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Top 6 Manufacturers Takeout Containers Wholesale for Your Business Needs

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takeout containers wholesale
takeout containers

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of food service, the strategic selection of an exemplary takeout container wholesale manufacturer is pivotal, exerting a substantial influence on the operational success of your business. This blog post serves as an authoritative guide, meticulously delineating the foremost six manufacturers in this domain. Each is distinguished by their unique array of advantages, intricately crafted to cater to the multifarious requirements inherent in diverse business models. We shall embark on an analytical exploration of these industry vanguards, delving into the nuances of their offerings to elucidate how they can augment your business operations with wholesale prices.

#1 Yoonpak (China)


Founding Year: 2000

Main Markets: Global

Key Products: Paper takeout boxes, food trays, cake boxes, chinese take out boxes

Key Services: Specializing in eco-friendly and customizable takeout containers for diverse cuisines

Specific Description:

Since its inception in the year 2000, Yoonpak, based in China, has adeptly established itself as a distinguished entity within the takeout container wholesale sector. The company is particularly renowned for its expertise in fabricating takeout containers tailored for Chinese cuisine. A salient feature of Yoonpak’s extensive product portfolio is its unwavering dedication to environmentally sustainable methodologies. The majority of their Chinese takeout boxes are designed with ecological consciousness, thereby facilitating a paradigm shift for restaurants and various commercial entities towards more sustainable operational practices. These containers are frequently engineered to be microwave-compatible, thereby enhancing convenience for end-users who desire to reheat meals domestically. The range encompasses diverse designs, from those equipped with metallic handles for effortless transport to variants devoid of handles, optimized for streamlined packaging.

In addition to their functional attributes, Yoonpak offers extensive customization options, including design and bespoke printing services. This allows business clients to tailor their packaging to resonate with their unique brand identity or thematic concepts. The composition of their takeout containers primarily involves paper and PLA – a biodegradable polyester synthesized from renewable botanical sources and sugarcane. This highlights Yoonpak’s strong orientation towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Yoonpak’s manufacturing prowess is exemplified by its expansive facility, covering an area of over 16,000 square meters and boasting an annual production capacity of approximately 1.5 billion containers. This prodigious output is matched by an equally commendable environmental ethos. The company employs food-grade inks for all its printing processes, and the paperboard utilized is procured from responsibly managed renewable plantations. This underscores their profound commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

#2 Dart Container Corporation (USA)

Dart Container Corporation
Dart Container Corporation

Founding Year: 1960

Main Markets: Worldwide

Key Services: Production of foam and plastic food containers, takeout bags, with a focus on durability and insulation

Specific Description:

Inaugurated in 1960 within the United States, Dart Container Corporation has emerged as a preeminent entity in the domain of takeaway packaging solutions. With a reputation cemented by their production of robust and dependable receptacles, they have furnished an array of commercial enterprises, ranging from quaint local cafés to expansive, multinational foodservice franchises. Dart’s dedication to the development of foam and plastic enclosures, distinguished by their superior thermal insulating attributes, positions them as quintessential for the maintenance of optimal temperature and freshness for a diverse assortment of gastronomic offerings, including main dishes and accompaniments.

Their expansive catalogue extends beyond mere containers to encompass an array of congruent covers, fortifying the transport of comestibles against spills and simplifying consumer usability. Their meticulous approach is embodied in their design ethos, where practicality converges with consumer gratification, elevating the tactile and visual dimensions of the carryout encounter. The Dart Container Corporation’s conception of containers transcends the fundamental purpose of edibles conveyance; it encapsulates a commitment to augmenting the consummation of meals, thus empowering food businesses to render services of unparalleled caliber to their clientele with their compatible tamper-proof lids.

#3 Huhtamaki (Finland)


Founding Year: 1920

Main Markets: Global

Key Services: Eco-friendly packaging solutions with a focus on sustainability and innovation

Specific Description:

In the sphere of eco-conscious packaging solutions, Huhtamaki, hailing from Finland and established in 1920, stands as a paragon of innovation. This organization has been at the forefront in championing the use of sustainable materials, notably bagasse, to fabricate disposable yet biodegradable takeout containers. Their steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship is paralleled by an unwavering dedication to upholding the integrity and functionality of their products.

The array of offerings from Huhtamaki is impressively varied, spanning from compact portion cups to more sizable bakery boxes, all meticulously crafted with environmental considerations at the forefront. Favored particularly in catering and café sectors, their products adeptly balance the imperative of environmental responsibility with the preservation of food quality. This dual objective – safeguarding our planet whilst catering to the pragmatic needs of commercial enterprises – cements Huhtamaki’s status as a vanguard in the realm of sustainable takeout solutions.

#4 Pactiv Evergreen (USA)

Pactiv Evergreen
Pactiv Evergreen

Founding Year: 1959 (as Packaging Corporation of America)

Main Markets: North America

Key Services: Manufacturing of diverse food & beverage packaging solutions

Specific Description:

Pactiv Evergreen, a preeminent force in the North American fresh food and beverage packaging industry, distinguishes itself through its extensive array of products and its leading market presence. The collaborative endeavors of over 14,000 dedicated employees are pivotal in delivering high-caliber packaging solutions, many of which are recyclable or derived from renewable resources. The company’s clientele is diverse, encompassing food and beverage producers, retail supermarkets, and various culinary establishments.

