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Types of Restaurant Takeout Food Containers.

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Over the years, disposable containers have helped in the food and drink business. It also made food purchase and delivery a lot easier in restaurants all over the world. Before now, restaurant take out containers have been prolific for rudimentary food and drinks purchase in innumerable fast food companies. 

Thus, these containers have elevated demand in fast food and restaurants. This write-up is out to elucidate the efficiency of takeout containers, why they are required, types of takeout containers, choosing the right ones and recommending the best supplier and manufacturer.

Why Do You Need Takeout Food Containers for Your Restaurant?

There are diverse reasons why restaurant togo containers are needed because it comes with immense benefits. The following are reasons why take-out containers are needed:

  • Easy to Dispose

One of the most fascinating reasons is that it can be easily disposed of after use. Whenever food or drinks are purchased from restaurants, there wouldn’t be any intricacies trying to get plates or bags. Take-out containers are resorted to instead and they can be disposed of immediately after use.

  • Fastens Food Delivery

Not everyone has time to dine in restaurants, so most people prefer placing food orders from restaurants. On every order, restaurants are anticipated to use disposable containers. Again, the era of COVID-19 restricted most people from visiting restaurants. Hence, the best way to meet up with customer demands is via food delivery using take-out containers.

  • Prevents Spillage

Food and drinks can now be sold without spillage. For food to be delivered in its right form and entirety, restaurants need to utilise restaurant take out boxes to thwart leaks or spills.

  • Aids Packaging Aesthetic 

Whenever takeout containers and boxes are used, it makes the food or drink look inviting and presentable. These containers are created with differentia materials and they have assuaging designs to ameliorate the appearance of food delivery.

Types of Restaurant Carry-Out Containers

There are countless types of restaurant carry out containers and they are all efficient in food packaging and sales. The following are types of carry-out containers used in different restaurants: 

Paper Takeout Containers 

Paper takeout containers and boxes are useful in food packaging and delivery services. They are easy to open and close and they are eco-friendly after disposal. Furthermore, it comes in various sizes, either small or large and is capable of boxing up anything like cakes, pies and other snacks. 

In line with this, paper food containers wholesale attract additional benefits because all containers are flexible and durable and they remain top alternatives for any restaurant. Paper takeout containers are eco-friendly, positively affordable and aid better delivery packaging. Plus, it serves as a massive option to other pricey take-out containers.

Paper Takeout Containers and boxes.


The following are features of Paper takeout containers and boxes:

  • Easy to use for food packaging and delivery.
  • Microwave safe and easy to store.
  • Produced in multiple sizes (big, medium, and small sizes).
  • Best for lightweight food delivery.
  • Flexible and highly durable.
  • Eco-friendly and easy to open and close.
  • Highly affordable and an ideal alternative to others.


  • Fastens food packaging and delivery.
  • Conserves heat and is microwave safe.
  • Eco-friendly and ideal alternative to plastic or foam.
  • Grease resistant after use.
  • Possibility of post-consumer recycled options.
  • Lightweight and available in numerous sizes.


  • Inability to hold heavy food and snacks.
  • May fold, tear or bend when carried nonchalantly.
  • No compartments are available, which are present in alternative containers.

For more insights into paper takeout boxes, visit Chinese Takeout Boxes Guide: History, Benefits, and the Best Choice.

Foam Takeout Containers

Foam takeout containers are one of the most used containers in food packaging and delivery. Foam containers are known for their lightweight and affordability, they are usually inexpensive and efficient to put food in. It stays a convenient choice for restaurant owners, food container retailers, wholesalers, cafes, and hotels to enhance their food packaging and delivery. 

These containers come in different colors and sizes and it impresses customers because of their attractive nature. It is used to package customer orders and also preserve leftovers. Despite having lightweight, it is long-lasting for clasping customers’ food. Also, foam containers keep food at the best temperature because they are manufactured with insulated foams.

Foam Takeout Containers.


The following are features of Foam takeout containers:

  • Manufactured in different sizes.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting material.
  • Can hold both hot and cold meals.
  • Availability of various colors.
  • Preserves food at a preferred temperature.


  • Keep hot and cold food at the actual temperature.
  • Produced with hinged lids and interlocking tabs.
  • Durability which deters spillage or leakage.
  • Manufactured with insulated foam.


  • Foam containers are not microwave safe.
  • Less eco-friendly when likened to other takeout containers.
  • Styrofoam ban in some countries.

Aluminium Foil Takeout Containers

One of the most intriguing things about aluminium foil containers is their versatile use. These containers can be used to bake and serve food perfectly. Like other restaurant takeout containers, aluminium foil containers are ideal for food packaging and delivery. It keeps food hot and retains the aroma and freshness of the packaged meal. When used to package food, it traps the heat and preserves the temperature till delivery is finalized.

