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Custom Food Togo Gable Box Wholesale

Yoon has been a reputable sustainable gable boxes food packaging maker since 2000. Gable Boxes for takeaway are available at wholesale prices. Choose from our broad variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and styles.

Take-away Gable Box

Gable boxes are used for storage, food take-out, bakeries, and catering. Yoon has a large assortment of gable box selections, including Christmas designs, Realtor patterns, birthday motifs, and solid color alternatives. You can also choose between kraft paper products or boxes with more printing options.

Our gable boxes are typically comprised of durable paperboard material. As a result, they are both light and powerful. We have a variety of sizes available, ranging from little party favor boxes to enormous and extremely large boxes that may even be used during catering. Boxes are sent flat and are flipped into place as needed.With an impressive gable box, you may take a step ahead and stand out from the competition (also called a barn box). Our custom gable boxes provide excellent packaging, and the color selections allow for a plethora of innovative methods to draw attention to your company.

What We Supply

YoonPak provides cardboard gable boxes, printed gable boxes, and full set manufacture service.

Our products are available for a wide range of food industries from bakery to fast food.

cardboard gable box

Cardboard/Kraft Gable Box Solution

a full set of printed paper food container

Printed Gable Box Solution

desin of full set paper food container

Custom Full Set

Produce Your Design

Custom Choices in YoonPak


Our customers are allowed to select their preferred material. Most gable boxes are constructed of brown or white kraft paper, however, they could also be made of other eco-friendly materials such as cardboard.

Color logo and pattern

Never pass up an opportunity to get your company's name and brand seen! Allow our custom print experts to help you personalize your gable boxes by printing your name or entirely customizing the color and style.

Size and Shape

Our gable box design may be adapted to any size to suit any sized or shaped object.

Togo Gable Box Common Applications

Gable boxes are simple to use and may be utilized in a variety of ways. These boxes feature a distinct and fascinating form, as well as a convenient handle for simple transport.

cardboard gable box

With these boxes, gift packing is a breeze. Simply open the box, insert your present, seal the lid, and finish with an optional pull ribbon and gift tag.

Make a unique food box out of this. Use as a takeout box for to-go deliveries or left-overs, or match with our cupcake wrappers to provide visual flair in a bakery.

For exciting party supplies, check out our favorite size miniature gable boxes or the transparent gable box!


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