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Essential Guide to Different Types of Paper Bags

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The story of paper bags begins in the 19th century. In 1852, Francis Waller invented the first automatic paper bag making machine, which greatly enhanced the productivity. In 1871, Margaret Knight came up with a flat bottom paper bag which was more stable and practical than the traditional ones. With the increasing demand, the materials and designs of paper bags are constantly being upgraded, and their scope of application has also been extended to cover food packaging and fashion retail. The more people become environmentally conscious, the more paper bags are in demand, and they have become an alternative to plastic bags.

What are Paper Bags?

Paper bags are multi-purpose packing materials that come in different forms and shapes and are decorated with different printing techniques and can be found in multiple colors. They can be simple brown bags, or elegant euro totes with twill ribbon, which would be perfect for gift packaging, party bags, and for carrying a variety of delicacies. Their multi-faceted uses in addition to their environmental friendliness make paper bags a preferable option for both businesses and consumers.

What is the procedure for manufacturing paper bags?

The production of paper bags starts with the sourcing of raw materials including kraft paper that is made from wood pulp from forests that are managed sustainably. The cutter in the bag-making machine then feeds the kraft paper into the machine and cuts it into the desired size and shape like SOS bags, flat bags, or square bottom bags. After that, the bag is folded and glued to form the structure of the bag. For the handles, twisted handles are made by twisting strips of paper together, flat and round handles are cut from paper strips, and cord handles are attached with strong adhesive. Following the assembly, quality control checks will be conducted to make sure that the bags meet the standard before they are packed and shipped to the retailers. These finished paper bags can be used for various purposes including grocery shopping, packaging of merchandise and food, by combining the raw material selection, accurate manufacturing, and customization to create eco-friendly, multi-purpose packaging solutions.

What are Handles?

Handles are a vital component of paper bags that help to make the user experience more convenient and comfortable. They are usually constructed from twisted or flat paper strips or cords and are glued firmly to the bag with strong adhesives. The first advantage of handles is that they make it easier to carry items, distribute the weight more evenly, and provide a safe grip which enhances the functionality and user experience of the paper bag.

Types of Handle

The type of handle chosen for paper bags has a strong influence on functionality and aesthetics. Whether the solidity of twisted handles, the simplicity of die-cut handles, the luxury of rope or ribbon handles, or the functionality of flat handles, each type has its own advantages which are suitable for different applications.Here are some different types of handle.

Twisted Handle

The handles are made from strands of paper that are twisted to create a unique texture. They are sturdy and can carry a lot of things, therefore they are used for shopping bags. The twisted handles used in the design not only contribute to the overall look of the bag but also make them compatible with different retail environments. These handles provide a comfortable grip that allows customers to carry heavy items with ease.

Die-cut handle

The handles are die-cut and go into the bag straight away, which results in a simple and modern design. For the most part, they are employed to carry lightweight products like clothes or small accessories and are also an economical way of transporting. The minimalist design of the bags with die-cut handles allows for easy storage and stacking, which is ideal for quick, on-the-go packaging in retail stores.

Rope Handle

Rope handles are made either from cotton or polyester ropes. They are easy to handle and the bag feels like a luxury item, so they are ideal for gift and luxury bags. The strength of the rope handles is such that they can handle heavier items without tearing, thus making them suitable for high-end boutiques and retail packaging.

Ribbon Handle

Satin or grosgrain ribbon is used to make ribbon handles. They bring in a sense of refinement and elegance, which is usually utilized for packaging of high-end retail and gift items. The softness and the glossiness of the ribbon handles are what make them the first choice for the packaging of luxury items. They improve the whole presentation of the bag.

Flat Handle

The handles are flat and made from strips of paper or cardboard. They are robust and functional; they are good for heavier things like groceries. The large surface area of flat handles spreads weight evenly, thus reducing the pressure in the hands. This means they are ideal for grocery stores or markets where customers often buy bulky or heavy goods.

Materials of Handles

Handle MaterialDescriptionStrengthsIdeal ForBenefits
RibbonMade of satin or grosgrain ribbons, these handles are smooth and shiny, offering an elegant appearance.Silky feel, high-end lookLuxury bags, gift bags, high-end boutiques, wedding gift bags, event packagingEnhances sophistication, ideal for luxury presentation, improves unboxing experience
CottonCrafted from organic cotton, these handles are solid, user-friendly, and eco-friendly.Durable, eco-friendlyReusable bags, organic product packaging, farmers’ markets, environmentally sustainable shopsSupports green marketing, strong for heavy loads, promotes longevity and repeated use
Twisted PaperTwisted strips of paper create these strong, tough, and cost-effective handles.Strong, eco-friendlySupermarkets, retail stores, bookshopsAdaptable for various uses, eco-friendly, handles significant weight
Folded PaperMade from strips of paper or cardboard, folded and glued for strength.Economical, strongSupermarkets, farmers markets, places requiring durabilityCost-effective, durable, easy to stack and transport

Paper Bags with Handle

Paper bags with handles are versatile and practical, ideal for carrying items in retail, food service, and gift shops. They provide convenience for customers and can be customized for branding, making them a popular choice for businesses.

