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Upgrade Your Business With Custom Paper Cup Sleeves

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For any business that wants to add value, customized paper cup sleeves work best. These cup sleeves are essential for businesses that sell hot drinks. They are cost-effective, slim, and lightweight, and their primary purpose is to protect customers’ hands from burns. Apart from this, a sleeve paper cup has environmental and, of course, financial benefits too. 

The cup sleeves market is growing quickly and is expected to reach forty-five billion dollars in 2032. So, it is vital for any business to always opt for a reliable custom paper cup manufacturer to provide their clients with the best quality products. 

Below is a complete guide on everything you need about paper coffee cup sleeves.

Source: Yoonpak

What Is Custom Paper Cup Sleeves 

Cup sleeves or coffee cup sleeves are a simple but very effective invention. They are designed in such a way that they protect the hands of the customers from coffee, tea, or any hot drink. The paper cup sleeves are made up of recyclable materials such as cardboard, and they are cost-effective, lightweight, slim, and easily customized. Custom paper cup sleeves are an affordable and easy way to market and personalize the brand. They are compostable and recyclable. 

There are double wallpaper cups; however, they are not practical and double the cost. Disposable cup sleeves or eco-paper cups are a much better option, and they provide better insulation and protection at an affordable rate, especially if you purchase them in bulk from a reliable manufacturer. 

Applications Of Custom Paper Cup Sleeves

Custom paper cup sleeves have applications in various areas, be it coffee, juice centers, etc. Some of the places where paper coffee cup sleeves are used are: 

Coffee Shops and Cafes

One of the most common applications of cup sleeves is in coffee shops and cafes. These cup sleeves are widely used for hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Since coffee and tea are hot, using sleeves allows the customers to hold the cup without burning their fingers. This leads to high customer satisfaction. 

Cafes and coffee shops print their shop name or brand on the sleeves, which is a good market strategy and brand recognition. A coffee shop packaging manufacturer provides sleeves in different patterns, such as embossed or textured. 

Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Another application of Disposable cup sleeves is in bakery and pastry shops. If a customer orders a chocolate shake or ice cream, the sleeves do not allow the body’s warmth to reach the content, and it stays cold for a long time. 

Since they are light in weight, bakery, and pastry packaging, wholesale use them to pack pastries, cakes, etc., as they are easy to carry around. Apart from that, sleeves are also used to provide additional information too. It is also used to write the name of the customers other than branding items. 

Juice And Smoothie Bars

The cup sleeves are not only made for hot beverages but also for cold beverages such as juice and smoothies. When ice-cold beverages are poured into a paper cup, there are chances that the cup can become wet as there is a change in temperature. 

However, since sleeves are made of thick cardboard, they resist humidity. So, it works best for juices and is a perfect option for a juice and smoothie shop to keep its customers happy. 

Restaurants And Fast-Food Chains

Custom paper cup sleeves work best for restaurants and food chains as a marketing strategy. Mostly when it comes to fast food chains, people often carry their coffee with them. There are chances that they take their coffee to go; at that time, custom sleeves work as a branding item. 

Also, people pack their leftovers and take them home from restaurants. restaurant paper supplies manufacturers use custom sleeves for packaging so that the paper packaging does not become humid and the customers will remember the name of the restaurant. 

Lids, straws, and Paper sleeves
Source: Yoonpak

Advantages Of Using Custom Paper Cup Sleeves

Custom paper cup sleeves offer several advantages, such as a good form of marketing, eco-friendly, etc. The advantages it offers are: 

Increased Brand Awareness

When one looks at big companies, one common thing is their logos. Customers recognize them with their logo instantly. For example, a customer goes to a cafe and buys a cup of coffee. Now, how will they remember the cafe and recommend that place to their known ones? 

Well, one way to have a long-lasting impact on the customer’s mind is to put the brand name or logo on the paper cup sleeves. If the customer likes the taste of the tea or coffee, then with the help of a customized sleeve paper cup, they will be able to remember the brand name. And everyone will know where the coffee came from. 

Improved Customer Experience

Any customer would love to drink and enjoy their cup of coffee without burning their hands. Of course, they do not like to hold a hot cup without any sleeves or protection. However, with the help of paper sleeves for cups, and custom food packaging, you can not only keep the customers happy but also customize them for brand recognition. 

Without a doubt, for any business, customer satisfaction is key to success. And maximizing the experience of the customers, one can assure to win their loyalty, and they will come back again.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing can take in a lot of money; however, with custom paper coffee cup sleeves, one can reduce their marketing cost. It is a great way to advertise any business. In fact, the businesses can also advertise their partnership or other products on their paper cup sleeves, that depends on their marketing strategy. 

When someone buys coffee, food, etc.,  and they take their cup or food container with them, then it results in the form of marketing. Other people will see not only the cup but also what is printed on the sleeve. So, custom sleeves for hot cups expose the brand to hundreds of customers. In today’s time, one of the best ways to market is via social media.

