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5 Best Bakery Packaging Suppliers for Your Business

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When you run a bakery, how your treats look is almost as important as how they taste. Nice packaging protects your treats and makes them look really appealing to people who buy them. Picking the best suppliers for your bakery’s packaging is super important. Today, I’m excited to show you the 5 top bakery packaging suppliers out there. They are known for their cool and eco-friendly packaging ideas. Let’s check out what makes each one special.

Company NameFounding Year
YoonPak (China)2000
Amcor (Switzerland)1860
Smurfit Kappa (Ireland)1934
Sonoco (United State)1899
Mondi (Austria)1967

YoonPak (China)


Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 2000

Main Markets: Asia, North America, Europe

Main Products: Bakery boxes, cake boxes, cupcake boxes, coffee bags, paper-based packaging

About Us:

YoonPak is a leading company in making packaging for bakeries. It does everything from designing the packages to making them and sending them out. They draw designs, make test models, create tools, make the products, and take care of sending them to customers. They are great at making special items like printed boxes, raised designs, custom decorations, or labels just for you. YoonPak can use different methods to print exactly what customers want. They use their 100 machines to make 16 billion cups a year. Their packaging is done by machines automatically to make sure everything is safe and really good quality.

For pastry shops that need to be green and care for the Soil, YoonPak could be a culminate choice. Most of their items are made from characteristic things like bagasse (what’s cleared out after making sugar), a plant-based corrosive, and paper from plants that develop once more each year. They make beyond any doubt to utilize secure, smell-free inks made from soy or water. YoonPak is additionally attempting to make items that can break down within the soil. This implies utilizing less plastic and giving pastry kitchens a cheaper, more earth-friendly choice. Their materials are really great. They come from places that pass intense checks and their way of making things is the most, excellent endorsed by enormous bunches that care around quality and the planet. This appears YoonPak isn’t as it were great at making bundling but moreover cares a parcel approximately our planet.

Amcor (Switzerland)


Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1860

Main Markets: Global

Main Products: Flexible packaging, rigid packaging, specialty cartons

About Us:

Amcor is a big company that makes packaging for food, drinks, medicine, and things you use at home. They started in 1860. This Swiss company is famous for doing good work and being responsible in the packaging industry. Amcor is really good at making different types of packaging like bags, boxes, and seals. They also offer many services designed for people all over the world.

Amcor is a big company with about 218 places in 41 countries and more than 41,000 workers. The company is working hard to create packaging that keeps products safe, makes them stand out, and helps get them delivered. Amcor has made new types of packaging that keep bakery items fresh for a longer time. This shows that strong and eco-friendly packaging is possible. Also, their coffee bags and bakery supplies are made to keep baked goods fresh and tasty while following strict safety rules.

Smurfit Kappa (Ireland)

Smurfit Kappa
Smurfit Kappa

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1934

Main Markets: Global

Main Products: Paper-based packaging, Display cases, Paper products

About Us:

Smurfit Kappa is a leading example of creativity and caring for the environment, showing Ireland’s strong focus on green business ways. This company is all about being kind to nature in everything it does. It makes 100% green and eco-friendly packaging which helps its customers be more earth-friendly too. Every year, Smurfit Kappa recycles 8 million tonnes of waste paper, setting a good example in the paper packaging world. Also, the company takes care of 67,000 hectares of forests, proving it really wants to give back what it uses.

When it comes to making stuff, Smurfit Kappa can produce a lot—12.3 billion square meters of packaging and 8.4 million tonnes of paper every year. This shows how big and widespread the company is and that it can supply a lot of different customers all over the world. Smurfit Kappa makes important products for many areas, especially bakeries. Their paper packaging, display boxes, cake bases, cupcake holders, and cookie boxes are very important. These products are made to be both useful and nice-looking, making sure bakery items stay fresh and look great. Plus, they stick to Smurfit Kappa’s main goals of being innovative and caring for the planet.

Sonoco (United State)

Sonoco Products Company
Sonoco Products Company

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1899

Main Markets: Global

Main Products: Rigid paper containers, flexible packaging, and display and packaging services

About Us:

Sonoco has been a big name in packaging since 1899. Today, it’s a leading company worldwide, working in 34 countries with more than 19,000 workers. Sonoco is really good at making different kinds of packaging that do more than just wrap a product. They make packaging that looks good on the shelves, works well, and makes making products easier. Sonoco offers a bunch of choices for packaging, like flexible stuff, stiff paper containers, and hard plastic packaging. These options help brands stand out, making sure their products catch your eye and are easy and nice to use, and good for the planet.

