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Top 6 Cake Box Wholesale Suppliers for Your Bakery Business

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Are you a bakery owner looking for reliable cake box wholesale suppliers? Finding the right packaging partner is crucial to ensuring your delectable creations arrive at their destination in perfect condition. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 cake box manufacturers and suppliers that can help elevate your bakery business to the next level. From a variety of styles to exceptional customer satisfaction, these companies have it all. Let’s dive in and explore the best options for sourcing high-quality cake boxes wholesale.

CompanyLocationFounding Year
YoonPakWuhan, China2000
Southern Champion TrayChattanooga, Tennessee, USA1927
Wilton IndustriesNaperville, Illinois, USA1929
BRP Box ShopClinton, Iowa, USA2005
WPackagingColton, California, USA2006
Emenac PackagingTorrance, California, USA2011



Location: Wuhan, China

Founding Year: 2000

Main Products: Sustainable food containers, cake boxes, bakery boxes, paper cups, customized food packaging

Specific Description: YoonPak is an awesome company that makes cake boxes and eco-friendly paper containers. They’ve been changing the food packaging industry since 2000. YoonPak cares a ton about being green. They use materials like sugarcane and special fibers that are good for the environment. Plus, they stick to non-toxic, soy, or water-based inks to keep their packaging safe and sustainable.

YoonPak’s products follow strict rules set by FDA, LFGB, and FSC. They even use cool materials like PLA that can break down in nature. This helps protect the environment even more. What makes YoonPak really special is how good they are at making high-quality paper cups and bowls. They work with lots of different businesses, like fast food places, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and food trucks. YoonPak has worked with many food businesses. They can make packaging that looks awesome. It will fit each company’s needs just right. YoonPak cares about being green and making packaging that looks nice and works well. This makes them the best pick for bakeries that want to buy eco-friendly cake boxes.

Southern Champion Tray

Southern Champion Tray
Southern Champion Tray

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Founding Year: 1927

Main Products: Paperboard packaging products, including bakery boxes, food service packaging, and custom packaging solutions

Specific Description: Southern Champion Tray (SCT) has been a big deal in packaging since 1927. As a family business that’s been around for three generations, SCT is known for great quality, new ideas, and always trying to be the best and do what’s right. They have lots of different packaging, like bakery boxes, food service packaging, and special solutions made just for what their customers need.

SCT’s bakery line is super cool. They have tons of cake box choices like 2-piece boxes, trays, and window boxes. They also have pads, circles, and inserts. Their stock prints make the packaging look fancy, while their custom options let bakeries show off their own style. SCT’s food service line has everything, from catering and takeout to pizza boxes and food trays. They really care about their customers and want to make packaging that helps their clients do their best. Whether it’s through packaging made just for them, custom-printed options, or their huge catalog of regular products, SCT is there to help.

Wilton industries

Wilton industries
Wilton industries

Location: Naperville, Illinois, USA

Founding Year: 1929

Main Products: Bakeware, cake decorating supplies, and packaging products

Specific Description: Wilton Industries started as a small candy art company in 1929. Now, it’s a famous brand that sells baking and cake decorating products in over 105 countries. The company’s story is all about Dewey McKinley Wilton’s love for candy art. He made the Wilton Method, which mixes the best of European art with American style and simplicity.

Today, Wilton is still a big deal in the baking world. They have tons of products, like cake boxes and packaging. You can tell they care about quality and new ideas by checking out what they sell. Their products work great for both professional bakers and people who bake at home. Wilton’s cake boxes come in many sizes and styles. This helps every cake look awesome and travel safely. Wilton Industries has almost 100 years of experience teaching people about baking and decorating. They’re a partner bakeries can count on for solid cake boxes that show they want to be the best.

BRP Box Shop

BRP Box Shop
BRP Box Shop

Location: Clinton, Iowa, USA

Founding Year: 2005

Main Products: Custom cake boxes, wholesale cake packaging

Specific Description: BRP Box Shop has been around since 2005. They’re known for having awesome cake boxes. As a company that’s all about making cake packaging, BRP Box Shop gets what bakeries and cake decorators need. They can design and make cake boxes that have everything bakers want. This includes high quality at low prices.

One thing that makes BRP Box Shop special is how much they care about their customers. They offer free shipping through UPS Ground to the lower 48 states. It doesn’t matter if the order is big or small. This shows they want to make their products easy to get and affordable. This makes them a good pick for bakeries of all sizes. BRP Box Shop’s cake boxes are made with the same care and quality that bakers put into their own cakes. By working with BRP Box Shop for their cake box needs, bakeries can make their products look better and stay safe. This means a great experience for their customers.



Location: Colton, California, USA

Founding Year: 2006

Main Products: Custom printed packaging, cake boxes, food service packaging

Specific Description: WPackaging has been a big deal in food packaging since 2006. They help out bakeries, pizza joints, and food companies with awesome packaging. They care about both small and big businesses. That’s why they work closely with 18 factories. This lets them make as much packaging as their clients need and keep prices low.

When it comes to cake boxes, WPackaging has a ton of options. They’ve got boxes with sick designs, windows, and lots of sizes for different bakery needs. They make their cake boxes with the customer in mind. So, they look dope and get the job done. If you can’t find what you need in their regular options, no sweat! They can print custom designs and make different sizes. This way, bakeries can create packaging that’s a perfect match for their brand. WPackaging cares about quality, low prices, and making things just for you. This makes them an awesome pick for bakeries looking for solid places to get cake boxes.

Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging
Emenac Packaging

Location: Torrance, California, USA

Founding Year: 2011

Main Products: Custom printed boxes, packaging solutions

Specific Description: Emenac Packaging USA has been around since 2011. They design and make custom printed boxes and packaging. They’ve worked with lots of different customers and stores. This means they’re pros at making packaging that’s safe, cheap, and looks nice. Emenac Packaging knows their stuff when it comes to paper packaging. They can make all kinds of packaging for businesses, big or small.

Look at Emenac Packaging’s products. They have many boxes that are great for bakeries. They’ve got cake boxes, pastry boxes, and more. They use different packaging materials like Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated papers. They also have different styles like die-cut, window, gable, and pillow boxes. Emenac Packaging is always coming up with new ideas and keeps their customers happy. Big names like Google, Mark Jacob’s, and Kellogg’s trust them. If you’ve got a bakery and want a reliable place to get cake boxes, Emenac Packaging is a great pick. They can make custom boxes just for you and their products are top-notch.

Tips for Ordering Cake Boxes in Bulk

After you arrange cake boxes in bulk for your bakery, there are a couple of critical things to think about. This will assist you get the foremost blast for your buck.

  • Figure out what sizes you wish for. Degree your cakes to choose the correct box sizes.
  • Think approximately your brand. Discover providers who can put your possess cool plans on the boxes.
  • See at the materials they have. Select ones that are great for the planet, solid, and see decent.
  • Check out the costs and the least sums you have got to purchase. Discover a provider who can handle the sum of boxes your commerce needs and has great costs.
  • See into conveyance and shipping choices. Go with a provider who has solid shipping so your cake boxes appear on time.

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Final Thoughts

Picking the right cake box supplier is super important if you want your bakery to do well and grow. Work with one of the top 6 cake box companies in this article. Your cakes will be protected. They will look awesome and people will see that your business values quality. These companies can help you out whether you want lots of styles, cool custom designs, or eco-friendly options. They’ve got what it takes to give you what you need. Don’t choose boring packaging. Pick great cake boxes from reliable wholesale suppliers. This will make your bakery look cooler. It will also make your customers happier.

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