Materials of Paper Bags With Handle

Kraft paper is a robust paper material made from wood pulp that is mostly used for packaging of heavy items or items that need protection from the environment. Art paper, conversely, is a premium paper with a smooth surface that is suited to packaging luxury items or items that require a more sophisticated look. Plastic-coated paper is a material that is coated with a thin film of plastic, which is an ideal choice for protecting items from moisture or dirt.

Benefits of Paper Bags with Handles

Paper bags with handles can be made to have gussets, windows, and printing options. Gussets are folds in the sides of the bag which allow it to be stretched and to accommodate more products. Windows are transparent panels which enable clients to see what is inside the bag. Customization features make it possible for the bags to be printed with different designs, like logos, product information, and promotional messages. The perks of these bags are their flexibility, durability, and customization. They are used for many purposes , including the packaging of food, merchandise and gifts. They are both sturdy and resistant, keeping the content intact, and can be adjusted to the product design, giving a great promotion opportunity for the brand.

Uses of Paper Bags with Handles

  • Retail stores
  • Food service
  • Gift shops

Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are manufactured from a tough and durable type of paper that can withstand tearing and moisture. Hence, they are perfect for packaging heavy items or items that need to be protected from the elements. The brown kraft paper bags are the most often used shopping and merchandise bags in retail establishments because of their high quality and reliability. Their resilience has made them ideal for the packaging of foodstuff like coffee beans, tea leaves, and diverse delicacies. The bags are available in different sizes and shapes, including the traditional brown paper bags and the more sophisticated SOS paper bags, thus providing a wide range of choices to satisfy the varying needs and preferences of the clients.

Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Twisted handle paper bags are one of the most used types of paper bags with handles that are made by twisting two or more paper strands together. These bags are famous for their strength and durability, thus, they can hold heavy things comfortably. They are commonly used in the retail industry as paper shopping bags due to their strong construction and capability to bear the weight of different commodities. Twisted handles offer a comfortable grip that is much loved by customers and retailers alike. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be personalized by using different printing methods for brand visibility and appeal.

Flat and Round Handle Paper Bag

Flat and round handle paper bags have flat paper strips that are used to make handles, which are a more economical alternative to the twisted handle paper bags. Although they are often used to transport lighter items, their versatility make them suitable for many other purposes such as party favor bags and small merchandise bags. It is very common to see these bags in retail settings where cost-effectiveness and functionality are paramount. Although flat and round handle bags are more budget-friendly, they can be customized in an array of colors and designs, which makes them a perfect option for different packaging needs.

Cord Handle Bag

Cord handle bags are a variety of paper bags which have handles made from a rope or cord, thus allowing for extra strength and durability. These bags are ideal for carrying heavy stuff and are frequently used by high-end retail and specialized stores. The cord handles do not only strengthen the bag’s durability but also give a hint of elegance that make them suitable for luxury packaging. Cord handle bags come in different sizes and can be designed to accommodate different shapes, which makes them versatile and helps them meet the needs of different products. Whether it is used for packaging valuable products or as a part of premium branding strategy, cord handle bags provide a high-quality packaging solution by combining functionality with visual appeal.

Handle-less Paper Bags

Handle-less paper bags are a more economical option than paper bags with handles. They are often used for packaging small items or items that do not need to be carried. Handle-less paper bags are also a good option for businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact.

Materials of Handle-less Paper Bags

Materials of Handle-less Paper Bags are made of kraft paper and art paper. Kraft paper is a tough and resilient paper made from wood pulp, which is mainly used for packaging heavy products or products that require protection from the elements. Contrastingly, art paper is a high-grade paper with a smooth finish and is perfect for packaging luxury products or products that require a more sophisticated look.

Benefits of Handle-less Paper Bags

The handle-less paper bag is different from the other bags because it has gussets, which are folds on the sides that enable the bag to expand and accommodate more items. They might also have “windows” that are transparent panels that enable customers to view the products inside. In addition, these bags can be printed with different designs such as logos, product information and advertising messages. The advantage of the handle-less paper bags is that they are cheaper than the handle-on paper bags. They are adaptable and can be used to package small items, food, and gifts. The bags are also strong and durable, thus protecting the contents from damage. In addition to this, they can be tailored to suit the product design and are hence a great tool for brand promotion.

