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List Of Disposable Utensils Wholesalers In Singapore

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Disposable utensils have been a topic of discussion quite a few times now. Because of its hygiene benefits and safety against possible infection, it has drawn a lot of public attention. Also, people have started using disposable utensils even in their homes. If you are a person who is considering starting to use disposable products, then you have come to the right place. 

There are many advantages associated with disposable utensils: better hygiene, lightweight products, low price, convenience, and lastly, water-saving as there is no need to wash them. Keeping in mind the benefits and demands of disposable utensils, we have prepared a list of five wholesalers in Singapore supplying disposable utensils. 

List Of The Finest Disposable Utensils Wholesalers In Singapore

Here is the list of the top 5 disposable utensils wholesale Singapore based companies: 

  • Eco U Pte Ltd
  • Liang Teck
  • Pacific Enterprise
  • Hamilton Industries 

1. Eco U

Eco U Pte Ltd Logo
Source: Eco U Pte Ltd

Type of business: Biodegradable and disposable utensils

Located at: 7A Neil Road, Singapore 

Year founded: 2013

Awards And Certificates: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, FDA certified

Eco U Pte Ltd is a disposable cutlery Singapore-based company. It is the leader in producing premium quality and environmentally friendly tableware and cutlery. They offer a unique range of sustainable disposable utensils made from renewable materials and localized resources. 

The cutleries and tableware are made with plant-based products, biodegradable, and decompose more quickly than starch-based products. It is therefore evident that providing convenience does not have to cost the earth, which is proven by Eco U Pte Ltd.

Products offered by Eco U Pte Ltd include: 

  • PLA (corn starch) lined kraft containers
  • Coffee cups and accessories 
  • Paper straws
  • Wheat straw tableware 
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware
  • Paper cutlery sleeves
  • Birchwood cutlery 



Type of business: Plastic Packaging and Disposable products

Located at: Blk 1 Beach Road, Singapore 190001

Year founded: 2002

SIN TAT POLYETHYLENE is one of the leading wholesalers and retailers in Singapore. They provide a broad range of plastic packaging and disposable products at wholesale prices. 

The company was started by a pioneer who has 40 years of experience in this industry and evolved this company into a prominent organization. It is known for consistently providing quality products, excellent customer services, and prompt delivery.

They offer an extensive range of products like: 

  • Biodegradable plates, bowls, forks, stirrers, etc
  • Kitchen products like disposable gloves, face masks, table cloth, aprons, etc
  • Industrial products like tapes, sealers, bubble wrap, etc
  • Disposable tableware (both crockery and eco-friendly disposable cutlery) 

3. Liangteck

Liang Teck Plastic logo
Source: Liang Teck Plastic

Type of business: Disposable Products 

Located at: 30 Jurong Port Road, Jalan Buroh Warehouse, Singapore

Year founded: 2010

Liang Teck Plastics is an importer and distributor of disposable products and food packaging based in Singapore. They offer a comprehensive range of carrier bags, disposable utensils, bowls, plates, and microwavable containers. 

Apart from these products, they also offer styrofoam boxes, cling film and foils, garbage bags, drinking straws, gloves, napkins, etc. They import resources from the local market, hence participating in the local economy and catering to local needs. 

Diverse products are offered by this company like: 

  • Plastic cutlery
  • Disposable cups and plates
  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Packaging bags 
  • OPS cake boxes 
  • Bento box/ sushi tray

4. Pacific Enterprise

Pacific Enterprise logo
Source: Pacific Enterprise

Type of business: Disposable products

Located at: No. 51 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore

Year founded: 1993

Pacific Enterprise has been delivering customizable disposable utensils and food packaging merchandise since 1993. The quality offered by the company has attracted customers from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, etc. 

Keeping in mind the crisis of the environment, they deliver biodegradable and high-quality disposable products. Continual improvements in the area of technology for production is their priority to assure customers the best of products paired with excellent service. 

Products offered are: 

  • Carrier and trash bags
  • Pet clear box, jars, and bottles
  • Foam tray and plates 
  • Sleeves & Straws
  • Container and bowl
  • Cutlery
  • Lunch boxes, and many more. 

5. Hamilton Industries

Hamilton Industries Logo
Source: Hamilton Industries

Type of business: Packaging and disposable products

Located at: Jin Pemimpin, Tat Ann Building, Singapore

Year founded: 2003

Hamilton Industries is a Singapore-based organization offering a wide range of disposable utensils like tableware, cutlery, and paper products. 

Products offered by this enterprise include styrofoam boxes, plastic disposable utensils, paper products, etc. Incorporated in 2003, it is now known for its high-quality and environmentally sustainable products. 

The company’s secondary activity is the wholesale trade of a variety of disposable products without a single dominant product. Therefore it offers a wide range for selections. 

How to Source the Finest Disposable Utensils Wholesalers From China?

Source: Yoon

Type of business: Sustainable Paper Cups And Food Containers 

Located at: No.16, Fenghuang Road, Fenghuang Mountain Industrial Park, Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China 

Year founded: 2000 

Awards And Certificates: FSC Approval, FSC Approval, and FDA Certification

Wuhan Yoon Import & Export Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese disposable utensil wholesaler, that exports its products to various other countries. All the disposable products made by this firm have FDA Certification, FSC Approval, and FSC Approval. 

The products are manufactured in a production hall which is spread across 16,000 square meters. This firm has an annual cup production of 15 Billion, and they have more than 200 cup craftsmen. 

Besides this, they offer premium quality disposable utensils for all kinds of uses. So, if you are into the food and beverages business or the owner of a restaurant, Wuhan Yoon Import & Export Co is a one-stop destination for you. 

Products Offered

Factors To Consider When Looking for Disposable Utensils Wholesalers


All disposable utensils should be sturdy as they do not bend backward and are easy to carve food portions. For example, it would be easier to carve scoops of firm ice cream with a sturdy set than a thin one. Hence, you should select the disposable utensils wholesaler who manufactures reliable products.

Sharp And Ease Of Use

Choose the disposable utensils wholesaler that produces simple and easy-to-use products. Knives and forks must be sharp as the narrower points easily press down on food and do not spear it. For instance, eating meat with a bamboo fork would be uncomfortable because cutting with thick and square serrations would need more effort. 

Decent Design

The disposable utensils wholesaler should manufacture products with good designs that have smooth surfaces. Also, the products must have comfortable handles so you can hold them easily. 


Choosing the right kind of disposable utensil can be crucial as they affect customers’ health and your brand image. So if you are searching for perfect disposable utensils which are of good quality and at the same time pocket-friendly, the above list will help you find one. Or contact Yoonpak today to get a free quote.

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