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Top 5 Pizza Box Wholesalers In Canada

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If you are a pizza delivery outlet in Canada and are looking for pizza box wholesalers, this article might be just for you. We have compiled a list of the top pizza boxes wholesale Canada based wholesalers under specific criteria. 

Some of the most important aspects that we have looked for include experience, expertise, reliability, pricing, and quality. Understandably, it can be difficult for you to choose from the many companies that are out there which supply pizza boxes in Canada. 

However, the below list of the top five companies would make things simpler for you. The companies selected below are known to provide exactly what you are looking for. It also includes the customizations of the pizza boxes and the tapes you might need to use. 

List Of The Top 5 Wholesalers Of Pizza Boxes In Canada

So, here is the list of the top 5 wholesalers and the kinds of products they are capable of delivering for your business needs. 

  • Whitebird
  • Rayacom
  • Crown Packaging
  • Emenac Packaging
  • SupplyBox

1. Whitebird

Whitebird Logo
Source: Whitebird

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: 690 Rennie St, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Year founded: 1980

Awards And Certificates: 2018 Printing Industries of America InterTech™ Award and a 2018 SGIA Product of the Year prize.

Whitebird has its manufacturing unit based in Canada. It is also a distributor having a wide range of products to offer its customers. One of the primary advantages that a buyer has with this company is that their orders begin processing the same day.

As a family-run business, they take enormous pride in offering their customers nothing but the best. Their principles include integrity, quality, and reliability, which have been passed on from their founder to the next generation. 

It is also a one-stop solution for its customers who seek packing solutions. You can order not just customized and printed pizza boxes but also other packaging items from them that are customized. Even small business owners can place small orders with this company.

Products Offered: 

2. Rayacom

Rayacom Logo
Source: Rayacom

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: 11004 – 105 Ave NW, T5H 4C8 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Year founded: 2004

Awards And Certificates: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011.

The company Rayacom is one of the leading printing and packaging solutions providers in Canada. Although the company is not an early bird, they have managed to make a name for themselves with the pricing advantage they often provide. 

Same-day printing service is one of the popular attractions for businesses in Canada which goes well with the free shipping they offer. Moreover, provide a guarantee that they can deliver the lowest in terms of pricing. 

They offer a wide range of products for which your business can obtain a free and no-obligation quote. A handy and good customer service team ensures that all customers are dealt with care and are only catered to their exact needs.

Products Offered:

  • 24 Hour Products
  • Labels and Stickers
  • Signs and Banners
  • Packaging Boxes
  • Stationery Items
  • Customized Designs

3. Crown Packaging

Crown Packaging Logo
Source: Crown Packaging

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: 13911 South Foot of Garden City Road, Richmond, B.C.Canada, V7A 2S5

Year founded: 1983

Awards And Certificates: CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved and Superior Rating on Good Manufacturing Practices in 2021.

Crown Packaging is a company that has vast experience in the packaging industry. Although they do not have a massive range of products, they provide some of the best pizza boxes to businesses. 

By collaborating with this company, your business is likely to receive some of the best services in the industry. They also have a decent customer support team, which tends to respond to all needs of their customers. The company has around 400 plus employees in Canada. 

Products Offered:

  • Customized Packaging Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Customized Paper Bags
  • Wallboard Tapes
  • Customized Cartons
  • Printed Paper Wraps

4. Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging Logo
Source: Emenac Packaging

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: 10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6H7, Canada

Year founded: 2011

Awards And Certificates: N/A.

Although Emenac packaging is relatively new to the industry, they have the potential to make a name for themselves. They were able to do this by concentrating on the packaging industry specifically. This company caters to almost all needs a business may have.

Emenac packaging allows businesses to order customized boxes based on shape, size, and the materials they are made with. You can use a free quote by calling their support number with your specifications and requirements.

Products Offered: 

  • Customized Boxes for Food and Beverage Industry
  • Boxes for Medicines
  • Stylish Boxes for Other Products
  • Display Boxes
  • Two or Three Piece Boxes

5. SupplyBox

SupplyBox Logo
Source: SupplyBox

Type of business: Packaging Solutions

Located at: 2233 Argentia Rd, Suite 302 – East Tower Mississauga, ON L5N 2X7

Year founded: 2012

Awards And Certificates: N/A.

SupplyBox is also another new player in the packaging industry in Canada. Their product line is broad and is not only restricted to different types of boxes. Good quality products and timely delivery of orders are their backbone. 

They also specialize in providing restaurants with specific equipment that is customized as per the needs of a business. Obtaining a free quote and ordering can be done over the phone combined along with sending information on the internet.

Products Offered:

  • Customized Pizza Boxes
  • Customized Restaurant Equipment
  • Covid Supplies and Safety Equipment
  • Disposable Boxes for Organic Food
  • Smallwares

How To Source Wholesale Pizza Boxes From China?

Source: Yoonpak

Type of business: Sustainable Paper Cups and Food Containers 

Located at: No.16, Fenghuang Road, Fenghuang Mountain Industrial Park, Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China 

Year founded: 2000 

Awards and Certificates: FSC Approval, FSC Approval, and FDA Certification

Wuhan Yoon Import & Export Co., Ltd is arguably the best when it comes to exporting pizza boxes to a lot of countries around the world. They have an astounding production rate, which is estimated to be more than most companies from all over the world. 

They have a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing boxes of various sizes, shapes, and dimensions. As a pizza delivery company, you can rely on this exporter to provide all your requirements in terms of packaging. Therefore, it’s a one-stop solution for most businesses.

Products Offered

  • Customized Tapes
  • Customized Pizza Boxes
  • Customized Bags
  • Printed and Plain Boxes
  • Food Containers

Factors To Consider When Looking For Pizza Box Wholesalers

Material Quality

One of the foremost things that you ought to look for in a manufacturer is the quality of the materials. Since you belong to the food and beverage industry, the quality of the boxes used should never be in question or compromised.

Customization Options

To have a uniqueness about your business, you must have your packaging customized. Therefore, a manufacturer offering customized boxes, tapes, and bags should be considered by all means. 


The affordability of the boxes and the other products ordered from a manufacturer should also be at a good price. This allows you to keep your cost to the customer lower. Considering a manufacturer offering competitive prices is also important.


You should be able to consider the three factors mentioned above before you choose a manufacturer. Reading reviews of manufacturers can help you to a great extent. Ensuring that you are not making any compromises on the above factors can ensure that you get the best product that is out there for your pizza delivery outlet. 

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