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What are the Best Cake Boxes? 7 Types to Level Up Your Bakery

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Take a second to visualize the cake boxes on your bakery’s shelves. Are they showcasing your sweet treats the right way, or might they be quietly putting a damper on what your brand could really be? In our world today, which leans heavily towards being mindful of the environment, picking out a cake box is more than just about its practical use. It’s about connecting with customers who care deeply about our planet and at the same time, giving your brand a boost in the limelight. This story is more than just about cake boxes; it’s an invitation to think differently and be innovative. We’re going to take a closer look at the universe of bakery packaging, focusing on two key elements – material and design. We’ll show you how choosing the perfect cake box or treat boxes can elevate your bakery from just being great to truly memorable.

Why are Paper-Based Cake Boxes the Best Choice?

best cake boxes
best cake boxes

Selecting the perfect material for your bakery’s cake boxes is crucial, and paper-based options truly shine, outperforming alternatives like plastic with their array of advantages. Let’s dive into why paper is the champion choice:


  • Biodegradable: Paper naturally decomposes, making it kinder to our planet.
  • Recyclable: Recycling paper boxes cuts down on the use of new materials and saves precious resources.
  • Uses recycled content: A lot of paper boxes are made from reused paper, lessening their environmental impact even more.

Brand and Design:

  • Flexibility: Great for printing: The surface of paper boxes is perfect for adding colorful, eye-catching designs that reflect your bakery’s vibe.
  • Easy to make your own: Customizing the shape, size, and style of paper boxes is a breeze, helping your products grab attention.

Practical and Good-Looking:

  • Strong and protective: Materials like cardboard and corrugated paper keep your cakes safe and sound.
  • See-through windows: Adding windows to paper boxes lets customers peek at your goods, making them more enticing while still protected.

Customer Appeal:

  • Eco-friendly choice: More and more people prefer packaging that’s good for the earth, making paper boxes a hit.
  • Better unboxing fun: The look and feel of paper boxes make opening them a delight, boosting the value of your bakery’s treats.

Opting for paper-based cake boxes supports environmental efforts, opens up creative possibilities for branding, and aligns with what customers want in both practicality and looks, positioning it as a top-notch choice for bakeries aiming to upgrade their packaging approach.

Types of Best Cake Boxes

Now that we’ve laid out the solid benefits of paper-based packaging, let’s dive deeper into the main subject: the variety of cake and bakery boxes available. These boxes can greatly improve how your products look and help your brand shine. Sure, looking at all the choices might feel a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’re here to simplify things. We’ll guide you through the different options, helping you find the ideal packaging that fits what your bakery stands for and fulfills your specific requirements.

TypeKey FeaturesAdvantages Over Others
Corrugated Cake Boxes– Fluted corrugated sheet between two linerboards
– Options for E-flute and F-flute
– Typically made from kraft paper
– Outstanding strength and cushioning
– Lightweight yet durable
– Suitable for heavy or delicate items
Cardboard Cake Boxes– Food-grade cardboard for direct food contact
– Weight ranges from 200gsm to 350gsm
– Simple, foldable design with options for die-cut windows
– Balance of functionality, affordability, and presentation
– Ease of assembly and storage
Biodegradable Cake Boxes– Made from paper-based materials with biodegradable films
– Coated with materials like PLA
– Can include compostable windows
– Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics
– Enhances brand image with eco-conscious customers
Traditional Plain Cake Boxes– Classic square or rectangular shapes
– Subtle design elements like embossing or debossing
– Timeless and elegant presentation
– Focus remains on the cake itself
Cake Box With a Window– Design revolves around window’s shape and placement
– Enhanced product visibility
– Visual appeal and product showcase
– Can entice customers and facilitate quicker purchasing decisions
Cake Box With a Handle– Functional and aesthetic handle designs
– Can be integrated into thematic designs
– Ease of carrying and transport
– Unique design opportunities for branding
Custom Shaped Cake Boxes– Mirrors the shape of signature products or thematic shapes
– Utilizes die-cutting technology for intricate designs
– High degree of customization for brand storytelling
– Can add a luxurious feel to offerings