Uses of Handle-less Paper Bags

  • Grocery stores
  • Bakeries
  • Gift shops

Tin Tie Bakery Paper Bag

Tin Tie Bakery bags have been designed to maintain the freshness and integrity of baked products. They are available in different designs and shapes, so there is something for everyone. The flat bottom paper bags with the flat base are good for holding multiple or bulky bakery items to prevent them from tipping over, hence they are perfect for bread, cakes and large pastries. Greaseproof paper bags that are made with grease-resistant material prevent oil and grease from leaking, keeping the bag clean and presenting the contents in a neat manner, which is particularly suitable for pastries, donuts and other oily baked goods. Pinch bottom bags are tapered from top to bottom, allowing for a snug seal which is perfect for baked goods such as cookies and rolls. The bag prevents the contents from becoming dry by limiting the exposure to air. These bakery bags are tailored to a wide variety of products, and they are made from high quality materials to meet the growing demand in the food industry.

Snack Paper Bags

Snack Paper Bags are made to be convenient and portable and can be used to pack any type of snack. The flat bags have a simple flat design with no gusset which makes them perfect for lightweight and flat items such as chips, cookies and small candies and are easy to store and carry which makes them great for snacks on the go. D-cut paper bags have a die-cut handle that is part of the bag itself and this provides a safe grip for carrying snacks. This type of packaging is ideal for popcorn and nuts that need to be moved around easily. Satchel paper bags, with a gusset, are expandable and hence ideal for larger or bulkier snack items such as sandwiches and pastries. This offers more space and versatility in packaging. These snack paper bags are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of items, making them a good choice for food companies and office workers.

Paper Bag for Food

Paper Bags for Food packaging is an indispensable part of the process of keeping food products fresh and safe. Greaseproof paper bags, made with a grease-resistant lining, do a great job of keeping the oily or moist food from seeping through and making the bag dirty and torn. Therefore, they are perfect for items like fried foods, pastries, and sandwiches. The square bottom paper bags are ideal for carrying food items such as take-out meals, bakery products, and groceries as they provide a stable and flat base that can accommodate heavy or multiple items. The bag is square bottomed which makes it stand upright, so it can be packed and transported easily, it caters to the food industry and also supports the demand for eco-friendly packaging.

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are a particular type of paper bag without handles that is intended to be used for mailing items. Usually, they are strong paper bags, which are of help during transportation and are printed with a warning not to bend or crease them. These bags are excellent for sending documents, small packages, or fragile items, making them a trusted choice for the secure delivery of a variety of products. The use of high-quality paper materials increases the durability and effectiveness of these posters.

Double-Layer Paper Bags

Double-layer paper bags refer to the type of handle-less paper bag that is made from two layers of paper which makes them stronger and more durable. They are usually used when it comes to packaging heavy items, providing extra safety for the goods which are vulnerable to damage during transportation. These bags are designed for packaging heavy groceries and other items that require strong packaging solutions. The two-layer design is the main feature that makes them durable and high quality products, which can be used for different sizes and the growing need for strong packaging in the food and retail industries.

How to Choose Different Types of Paper Bags?

While selecting various kinds of paper bags, be sure to keep in mind the purpose for which they are to be used, e. g. gift packaging, fast food, or retail. Choose sizes and shapes to suit different items and choose various colors and printing methods to match the brand or event. As for the other side, also assess the material strength for durability and add handles or ribbons for extra functionality and beauty. Through this evaluation, you can choose the most appropriate paper bag to suit you.


The development of paper bags in the future will be concentrated on increasing environmental protection functions, the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, and the addition of designs such as foldable bags to make them more durable and sustainable. Apart from that, customers in addition are getting more interested in the customized and aesthetic paper bags, so more companies are applying paper bags for brand promotion and print their logos on them.


How do I guarantee the quality of my paper bags?

To guarantee the quality of your paper bags, you should partner with a reliable supplier. A reliable supplier will be able to supply you with excellent paper bags that are customized to meet your specific requirements. Also, you need to check the paper bags before using them to ensure that they are free of defects.

Who can I contact for the supply of paper bags?

There are many paper bag suppliers in the market. You may look for suppliers on the internet, in trade directories or at trade shows. In choosing a supplier, the key factors to consider include price, quality, and customer service.

How do I personalize paper bags for my brand?

You can personalize paper bags for your brand by printing them with your logo, product information and promotional messages. Moreover, you can select the size, shape, and material of the bag that will suit your brand image.

What are the benefits of using different types of paper bags in retail and food services?

Paper bags are very versatile, they come in different sizes and colors which make them perfect for branding and easy to access. They are environmentally friendly and durable, and they can be used for a wide variety of products such as groceries and even french fries. Their adaptability is the key to their ability to meet various consumer requirements and hence, to improve the shopping experience.

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