Thus, customers receive orders at the usual hot or cold temperature. In addition to this, aluminum foil containers are economical and serve as an ideal alternative to other slightly costly food containers. Foil containers are durable and made from the finest materials to stave off food leakage or spillage. Also, these containers provide extra beauty when used to package pasta, salad or macaroni and are usually preferred in Italian restaurants.

Aluminium Foil Takeout Containers.


The following are features of aluminium foil takeout containers:

  • Ideal for food packaging and delivery.
  • Retains food temperature and aroma.
  • Economical and affordable.
  • Manufactured with durable materials.
  • Prevents food leakage or spillage.


  • Versatility in use; baking and serving food.
  • Capable of carrying heavy meals.
  • Good for hot and cold meals.
  • Combats grease and oil.
  • Prevents spillage and leakage.


  • Aluminium foil containers are not microwave safe when compared to other containers.
  • Less eco-friendly when likened to other containers.

Plastic Takeout Containers

Plastic takeout containers are very significant to food packaging delivery, just like other containers. However, some restaurants or cafe joints are slowly moving away from using them due to distinguishable reasons, but their efficacy cannot be swept under the carpet. Plastic containers are spill-proof and cost-effective. Plastic containers are also transparent and it showcases freshly cooked foods. Accordingly, it stirs up impressions on customers at first sight.

Also, plastic containers are used to package a variety of foods. When properly covered, these containers sustain food freshness and temperature. These containers are suitable for microwave and refrigerator use and this serves as an advantage to preserve leftovers. These containers come in different sizes and designs which provides numerous options to select from.

Plastic Takeout Containers.


The following are features of Plastic takeout containers:

  • Spill-proof and durable.
  • Cost-effective and slightly affordable.
  • Maintains food temperature, aroma, and freshness.
  • Microwave and refrigerator safe.
  • Variety of sizes and designs.


  • Suitable for microwave and refrigerator use.
  • Hold heavy meals without cutting or breaking.
  • Preserves food temperature and freshness.
  • Transparent option to display food aesthetic.
  • A recyclable option which makes it slightly eco-friendly.


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other food containers.
  • Large units are less eco-friendly when compared to other food containers.

Restaurant Togo Containers for Different Types of Takeout Food.

There are different types of takeout food containers used in various restaurants. Most times, these containers are used for restaurant takeout supplies and delivery. The following are various types of togo containers used in different restaurants:

Chinese Takeout Boxes

Chinese Paper Takeout Boxes.

Chinese takeout boxes are one of the most used restaurant carry out boxes known for their attractive and simple designs. They are used to carry food in attractive boxes and to package food in style. Chinese takeout boxes come in distinct sizes and they have coverage options to seal food perfectly. These boxes have tremendous features such as being microwaveable, environmentally friendly, durable handles, recyclable and no PFAs added.

It comes in different shapes and designs; a broad variety of prints and colors. It is best when used to package Chinese meals, Fried rice, Asian noodles, Singapore noodles, Pepper steak, and many others. It makes food storage easier and uncomplicated and also traps heat to ensure food is delivered hot. 

Deli Containers

Deli container filled with food

Deli containers are usually transparent and can be used to display salads, casseroles, pasta salads, desserts, chicken salads, and so on. There are two different types of deli containers; cold-only containers and hot microwaveable containers. The distinct types pave way for versatility in use and they are used for hot and cold meals. 

These containers come in different sizes and are made with durable materials to meet up with efficiency. It comes in round, rectangular, and square shapes to carry food of any kind without spillage. Deli containers are recyclable, BPA-free, tamper-evident, and composable which makes them one of the promising options for food packaging and delivery.

Paper Soup Cups

Paper Soup Cup or Bowl.

Paper soup cups are one of the most inviting and portable restaurant take out food containers used for food packaging and transportation. As the name implies, paper soup cups are used to carry soup, other liquids and even light solid food. 

Most times, soup cups are used to deliver food alongside a major meal and also used to hold extra soup for a main meal. Yet, these containers are also ideal for snack bars and salad because it delivers better insulation to preserve the temperature of food. These containers have varieties of prints and colors and are made from Polypropylene, Kraft paper, Bamboo paper, and so on.

Beverage Cups

A Beverage Cup with Straw.

Beverage cups are known for how they make beverages look attractive. These cups are made from the best materials and they all have satisfying prints and designs. They are best when used to hold different types of beverages like coffee, milkshake, smoothies, chocolate drinks, and so on.

Beverage cups make it easy to display beverages and consumers also take away the containers. The displays are eye-catching and it gives impressions to consumers that they would enjoy the packaged beverage. It is usually in oval and round shapes and is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Chicken Buckets

Chicken Bucket Filled with Chicken.

