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Yoonpak offers Chinese takeaway boxes in classic and creative styles. Many in the foodservice business consider us a favorite because of our wholesale rates and exceptional service.

Chinese Takeout Oyster Pail Box

A Chinese takeaway food box, often known as an oyster pail, is made of paper folded interlock flaps. In many Restaurants, Chinese food boxes are mostly used as takeaway containers. These appealing containers are available in a range of forms and designs and are available in brown, white, or red printed designs. Our paper containers come in a variety of sizes and are appropriate for any meal.

Most of our Chinese food boxes come in eco-friendly designs to help your eatery or business go green, and are often microwaveable so your clients can reheat their food at home! Choose between containers with metal clasps for ease handling and containers lacking handles for easier packing of to-go bags. These customizable boxes, which come in rectangular or round shapes, feature a tight closure and are ideal for leftovers and takeaway meals.

Our take-out cartons are ideal for any Vietnamese, Chinese, or Japanese establishment!

What We Supply

YoonPak supplies quality Chinese food takeaway boxes. You can choose products of all sizes and colors.

a printed oyster pail box

Custom Printed Chinese Take-out Box

kraft paper containers

Kraft Chinese Take-out Box


Produce Your Design

Custom Choices in YoonPak


Our clients have the option of selecting their preferred material. Paperboard containers can be waxed or plastic coated. They usually come with a sturdy wire handle.

Color logo and pattern

We may use one color or all-over print to create a distinctive carryout box that catches the attention and matches your logo.

Size and Shape

Our Chinese takeout containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any cuisine, from a little side of rice to a huge order of lo mein.

Chinese Takeout Box Common Application

a printed oyster pail box

Our Chinese take-out boxes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any portion, and some have distinctive characteristics such as metal handles or microwaveable structures. Whether it’s moo goo gai pan, or veggie fried rice these take-out boxes will keep your wonderful meal hot, fresh, and appetizing! 

Ideal for hot liquids and solids, as well as a variety of other applications.

Usually used for Chow Mein, fried rice, or other Asian food.

Excellent favor boxes for party and wedding organizers.

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