Sonoco makes a special kind of green packaging called EnviroSense® that shows they care a lot about the planet. This line has all sorts of things like cans, bags, cardboard, and hard plastic, all made thinking about the Earth. Sonoco is creating new kinds of packaging, like ones you can cook with and ones that protect products, all while thinking about their effect on the Earth. Sonoco is the best choice for businesses looking to make their brand better with creative, eco-friendly packaging that people like today and that is good for the planet.

Mondi (Austria)


Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1967

Main Markets: Global Main

Main Products: Industrial and consumer packaging solutions including flexible packaging, bags and pouches, and innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

About Us:

Mondi, with its headquarters nestled in Austria, stands out in the global packaging and paper industry, particularly celebrated for its forward-thinking and eco-friendly solutions pertinent to bakeries. Commanding a vast workforce of over 26,000 across more than 30 countries, Mondi has engineered its operations around the mantra of sustainability, directly impacting the bakery sector with innovative packaging. The company’s portfolio for bakeries is comprehensive, offering everything from flexible packaging that keeps baked goods fresh, to stylish and sturdy bags and pouches designed for easy transport and attractive presentation. Mondi’s corrugated solutions also provide essential structural integrity for more substantial bakery items during transit.

At the heart of Mondi’s mission is a profound commitment to sustainability, a principle that bakery businesses increasingly prioritize. Through its pivotal Ecological Packaging Solutions initiative, Mondi aims to challenge the status quo by devising packaging that is not only recyclable, reusable, or compostable but also maintains the freshness and integrity of bakery products. Embracing the ambitious MAP2030 (Mondi Action Plan 2030) goals, the company pledges to lead the industry towards more circular-driven packaging and paper solutions, thereby contributing to a healthier planet. This includes pioneering sophisticated packaging technologies that safeguard bakery goods while streamlining supply chains and enhancing the end-consumer experience.

How to Collaborate with Your Packaging Supplier?

Articulate Your Needs Clearly

Begin by articulating your needs. Let’s say you specialize in artisanal pastries that require direct food contact safe packaging. You’d want paper mart options that include popular sizes for pastries, donuts, and deli items. Stress the importance of sustainable materials to your supplier, expressing interest in compostable bakery packaging or kraft boxes. For premium products, you might explore chocolate brown or black gloss finishes to convey luxury.

Request Samples and Conduct Tests

After you know what you need, ask for samples. You could ask for different types of glassine bags that are great for showing off pastries, or safe tissue liners for things like deli sandwiches. Try these samples to make sure they’re safe for touching your bakery’s food. Check out coffee cups and cupcake containers to see if they’re strong and look nice, too. Also, look for choices that let you buy a lot at once to save money.

Implement a Feedback and Revision Loop

After testing, tell your supplier what you think. If the foil inside your chocolate wrappers is good at keeping the chocolate safe but doesn’t look great, say so. Being open to what your supplier suggests can help you find something like a shiny black foil that works well and looks good too. Keep in mind, finding the best packaging means talking things over until you get it right.

Stay Adaptable to Market Changes

Consumer preferences and market trends evolve. Maybe there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. Engage with your supplier to explore adding more compostable options or kraft paper materials to your selection of bakery packaging. Discuss fast shipping options to keep up with sudden spikes in demand, especially for cafes that rely on quick replenishment of supplies.

Case Study: Success through Collaboration

Picture a pastry kitchen that chosen to go green. They worked beside their provider. They made coffee mugs and pastry shop packs that might break down within the soil. These were made from paper. Clients truly enjoyed them. They succeeded by making clear plans, testing tests, and remaining with the green drift. The pastry kitchen got to be well-known not fair for its yummy treats but too for caring about the planet. This shows how vital it is to have a great relationship together with your provider.

More About Successful Bakery Business, You Can Read: Essential Tips on How to Start a Baking Business Successfully

Final Thoughts

Picking the most excellent bundling providers is super important for your pastry kitchen. It’s not almost keeping your heated products secure and new, but too around how customers see your brand. On the off chance that your provider understands your pastry kitchen well, you’ll be able make your treats additional uncommon. This could make a great impression on your clients. Keep in mind, the ultimate bundling for your delicious treats is out there. You have to discover the leading coordinate.

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