Chicken buckets are used to package tasty fried, roasted, or grilled chicken. These buckets are used to display the chicken and they come in small, medium, and big sizes. These chicken buckets carry a whole chicken, 12 pieces, 8 pieces, and more. They are made with Plastic and Polypropylene with no PFAs added.

These chicken buckets have a manner of making the fried chicken look stunning and delicious without having a bite. It offers customers convenience, whenever they buy chicken in disposable buckets and eat during long and exhausting journeys. They are made of air-tight lid locks which preserve the freshness of the chicken.

To-go Bowls

To-go Bowl Containing Vegetables.

To-go bowls are one of the most prolific restaurant take away containers because of the capability to carry a lot of food at a go. Looking at the bowls, they look small but they are suitable for different types of food. Also, these bowls have transparent options that make it easy to display the appearance and attractiveness of food.

These takeout bowls have lids which makes it possible to preserve food temperature and offer spill-free packaging and delivery. There are different types such as container bowls with hinged lids, container bowls with normal lids, and just the bowl. It comes in different colors and shapes like Square, Round, and Oval. 

Cup Carriers 

A Cup Carrier.

The agglomeration of cup carriers comes with a variety of materials such as Pulp board, Paperboard, and Cardboard among others. These cup carriers are suitable for hot and cold beverages which include between 1 to 4 cups. 

These carriers have versatility because of their flat tray compartment that serves as an option to carry other snacks such as french fries, pies, hamburgers, cakes, and so on. The number of compartments ranges between 2 to 5. Cup carriers are eco-friendly and made with no PFAs added.

Takeaway Bags

Paper Takeaway Bag with Round Handle.

When contemplating the best restaurant togo boxes, takeaway bags are useful. They are mostly used to carry already packaged foods in diverse takeout containers. It serves as the overall packaging bag or box that carries the restaurant’s name and brand. Takeaway bags are made with the best designs because the bag says a lot about the food to be delivered. It is made from quality paper materials and is durable to haul heavy meals.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Restaurant Togo Containers

There are innumerable facets to assess as restaurant owners, Amazon sellers, cutlery wholesalers, food container traders, importers, and many others when wanting to pick the right restaurant food containers. The following are factors to consider:

Eco-friendly Togo Containers for Restaurants

Eco-friendly Takeout Containers.

When assessing factors for determining the right takeout containers, it is advisable to subsidise eco friendly togo containers for restaurants due to multiple justifications. This applies to various individuals in the business such as restaurant owners, cutlery wholesalers, and many others. 

In this case, some countries or states have already passed laws limiting the use of foam packaging. This is a result of foam materials being less eco-friendly when likened to other takeout containers. Therefore, it is best to use eco-friendly containers and there are miscellanies available to package food. 

Also, these containers are designed to retain heat and preserve food freshness. Check out YOON paper restaurant takeout containers that have been in the business for years, and are trusted by many restaurant owners all over the world. The company aims at providing eco-friendly takeout containers which can be broken into recyclable, compostable, and reusable containers.

  • Recyclable Containers: not all materials are recyclable and recyclable materials contribute enormously to conserving eco-friendly takeout containers. For instance, takeout containers fabricated with plastics and kraft papers are recyclable.
  • Compostable Containers: when compostable take-out containers are properly disposed of, they easily decompose either in-home or commercial composts. Examples of compostable materials include Bamboo paper and some bioplastics. These materials enrich the soil whenever they decay and can be used to boost plant growth.
  • Reusable Containers: reusable containers simply mean containers that can be used after their first use. These containers don’t need to be disposed of, hence, they facilitate eco-friendly benefits. Examples are reusable coffee cups, quality plastic containers, salad bowls, and so on. 

Restaurant Togo Container Sizes That Fit Your Food

Takeout Containers in Different Sizes.

One of the most crucial factors to evaluate is the size of the takeout containers. Albeit, most of these containers come in different sizes that are suitable for any food quantity. When purchasing large food quantities in a restaurant, it is advisable to use big-sized containers. 

The following are examples of big-sized takeout containers: Deli containers, Chinese takeout boxes, Chicken buckets, and Takeaway bags among many others. On the other hand, To-go bowls, Beverage cups, Paper soup cups, and so on are suitable for small quantities and portable food packaging.

Great Tightness to Avoid Leakage

Tightly Covered Plastic Takeout Containers

No one would relish leakage or spillage after ordering food from a restaurant. Likewise, no customer would appreciate a broken or leaked package on delivery. Consequently, it is essential to consider takeout containers with incredible tightness and durability to evade leakage or spillage. 

Most of these takeout containers are durable and are used for successful deliveries without leakages. Plastic takeout containers for instance have tight covers that wouldn’t allow food spillage when bent. Aluminium foil takeout containers are also good to avoid leakage.