 A billion people use social media platforms such as tiktok, instagram, Twitter, etc., every day. When a customer has a branded cup, there are chances that they upload it on social media and tag the brand. This way, the brand gets publicity, and it helps in increasing sales. 

Eco-Friendly Option

Nowadays, the world is opting toward more sustainable options. The awareness of the environment is on the rise, and people are looking for more eco-friendly options. A sleeve paper cup is made up of eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, kraft paper, etc. They are made up of compostable materials; thus, they also help in reducing waste. They are made up of green products that not only keep hands safe but the environment too. 

Tips For Making Custom Paper Cup Sleeves 

Disposable cup sleeves have become a vital part of different industries, be it hotels, beverages, hospitality, cafes, catering, etc. One of the reasons they are commonly used is because they are affordable and also they are disposable. Since they are vital, the question arises how to make cup sleeves? Below is a detailed answer to this question. 

Creating A Cohesive Brand Message

When one wants to create a brand identity, it is important to understand that it is more than simply creating a logo. Cohesive branding means the company is consistent with its branding regardless of the channels or medium the customer sees. For example, the logo and branding should be the same, whether you use it on a paper cup, paper cup sleeves, paper bowl, etc. To create cohesive branding, it is vital that the brand uses consistent color, images, type, etc. It helps the customers to recognize the brand immediately. 

Setting A Budget

Budget plays an important role when one is deciding to upgrade their business with custom paper sleeves. So to ensure that one does not go over the budget, it is best to consider several factors such as goals, paper cup sleeve printing cost, etc. So, first of all, the business should have specified goals and develop a business strategy. Also, it is important to consider the current market spending. This will help in completing the objective and creating an action plan. 

Using Eye-Catching Designs

With custom cup sleeve designs, brands get an opportunity to design eye-catching designs. To attract customers, it is best to be as creative as possible. One can experiment with different colors, slogans, patterns, etc. These unique patterns catch the eye of the customers and intrigue them. Companies can do a survey and ask questions to the customers so that they can design attractive and eye-catching coffee cup sleeves. 

Finding A Reliable Supplier

One of the important aspects of how to make coffee cup sleeves is to find a reliable supplier. It is essential to opt for a supplier that provides the best quality sustainable paper cups and sleeves. The supplier should be able to meet the demand on time. So, it is advised to work with a supplier that has an efficient workforce and who can deliver what they promise. 

With a reliable supplier, the business does not have to worry about the quality of the products. Also, if there is any issue, they will take accountability too. Find a supplier who will take care of everything from design to delivery and deliver customized paper cup sleeves that are unique to the brand. 

Customized food containers
Source: Yoonpak

Custom Paper Cup Sleeves in 4 Easy Steps with Yoonpak

Yoonpak is an authentic wholesale manufacturer of paper cups and containers. We deal with everything from design to delivery. When it comes to Paper cup sleeve custom design, we ensure that every container can be customized with eco-friendly material. Not only that, we deal with lids and sleeves, and all of our products are recyclable and biodegradable. Our design team works hard to provide the best customization to our clients. How to make coffee cup sleeves is easy with Yoonpak with these four steps: 

Pick Cup Sleeve Types And Sizes

The first step is to choose the product that you want to customize. For example, we deal in different products, be it paper lids, sleeves, straws, and Wholesale Paper Food Take-out Container. Whether you want a take-out box with customized text or Kraft brown boxes, we provide you with the right take-out box. Other products are paper bowls. 

Paper cups, paper buckets, paper bags, etc., Our products are eco-friendly, oil-free, and non-toxic. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Also, paper cups are recyclable and biodegradable. 

Send Yoonpak Your Logos and Brand Guidelines 

After selecting the paper sleeves, the next step is to send in the logos and brand guidelines. Based on your guidelines, our experts create a digital proof, which will be shown to you. The primary aim of our team is to offer high-quality service and products. Our product development team can develop any customized packaging that will suit your business. 

Amend And Finalize Digital Proof

Once the digital proof is made, they are sent to you. And if you feel there are any changes, we are willing to amend it. After all, no changes are too big or too small. You can tell us what changes you want, whether you want a bigger font, different color, or anything else. We take your reference for the design and quality and then print accordingly. When it comes to customization, there is no limit, and all of our products are customizable. 

Wait Patiently For The Delivered Custom Cup Sleeves

Now, you only have to wait for your products to be delivered. You only need to relax; since we are a full-cycle manufacturer, we have a shorter lead time and ensure high quality. Since we use different printing equipment, we can easily apply complex images. With our one hundred sets of equipment, we can manufacture up to 16 billion cups annually. So, your product will be delivered to you as soon as possible, and you do not have to wait long. 


Summing up, custom cup sleeve help businesses get exposure and market their brand. For any business to succeed, branding and marketing play an important role. With the help of custom packaging, the customers also create a sense of association with the brand. That is why it is important to customize the cup sleeves. And if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer dealing in cup sleeves and paper cups, place, contact us, and get a better deal on your bulk orders. 

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