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Based in Fenghuang, China, Yoon is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of bulk take-out salad containers. We provide customized features to professionals and individual consumers all around the world.

Takeaway Salad Boxes, Salad Bowls

Biodegradable take-out containers are a must-have item in practically any eatery. At YOON, take-out salad boxes are available in a varlety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no problem locating everything from giant cardboard cake boxes to little tamper-evident deli boxes.

When it comes to enduring harsh environmental circumstances without degrading in hot and cold climates, our takeaway salad boxes are excellent choices. Organic ones are always the finest to go for in terms of the environment. YOON has every type of take-out salad box imaginable. It is always ready to answer your call and meet your needs. Our salad boxes are pre-glued and very simple to handle while loading salad or other meals inside rapidly, reducing your packaging time and timely delivery.

Take Out Salad Containers in YOON 

YOON provides a wide range of biodegradable salad boxes packaging solutions that are of the highest quality.

Green Salad Kraft Brown Paper Carton Box Take Away Cut Out White Background

Paper Salad Bowls

With the help of our experienced workforce, we strive to provide precise and leak-proof disposable salad containers with lids.

bamboo fiber paper box

Square Paper Bowl with Lids

Our takeaway salad containers come with interlocking lids to prevent the spilling of the food inside or outside.

round kraft paper bowl

Round Paper Bowl with Lids 

Our disposable salad containers with your printed logo will attract more customers and help build your brand image.

YOON provides high-quality salad packaging boxes that are designed to be eco-friendly for the environment.

salad box

Salad To Go Box

Our to-go salad boxes can be used for hot or cold food items. It offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining. 


Customized salad takeaway containers are available in a wide range of our sustainable food packaging range. We can offer more than you can imagine. Just try YOON!

Salad Box vs. Salad Bowl with Lid​

Paper take-out containers

Paper Salad Box


They are pre-glued and are very simple to assemble when packing salad. Our salad boxes are composed of strong, food-grade Kraft paper. We can also make them in white printed paper.


Full-paper packaging has significant drawbacks, including low water resistance and strength in damp conditions.

Paper Salad Bowl with Lid


With a clear lid, you and your customers can easily tell the content inside the bowl/box. It also brings out a vibe of freshness.


In moist situations, paper bowl packing has limited water resistance and strength.

salad box with clear lid

Custom Disposable Salad Containers in YOON

With great customization options and high-quality materials, YOON will provide you with the go-to paper salad bowls, cups, and buckets for your business.

Size and Shape

There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors of paper takeaway salad boxes to pick from at YOON.

Colors Logo and Pattern

They can be customized! Put your emblem on our paper takeaway salad container if you want to market your company through the packaging of your paper takeaway salad package.


Yoon provides superior material quality paper takeout salad boxes. Making it possible for them to transport your goods over large distances.

Paper Salad Packaging Wholesale Support Your Food Businesses

With YOON’s salad takeaway boxes, you will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of customizable options. You won’t need to choose between performance and style if you choose our salad box packaging solutions. We offer options to suit every industry and provide you with the right aesthetic appeal.

Fast Food

Our takeaway salad boxes are perfect for fast food chains as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.


Highlight your brand’s colors with custom salad containers for restaurants and improve your customers’ experience. Our containers can withstand both hot and cold food items.


Let your customers enjoy the heavenly baked goods on the go with our versatile packaging solutions. Our boxes are designed to fit any food type.

Coffee Shop

Made with renewable resources and high-quality materials, our salad boxes will keep the food items in good condition.

Street Food

Our salad packaging containers are apt for quick packing for customers on the go. Serve your food in style with our custom take away salad boxes.

Catering & Party

Our eco-friendly take out salad containers are ideal for any takeaway service business, whether it be catering or quick service.

Why Work with YoonPak Disposable Salad Containers Wholesale 


With a wide range of customization options, let your thoughts become a reality. YOON is here to help you with branded salad take out containers that complement your brand.


Short Lead Time

With a solid supply chain worldwide, YOON can deliver your disposable salad boxes in a short time. Our in-house manufacturing unit guarantees good quality without compromising on the delivery time.


With over 22 years of experience in manufacturing take away salad containers, YOON understands the importance of good quality and affordable pricing. 

Factory Direct

All our salad takeaway containers come directly from our factory, where a team of professional workers ensures that the boxes are of the highest quality.


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