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Best 4 Takeaway Paper Food Container In India

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Initially, plastic and aluminum foil containers were India’s most preferred takeaway food containers. But in recent times, you can witness the emergence of paper food containers.  

People today are more inclined to use eco-friendly products. Also, unlike plastic and aluminum, the paper does not react with hot food, hence retaining the healthiness of the food. This is the reason why food packaging container manufacturers in India are shifting from manufacturing plastic containers to paper food containers.

Due to their sharp increase in demand, the paper food container manufacturers in India have started manufacturing a variety of paper containers that will suit the needs of every particular food type.

Variety of takeaway paper food container

Take-away paper food container
Source: Unsplash

Paper Bowls

Large Paper bowls with paper lid

These paper bowls are well suited for a large quantity of dry textured food such as leading course food. These bowls are relatively large-sized and are sealed with a paper lid. The paper lid is capable of keeping the food in place but is not leakage proof. If you carry gravy food in this particular container, there are chances of it spilling over, which will be undesirable. Hence, this container is best suited for dry textured food.

Small paper bowls with paper lid

This paper bowl is well suited for a small quantity of dry textured food. It is ideal for starters such as crispy fried baby corn. However, since this bowl comes with a paper lid, it is not leakage proof. Thus, it is not advisable to carry food with a gravy base in this particular container.

Paper bowls with plastic sealing

The disadvantage of the bowls with paper lid is that it is not leakage proof. If you are carrying gravy based food, then it has the probability to spill. Paper bowls with plastic sealing have come into being to overcome this issue. This seal is not done manually, but some machines seal it. This is ideal if you are carrying gravies because they will not spill.

Paper bowls with foil sealing

Like plastic sealing, foil sealing also prevents the food from spilling over. The aluminum foil and plastic seal lids are almost similar. But the aluminum foil lid is more costly as aluminum foil costs more than plastic. Also, aluminum foil is preferred over plastic seals as plastic is derogatory for health.

Paper bowls with plastic lid

Unlike plastic seals, plastic lids are not one-time use. Therefore, you can keep the food in the container even after one use. Also, the plastic lid prevents spilling and keeps the food hot and fresh. You might be wondering that the use of plastic will still be harmful to the environment, but these plastic lids are composed of eco-friendly plastic, which can degenerate by microbes over time.

Brown paper bowls

Just like white paper bowls, there is another variety of brown paper bowls. Though both are the same in the function, just the color and texture differs. Also, at times it is seen that the brown paper bowls are a little stronger than their white counterparts.

Small Paper dip cups

French fries, or momos, come with sauces and mayo dips. When it comes to takeaways, you cannot use big or medium-sized cups for such small quantities of food. Hence, this is when you need small paper dip cups. They are used for dips. Hence they are called dip cups.

Paper Boxes

Take-away paper food container
Source: Freepik

Paper packing box for burgers

As you already know the dimension of a burger, it is not easy to fit a burger in any container. Hence special boxes are designed so that burgers can be taken away in them. These are small to medium-sized boxes and keep the burger fresh.

Paper packing box for pizza

The box carrying burgers and pizza are not the same. Since the dimension of a pizza differs from that of a burger, their packing boxes also differ to keep the food inside fresh and in its best state.

Paper Trays

Meal trays

You will often notice that food joints do not provide good packing boxes but offer meal trays. These are very common in cloud kitchens. So these paper meal trays are beneficial as they have compartments for various dishes, and you don’t need to manage bowls and plates at the same time. These are way more manageable.

Paper heat sealing trays

As these paper meal trays are gaining popularity, an improvised version of these trays has come into being. These trays help in keeping the food warm by sealing their heat and hence are called heat sealing trays.

Packing trays

Packing trays are handy when you are carrying food on a journey. These trays have flaps over which keep them manageable, and since they are food trays, they have a lot of food compartments.

Paper Glasses

Take-away paper food container
Source: Freepik

Disposable paper glasses with or without plastic lid

Paper glasses are also gaining popularity. There was a notion that paper cannot hold water, but today with advanced manufacturing technology, paper glasses are very efficiently serving their purpose. They come either with or without plastic lead. The small glasses are being used to consume tea and coffee on a large scale. The more giant cups with plastic lids are used either for juices or other drinks.

Bonus – Paper Cutlery

Take-away paper food container
Source: Freepik

Paper spoons and paper forks are also gaining importance since they complement their paper food container counterparts. And if you are thinking that since they are composed of paper, they might not be efficient, then no, because they are very efficient when it comes to doing their function.

Bottom Line

Today, people are finally becoming environmentally conscious and accepting paper food containers with open arms. The plastic containers are being discarded as you are aware of their degradation to not only the environment but also your health. Hence we can conclude that this is a revolution in food takeaway packaging, India. 

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