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Paper Food Boxes Wholesale

Yoonpak is the leading brand in the creation of sustainable food containers, with 19 years of experience. We provide bespoke paper food takeout cartons in bulk at low wholesale costs. 

Take Away Box Supplier in China

Yoonpak designs, manufacture, and supplies premium bespoke paper boxes to the foodservice sector. We provide the quality of service and attention that you would expect from us. With experiences in retail, vending, and food to go, we will go above and beyond to maintain your brand powerful, consistent, and bold.

We provide a large assortment of takeaway boxes that can be imprinted with your company’s logo. Our most common varieties are trapezoidal boxes with four locking flap closures, but we also have a number of customers that need takeaway boxes with grips for lunch catering or boxed lunches.

Our representatives will engage with you, on a personal level, to get to understand you, your enterprise, your brand, and your goods, and will then be able to assist you in finding the finest takeaway boxes for your needs.

YoonPak's Food To-go Paper Boxes

Burger Box​

A perfect packaging solution for your restaurant’s needs in keeping your burgers fresh after serving. We offer various sizes of burger boxes to accommodate your needs.

Get a snack box with the logo of your business for takeaway fast food.

Our pizza boxes are made of sturdy cardboard with air vents and secure lids for transport. This keeps pizzas hot and fresh.

Ideal for securely storing and transporting cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods. Can be printed with attractive designs to match your needs.

Our biodegradable takeout lunch boxes offer secure, convenient storage for various foods. The perfect solution for enjoying a healthy and delicious meal on the go.

Our salad boxes are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different salad sizes and styles, and it’s a sustainable way to enjoy salads on the go.

Our hot dog paper containers are available in a wide range of materials, designs, styles, and cutting-edge concepts. The best wholesale prices for your custom hot dog packaging may be found on large purchases. Customized hot dog packaging rebates’ finest feature is that they are visually stunning while yet being cheaply priced.

Come with a reliable lid and an attractive shape, designed to be tough and effortless to clean. Perfect for packing delicious sandwiches for a picnic or lunch.

Our gable boxes are strong and can hold a variety of items without collapsing or tearing. As a result, they are an excellent choice for packaging heavier or bulkier items.

Our Chinese takeout containers are designed to hold any Chinese takeout securely, with a durable polypropylene construction and an airtight lid to keep food fresh.


Differentiate your food and services from the rest of the crowd with custom-printed food packaging boxes from Yoon.

Full Set Food Packaging Solution in YoonPak

a full set of printed paper food container

Kraft Food Togo Packaging

desin of full set paper food container

Printed Paper Food Togo Packaging

Custom Food Packaging Box Choices

With great customization options and high-quality materials, YOON will provide you with the go-to paper food boxes for your food business and wholesale needs.

Paper Box Size and Shape

Our custom food packaging boxes come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes for every meal and occasion. You can customize these boxes to make them a memorable element of your customers’ dining experience.

Logo and Printing

Our custom food packaging boxes make it simple to add a unique touch of color or branding to your containers. These personalized boxes allow you to stand out from everyone else.

Food Box Colors

Paper takeaway food cartons come in various colors and may personalize takeout food containers. We provide and assist customers in determining the best color to make one’s brand stand out.

Take-away Box Materials

Our custom food packaging boxes come in a variety of materials. From eco-friendly options like bagasse and paper to more traditional materials, there is sure to be a choice that fits your business’s needs.

Wholesale Take-out Boxes Support Your Food Businesses

YOON is the world’s leading manufacturer and take away box supplier of environmentally friendly paper cups and food containers. Providing high-quality packaging materials that are both durable and attractive. We offer customization options, allowing customers to create the ideal takeout food box for their business.

Fast Food

Our takeout boxes are designed to meet the needs of the fast food industry. They are made from eco-friendly materials and are fully customizable, allowing businesses to add their own branding and personalize the packaging for their customers.


We helped the restaurant business by providing sustainable, customisable takeout packaging. By adopting our eco-friendly boxes, restaurants may lessen their environmental effect and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.


Packaging for baked goods has helped bakeries grow and market in many ways. By providing attractive packaging, our dessert, cake, and cupcake boxes can boost the visual appeal of your baked goods.

Coffee Shop

Paper takeout boxes have had a positive impact on the coffee shop industry. By providing sturdy and attractive takeout food boxes, our products have helped coffee shops to increase sales of their to-go items.

Street Food

Our takeout boxes have given many benefits to street food businesses. The sturdy and attractive design of our custom takeout boxes has helped street food vendors to increase sales of their to-go items.

Catering & Party

Our wholesale take-out boxes help the food service industry by allowing customers to take food to go. These sturdy boxes keep food fresh and secure during transport, so customers can eat without worrying about leaks or spills.

Why YOON Paper Food Boxes Wholesale


we will design specialized food packaging boxes that flawlessly reflects your brand. We will create digital proofs for your review and finalize the custom paper togo boxes.

Design and Printing

We offer your business a variety of paper takeaway box designs, whether ready-made stock print designs or paper boxes with bespoke printing, thanks to our first-rate design and printing service.

Sustainable Materials

We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly paper packaging boxes choices that lessen customer reliance on petroleum-based packaging.


Short Lead Time

We provide stunning custom printing of your brand and style on your bulk disposable takeaway boxes in less time. We normally deliver printed standard items three to six weeks after the date of purchase.


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