From Material Perspective

Corrugated Cake Boxes

Corrugated Cake Boxes
Corrugated Cake Boxes

If you’re in the bakery business and need strong, flexible packaging, corrugated cake boxes are the way to go. These boxes have a unique design with a wavy, fluted sheet of paper tucked between two flat linerboards. This clever construction gives the boxes incredible strength and cushioning, making them a top pick for keeping cakes safe while they travel or get handled with durability.

When it comes to choosing corrugated cake boxes, there’s a lot of variety, especially in terms of flute sizes. With E-flute, you get a thinner design that’s about 90 flutes per foot, ideal for holding light stuff like mini cupcakes or pastries. Plus, its smoother surface is great for slapping on some high-quality prints to boost your brand. Then there’s F-flute, even finer with around 125 flutes per foot, fantastic for those deluxe bakery goods or gift-worthy items because of its excellent surface for detailed printing.

The thickness of the corrugated material, measured in grams per square meter (gsm), is something you can choose as well. Typically, cake boxes might weigh between 110gsm to 150gsm – a nice balance between being sturdy enough to protect and light enough for easy handling without breaking the bank.

Made mostly from kraft paper, corrugated cake boxes are tough and can have that natural, earth-friendly vibe thanks to kraft’s brown color. But if you prefer, they can be bleached white for a sharper look or even coated to up the luxe factor.

Style-wise, the sky’s the limit. You can go from plain and simple to boxes decked out with cool die-cut windows, handy handles, or unique custom shapes. These bits not only pump up the visual appeal but make the boxes more user-friendly, like making them easier to open or letting everyone get a sneak peek at the yummy cake inside.

Cardboard Cake Boxes

Cardboard Cake Boxes
Cardboard Cake Boxes

Cardboard cake boxes are really popular in the bakery world, known for hitting that sweet spot between being practical, not too expensive, and looking good. When picking out the cardboard, it’s super important to know if you’re getting food-grade or the regular kind, especially if the box will be touching the food directly. Food-grade cardboard is made to be safe around food, without any harmful chemicals or dyes that could sneak onto your cakes.

These boxes usually weigh between 200gsm and 350gsm. This makes them sturdy enough to hold different kinds of cakes and pastries but still light enough not to add too much to your load. They’re typically made from a bleached sulfate paperboard, giving them a crisp, white cake box look that’s just perfect as a canvas for your bakery’s logo or any fun designs.

The go-to look for these boxes is pretty straightforward: a foldable box with a lid on top, square or rectangle-shaped. This simple design makes them super easy to put together and store, which is great for any bakery working with limited space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up a bit. You can add neat features like see-through windows that give a peek at the yummy stuff inside, making these boxes not just practical but also pretty enticing to customers.

Biodegradable Cake Boxes

Biodegradable Cake Boxes
Biodegradable Cake Boxes

As bakeries everywhere are looking for greener packaging options, biodegradable cake boxes are quickly becoming a favorite. Made from eco-friendly paper materials and covered with biodegradable films, these boxes are a great green alternative to the classic plastic coatings. They’re lined or laminated with stuff like PLA (polylactic acid), which comes from plants like corn starch or sugarcane, making sure the whole box can be composted.

These boxes keep the paper-based structure, so they’re light but still tough enough for all your cake-carrying needs. Plus, the biodegradable layer added to the mix makes them resistant to things like moisture and grease. This means they’re great for all sorts of baked treats without hurting the planet.

Designed to be just as handy and flexible as the regular kind, biodegradable cake boxes can have clear windows made from compostable plastics. This lets your customers sneak a peek at what’s inside while keeping everything eco-friendly. Whether you’re going for a simple and sleek look or something a bit more fancy with special shapes or handy carrying handles, these boxes have got you covered.

