplier offers before selecting one which suits you best. But once you have read through this article, we are sure you will be ready to buy paper ice cream cups wholesale.

List of the Finest Paper Ice Cream Cup Wholesalers in the UK

Paper Ice Cream Cups and Cones
Source: Pexels

These are the ice cream paper cup suppliers in the UK we will be talking about in the blog:

  • Yoon Pak
  • The Cup Folk
  • Scyphus
  • Vaio Pak

Leading Paper Ice Cream Cup Wholesalers in the UK

1. YoonPak

Source: YOON

Alt-Text: YOON Logo

Type of Business: Food & Beverage Packaging Distributor

Location (Headquarters): Fenghuang Mountain Industrial Park, Caidian District, Wuhan, China

Year Founded: 2000

Certifications: ISO9001, ISO 14001, FDA regulated

Yoon Pak is an international supplier dealing in the manufacturing and supplying of sustainable products and related services. They are true to their green philosophy and target their production process towards helping reduce the burden on the environment. Their product range is diverse enough to attract even the most selective customers.

The customization service this supplier offers ensures that you can brand your business without compromising the quality of the ice cream you will be serving. They offer a free price list on their paper cups so that you can make the decision yourself. 

Products & Services Offered:

  • Single Wall Paper Cups
  • Double Wall Paper Cups
  • Ripple Wall Paper Cups
  • Emboss Insulated Paper Cups
  • Eco Paper Cups

2. The Cup Folk

The Cup Folk Logo
Source: The Cup Folk

Type of Business: Paper Cup Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): 27—29 Abenbury Way, Wrexham

Year Founded: 2017

Certifications: FSC food safe certified

Products Offered: Standard cups, Compostable cups, lids, customization

If you want a green solution to your ice cream cup problem, you can choose The Cup Folk. Their cups are fully recyclable and printable. With their customization services, you can choose dimensions and designs as per your choice. They also have compostable cups and lids. With a diverse product range, you can rest assured that your ice cream will be held safe in their cups. 

3. Scyphus

Scyphus Logo
Source: Scyphus

Type of Business: Paper Cup Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Meadow Ln, Little Houghton, Northampton

Year Founded: 2016

Certifications: PCRRG and FPA regulated

Products Offered: Double wall and single wall customized printed paper cups

Scyphus has a number of options available for any client wanting to buy customized paper cups. The paper cups are fully biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. They have a dedicated design team and offer an in-house printing procedure. Made particularly for businesses based in the UK, this supplier also offers express shipping.

4. Vaio Pak

Vaio Pak Logo
Source: Vaio Pak

Type of Business: Paper Cup Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Carlton Place, Saffron Walden, England

Certifications: FSC Certified

Products Offered: Single wall and double wall compostable paper cups

Vaio Pak has been dealing with the manufacturing of biodegradable food storage solutions since its founding. They offer a wide range of products that include single wall and double wall cups and ice cream cups. Their printable cups are perfect for branding. You can choose full printing on a smooth surface. 

Looking for Paper Ice Cream Cup Wholesale? All You Need to Know

Ice cream in a paper cup
Source: Pexels

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind while you are selecting for a paper ice cream wholesaler:

Quality Control

This is an essential aspect that comes into play while selecting a reliable manufacturer of paper cups. After all, you do not want the cups to be unsafe for serving edibles in. Ask the supplier about their quality control measures and related certifications before dealing with them. 

Samples and Portfolio

You will not regret asking for samples if you are ordering wholesale. While some manufacturers give out samples for free, others charge a small fee for the delivery and products. It gives you an idea of the type of products you will get after ordering. After looking at their portfolio, asking for samples will help you manage expectations about the products and the service. 


A good supplier will be upfront with you about the pricing structure and all the additional expenses. Hidden charges are a dealbreaker as they damage the credibility of a supplier. Do not hesitate to negotiate the quoted price, especially if you are making a long-term deal. 

Delivery Speed

Ḍelivery speed is important to gauge the level of dedication a supplier has towards customer service. If a supplier meets deadlines and takes up the responsibility of timely delivery and production, it is to shortlist them as a reliable company. 


Our aim was to provide you with a list of the best companies that supply paper cups in the UK. After reading this blog, we hope that you can easily find a good supplier for ice cream cups wholesale in the UK. Choose a reliable manufacturer based on their range of products and services. Food grade printing material and quality control are some aspects you should never ignore while shopping for ice cream paper cups. Finalize the purchase only after you have found the right supplier.

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