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Wholesale Paper Food Takeout Container

Yoonpak is a trusted brand in the production of environmentally friendly food packaging. At very reasonable pricing. You’ll find everything you need for a food truck or restaurant here. We sell in bulk or packs.

Eco-Friendly Paper Food to-go Packaging

Yoonpak provides the world’s most innovative sustainable food packaging. Our take-out packaging is constructed entirely of ethically produced environmentally friendly materials, is recyclable, and is carbon-neutral. Available in a range of various forms and sizes. Whether it’s take-out boxes with printed text to kraft brown boxes suitable for any eatery, you’re sure to discover the right take-out box for your establishment.

Yoon’s goods are created completely of naturally occurring plant material. Because our inks are water-based or soy, they are non-toxic and allergen-free. Our paper food takeaway containers may be shredded at a commercial site, guaranteeing that our products include at least 10% recycled plastic.

Our priority is your ease, therefore you may purchase online at any time. Because of our quick shipping, affordable rates, and excellent customer service, we are the perfect choice for all of your corporate and food packaging needs.

Togo Packaging in Yoon


Burger Clamshell Box

Snack Box

Hot Dog Box

Chinese Take-out Box

Gable Box

bamboo fiber paper box

Salad/Lunch Box

French Fries Tray

Hot Dog Serving Tray

Salad Tray

Snack Tray


Round Handle Paper Bag

Flat Handle Paper Bag

Tin Tie Paper Bag

Bakery Paper Bags

paper bag of all sizes

Paper Snack Bags


Salad Bowl

Ice cream/Jelly Bowl

Soup/Porridge Bowl

Cup & Bucket

Hot Soup Cup with Lid

IceCream Cup & Tub

kfc printed clamshell box

Chicken Bucket

popcorn buckets of all sizes

Popcorn Bucket

Beverage Paper Cup

Why Choose YoonPak

Kraft and Printed Paper Available

Are you seeking cheap Kraft Printer Papers? Yoonpak is at your disposal, so don't search any further. Both bleached white and traditional brown are available.

Design your logos and patterns

In less time, we deliver amazing bespoke printing of your logo and pattern on your food containers. thanks to extremely efficient tools for any form of output

Wide range of sizes

Our eco-friendly food packaging is also available in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any quantity of food. Several dozen of them that are microwave safe.

Full Set Customization available

Our food containers may be customized with an infinite number of paper food container collection sets to pick from.

Going Green

Our plastic containers are an environmentally beneficial way to package clients' carryout meals or leftovers. All of these sustainable take-out containers are intended to be environmentally beneficial choices.

Fast Shipping

Exclusively for our valued clients, we provide fast and simple delivery options for our products.


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