Takeout Experience Oriented

Food containers that guarantee a good takeout experience should be considered. It would be devastating when packaged foods become cold before delivery. Hence, it is integral to choose eco-friendly takeout containers that can keep food hot and fresh for as long as possible, till delivery is completed. YOON paper restaurant takeout containers have quality containers that fit this objective perfectly.

Custom Restaurant Togo Boxes Design That Showcases Your Brand

Customised Food Takeout Box

As a restaurant owner or paper food container importer, it is paramount to consider custom restaurant togo boxes designs that showcase or represent a brand. It would be ludicrous for restaurants not to brand their packages. 

Branding is important to small and large-scale restaurant businesses because branded takeout containers have a way they travel far. Thus, it nurtures the restaurant’s brand and gives impressions to customers on what to expect from the brand. 

Some restaurants might not prepare the best meals when compared to other restaurants. Branding promotes sales and poor brand packaging militates against good representation. However, this wouldn’t be a problem because all the takeout containers are well-produced and can be customized for any brand.

Check out Food Box Packaging Design Ideas for Your Restaurant for more tailored solutions that meet your branding needs.

Long-lasting Durability

Source: YoonPak.

Choosing long-lasting durable takeout containers might seem like a herculean task, but it is imperative to get it done. Being one of the facets to consider when choosing the right containers, it mandates a proper check on checkout containers. With YOON paper restaurant takeout containers, it has been made an easy task because they are experts in manufacturing long-lasting and durable containers. 

These containers assure quality in every food packaging and delivery. Plastic takeout containers do not break or tear easily. They work perfectly to keep food at the preferred temperature without leakage. The long-lasting durable qualities of the takeout containers enhance food packaging for every restaurant and customers also relish reusable takeout containers.

Buy in Bulk and Ask for a Wholesale Price

Bulk and wholesale price are crucial in every takeout container acquisition. When restaurant owners or amazon sellers buy these containers in bulk and at wholesale prices, they save more money.

This comes with quality assurance, quality manufacturing, worldwide shipping, free samples, and many others. Correspondingly, it enables other suppliers to buy in bulk from the manufacturer and distribute to different restaurants.

Find a Trusted Restaurant Take out Containers Wholesale Supplier – YOON

Yoon Cup Designs

Having discussed various types of takeout containers, materials used in their production, and factors to consider to choose the right ones, it is essential to determine a reliable manufacturer. One of the best manufacturers of solid takeout containers is YOON. The company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of paper takeout containers used in restaurants and food packaging. The following is a list of containers manufactured by YOON:

  • Paper food boxes,
  • Paper food trays,
  • Paper bowls,
  • Paper cups,
  • Paper buckets,
  • Clear cups,
  • Chinese takeout boxes,
  • Gable boxes,
  • Paper bags,
  • Lid, sleeves, and straws, etc.

YOON ensures 24-hour online customer service, Day-to-day delivery, Packaging on demand, Custom Services, High-volume discounts, Free design, Free consultation, and so on. YOON manufactures these takeout boxes for restaurants with authentic materials. These materials include non-toxic food-safe inks, plants, paper from a certified plantation, recyclable materials, and so on. 

These containers are compostable, unlimited design choices are made available, leak-proof, and highly durable. These containers are produced via the following steps:

  • Raw Material Inspection,
  • Printing Process,
  • Drying Process,
  • Cutting Process,
  • Forming Process,
  • Warehouse storage, and
  • Delivery.

One-stop Restaurant Take away Containers Supply

The containers manufactured are one-stop takeaway containers used in restaurants. These containers are supplied in large quantities to meet up with food sales and delivery in restaurants.

Quality Printing and Manufacturing

YOON assures quality printing and manufacturing. Different containers are manufactured for takeout box restaurants for food packaging. These restaurants can improve their quality by using these containers.

Eco-friendly and Certified Materials

YOON makes use of eco-friendly and certified materials when producing these containers. Most of the containers are compostable and reusable.

Fully Custom Solution 

YOON delivers a fully custom solution to customers. Custom Chinese take-out boxes are printed to differentiate customers’ products from the rest. Customization is done for cups, trays, and other takeout containers. It is done via four steps: Choose products, YOON does the magic, Amend and finalize and YOON delivers.

Flexible MOQ

YOON offers a satisfying MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which is up to 10,000. This serves as an advantage for other suppliers and restaurant owners to buy in large quantities.


In a nutshell, restaurant takeout containers are needed by Restaurant owners, Cutlery wholesalers, Amazon sellers, and so on. After evaluating the durability and quality of these containers, they are reliable for day-to-day food packaging and delivery. Acquiring these containers from a trusted manufacturer speeds up efficiency in the food business and other great benefits.

Among other manufacturers, YOON offers superb services on containers to guarantee efficiency and reliability on every purchase. To get more information on these takeout containers, buyers can visit the official YOON website. Also, potential buyers can get a quote from the company to know how much it would cost before proceeding with a purchase.

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