From Appearance Perspective

Traditional Plain Cake Boxes

Traditional Plain Cake Boxes
Traditional Plain Cake Boxes

Plain cake boxes usually show up in those classic square or rectangle shapes, giving off an everlasting and classy vibe. Their simple design lets you play around with some neat design touches like light embossing or debossing, adding a bit of elegance without making them too busy. Plus, going for eco-friendly inks for your bakery’s logo or some simple designs keeps things looking crisp and clean, all while letting your brand’s personality shine through. This way of designing means all eyes stay on the cake, making these boxes perfect for showing off your top-notch, handmade treats.

Cake Box With a Window

Cake Box With a Window
Cake Box With a Window

The design of cake boxes with windows focuses a lot on the shape and location of the window, making the goodies inside look even more tempting. For example, a window shaped like a heart can bring a fun vibe to a box filled with Valentine’s Day sweets, and a round window is perfect for showing off individual, gourmet cupcakes or pies. You can also decorate around the window with stylish designs or patterns that match your bakery’s look, neatly highlighting the treat inside and catching the customer’s attention right away.

Cake Box With a Handle

Cake Box With a Handle
Cake Box With a Handle

Cake boxes with handles are all about being handy while also opening up cool design possibilities. You can get really creative with the handle, choosing styles from twisty ribbons to smooth cut-outs that fit right in with the box design. Adding a handle not just boosts the look but can also echo the theme of your bakery or special events. For example, a handle that looks like a plant stem can turn the box into something that resembles a flower, making it ideal for spring treats or Mother’s Day goodies.

Custom Shaped Cake Boxes

Custom Shaped Cake Boxes
Custom Shaped Cake Boxes

Custom-shaped cake boxes are where your creativity and your bakery’s story come to life. Imagine having boxes shaped just like your bakery’s star items – think a box shaped like a cupcake for those gourmet cupcakes, or even pumpkin-shaped boxes for the fall season goodies. With die-cutting tech, you can get really detailed designs that make your brand pop right on the box itself, completely merging packaging with the whole product vibe. Adding some fancy touches, like foil stamping or spot UV coating on certain parts, can really make these unique shapes stand out, giving your treats that extra touch of luxury.

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How to Choose the Right Cake Box Manufacturer?

Finding the best manufacturer for your cake boxes is key to getting packaging that’s top-notch, eco-friendly, and looks great. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Quality and Materials
  • Eco-Friendly Options
  • Ability to Customize
  • Dependability and Speed
  • Best Price
  • Reputation

Collaborate With YoonPak


Choosing the right partner for your cake box needs is crucial, and working with a well-known, seasoned company like YoonPak could be a game changer. YoonPak isn’t just any supplier; they’re committed to delivering top-quality. Offering everything from sturdy corrugated boxes to creative custom-shaped packages, they have solutions that cover all bases. Their deep understanding of the packaging world means you’re getting great value, outstanding quality, and fantastic service all in one. They’re also big on eco-friendliness, meeting the rising demand for sustainable packaging, so teaming up with them could boost your bakery’s eco-friendly image. Plus, their customization options are perfect for adding that personal touch to your packaging, making your products truly shine. When looking for a manufacturer, it’s smart to check their product variety, ability to customize, eco-commitment, and how they handle customer service. By choosing YoonPak, you’re putting your packaging needs in reliable hands, freeing you up to concentrate on creating amazing baked goods.


At the end of the day, the ideal cake box does more than just look good – it brings your bakery’s creations up a notch. It goes beyond just the looks; it’s about picking out packaging that adds value and charm to what you’re selling. In choosing the right cake boxes, think practical. Make sure the packaging you go for fits just right with what your bakery needs and aims to achieve. Whether you’re leaning towards the sturdiness of corrugated boxes for secure shipping or the special touch of custom designs for celebratory treats, picking the perfect packaging plays a big part in how people see your brand and how happy your customers are.

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