The scale of Pactiv Evergreen’s operations is remarkable. Employing 14 distinct raw materials, the company ingeniously manufactures in excess of 14,000 unique products. This extensive product line profoundly impacts consumers, with usage rates of their products reaching approximately five billion instances weekly within the United States alone. Pactiv Evergreen’s products are integrally woven into everyday life, ranging from morning coffee cups to school lunch trays, marking their contribution as both significant and commendable.

Their dominance extends across several product categories, notably including molded fiber egg cartons, meat and poultry trays, and North American foodservice packaging, as well as containers, fresh beverage cartons, and the machinery required for filling these cartons. This extensive range highlights Pactiv Evergreen’s versatility and its commitment to innovation and quality, solidifying its position as a leader in delivering reliable and sustainable packaging solutions that resonate with both commercial entities and consumers alike.

#5 Sabert Corporation (USA)

Sabert Corporation
Sabert Corporation

Founding Year: 1983

Main Markets: North America, Europe

Key Services: Comprehensive and innovative food packaging solutions, emphasizing quality, customization, and sustainability

Specific Description:

Established in 1983, Sabert Corporation has ascended to a prominent position within the food packaging industry, particularly distinguishing itself in the sector of wholesale takeout containers. With an extensive global presence, their headquarters in Sayreville, New Jersey, is augmented by an array of facilities spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.

At the core of Sabert’s packaging strategy lies their proprietary Packaging Value Model™, a paradigm that intricately merges an astute comprehension of food lifecycle dynamics and consumer behavior patterns with their nimble production capacities. Sabert’s product portfolio, encompassing an extensive range of packaging solutions tailored for food distributors, restaurants, caterers, grocery outlets, and major national food chains, is notable for its market distinction. Their offerings meticulously address the quintessential elements of innovative packaging: Performance, Presentation, Safety, Sustainability, and Economic Viability. This comprehensive approach ensures that each product, whether it be elegantly crafted cutlery or sophisticated takeout containers, not only aligns with but also surpasses the stringent requisites of the contemporary food service industry and the evolving expectations of consumers.

#6 Solo Cup Company (USA)

Solo Cup Company
Solo Cup Company

Founding Year: 1936

Main Markets: Worldwide

Key Services: Broad range of food service products, specializing in durable and microwaveable takeout containers

Specific Description:

Solo Cup Company, an esteemed brand in the United States since its inception in 1936, has broadened its proficiency from its initial focus on cups to encompass an eclectic array of dispensable takeaway containers. Serving the multifaceted sectors of the culinary service market, their offerings are meticulously engineered for efficacy and functional utility. From the energetic ambiance of local bistros to the accelerated pace of quick-service restaurants, Solo Cup Company delivers innovative packaging responses adept at navigating the flux of an ever-evolving commercial landscape.

The breadth of their inventory exemplifies adaptability, showcasing items such as resilient, featherlight fry cartons and carryout sacks. The strategic employment of materials such as expanded polystyrene and high-grade plastics confers both endurance and facile manipulation, attributes paramount for sustenance enjoyed in transit. Solo Cup Company’s insistence on superior quality combined with utilitarian design has cemented their status as a dependable collaborator for enterprises in pursuit of stalwart and efficacious containment options.

Their staunch dedication to ameliorating consumer satisfaction with stalwart and intuitive merchandise solidifies their position as luminaries within the packaging industry. Solo Cup Company’s unwavering allegiance to not only meet but surpass customer expectations signifies a legacy of excellence that continues to thrive within the sphere of disposable food service solutions.

What to Consider When Choosing Manufacturer for Takeout Containers Wholesale?

When deliberating upon selecting a purveyor for wholesale procurement of takeout receptacles, it is of paramount importance to scrutinize their product array for the incorporation of premium-grade substrates, such as ecologically-sourced kraft, malleable foil, and reinforced cardboard, including natural Kraft. The objective is to ensure an all-encompassing application suitability, effectively addressing the containment needs of a divergent array of culinary delicacies ranging from traditional french fries and intricate sushi boxes to complex souffle, cafe, yogurt, main courses, entrees, and beyond. The assortment on offer should encapsulate an extensive variety of alternatives, including but not limited to standard delicatessen vessels and bespoke sushi encasements, with meticulous attention directed towards dimensional specifications and internal segmentation to cater to the nutritional quantification of variegated meal portions.

Further, the imperative exists for an exhaustive evaluation of the manufacturer’s capacity for customization, an essential feature for distinctive brand identity manifestation, through the likes of proprietary emblazoning and logo placement. Prioritization must be placed on their commitment to environmentally conscientious production ethos, utilizing materials that espouse sustainability, while simultaneously securing a steadfast closure mechanism to safeguard alimentary hygiene and prevent contamination.

sustainble takeout containers wholesale
sustainble takeout containers wholesale

A comprehensive analysis of cost structure competitiveness is also vital, ensuring you secure maximum value without sacrificing the calibre of your product offerings. Astute awareness of sector-specific demands and accommodating nuances which may include the integration of your enterprise’s unique logo is indispensable.

Opting for a manufacturer whose inventory breadth and operational philosophies resonate with the aforementioned stipulations, will undoubtedly fortify the operability and consumer allure of your gastronomic service establishment. This strategic alliance pursues the realization of an equilibrium between unyielding quality assurance, economical viability, and heightened patron gratification.


In the imminent future, the domain of food delivery packaging stands on the cusp of a transformative revolution, a shift underscored by the emergence of groundbreaking advancements in eco-friendly packaging solutions. Astutely selecting a manufacturer that resonates with these progressive paradigms will culminate in a marked elevation of operational efficiency, enabling businesses to attain augmented outcomes with markedly diminished exertions.

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