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YOON manufactures environmentally friendly paper bowls and deals with wholesale quantities that can be 100% customized.

Wholesale Disposable Paper Bowls

In place of conventional bowls and plastic containers, our paper bowl serves as a high-quality food container. YOON paper bowl manufacturer offers the most cutting-edge, environmentally friendly wholesale disposable bowls.

YOON, as one of leading paper bowl manufacturers in China, supports recyclable, environmentally friendly paper containers for food. Our main goal is to reduce carbon footprint but, at the same time, provide innovative designs when it comes to paper bowls.

Our paper bowls come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Client satisfaction comes first in every way. We provide our customers with customized solutions, delivering unique designs and color printing.

With a quick turnaround time of 3 to 6 weeks after the design approval, and the option to place a minimum order for a low quantity of paper soup bowls, wholesale dealer YOON should be your trusted disposable paper bowls manufacturer.

Disposable Paper Bowls in YOON

Whether you want an eco-friendly product for your salad-based restaurant or a dessert shop, we provide paper bowls and containers all.

Our disposable salad bowls are great options for keeping the food in perfect condition without spillage. 

Our disposable ice cream bowls are essential supplies for every shop or ice cream parlor. We provide bulk purchases and provide a variety of choices to your clients. 

You can demonstrate to your customers that you are concerned about handling environmentally friendly food packaging using our soup bowls. 


Differentiate your food and services from the rest of the crowd with custom-printed food packaging bowls from YOON.

Custom Paper Bowls Choices 

With YOON customization options, your paper bowls will never be boring. From logo designing to generating a prototype for your packaging, we do it all.

Size and Shape

You may buy biodegradable paper bowls from us in bulk and provide your clients with various alternatives by choosing from our assortment of sizes.

Logo and Printing

We provide custom options so that your company may prominently display its logo on paper bowls. It helps increase brand awareness to boost business.


With our customized disposables, you can give your paper bowls a special splash of color so that your customers will still be thinking about their dining experience after they’ve left!


We provide a variety of materials for our paper bowls. Whether it’s paper or environmentally friendly options, there is sure to be one that fulfills the requirement of your company!

Bulk Disposable Bowls Support Your Food Businesses

With our great customer service and customization options for all types of disposables, YOON can cater to the needs of almost all food businesses. Whether you want paper cups, paper bags, containers with straws, or takeaway boxes, YOON offers everything. 

Fast Food

Disposal paper bowls are sought after by fast food restaurants for takeout meals and brand marketing. For high-quality bowls printing, we satisfy client standards. 


To promote their brands and serve takeout food, restaurants seek unique paper bowls. We provide a variety of bulk paper bowls to suit different serving needs.


Get our personalized paper bowls in bulk to advertise your bakery and serve cup cakes and pastries. Paper food bowls are the best available biodegradable food containers, among others.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a component of the specialized food sector. Order our paper bowls in large quantities to serve ice cream or yogurt while promoting your company.

Street Food

We frequently receive requests for the entire collection because of our bowls' sturdy finish and appealing designs, which help us leave a long-term impact on our customers. 

Catering & Party

Catering or party organizers can order a bulk of paper bowls. Using disposable products can simplify our lives because there is no cleanup required after a party.

Why YOON Disposable Bowls Wholesale


We create stunning custom food packaging bowls for you that perfectly captures the essence of your business when you select one of our high-quality paper bowls and add your unique design. 

Green and Sustainable Materials

We create, manufacture, and offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly food bowl choices that reduce customer reliance on petroleum-based packaging. 

Design and Printing

With our top-notch design and printing service, we can provide a range of designs for your company, whether ready-made stock print designs or paper bowls with custom printing. 

Short Lead Time

Get bulk disposable paper bowls at wholesale price in a short time. We follow all quality standards and give it our all to provide our valued customers with outstanding items. 


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