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Custom & Wholesale Paper Food tray

Paper food trays can readily compactly handle large amounts of foodstuffs. Yoon offers great savings on wholesale purchases and helps you grow your business significantly.

Takeaway Food Trays & Boat Manufacturer

Yoon Packaging is a food packaging company that offers a plethora of innovative ideas in the form of one-of-a-kind bespoke products. Our design and manufacturing teams take great attention to the arrangement of your requested items.

Our paper meals tray/plate patterns and sturdy structure can withstand a wide range of foods without leaking, spilling, or breaking.

Custom paper embellished trays in a variety of patterns are available to retain the luxury bakery treats. Paper ultralight food trays that are simple to construct and composed of safe materials for food storage.

We provide a wide choice of tray sizes and shapes to conveniently handle numerous foodstuffs in the paper bicolored food trays. Recyclable takeout trays are made of environmentally friendly materials that keep food fresh for an extended period of time.

Paper Food Trays & Boat in Yoon

French Fries Tray

Hotdog Tray

Salad Tray

Snack Tray

Paper food boat & tray Common Application

Our paper trays are easily disposable after your function or event, making them suitable for any picnic or concession booth. They are extra convenient. 

A clay coating on the interior of the tray creates a grease-resistant barrier that keeps oil,  moisture, and other elements at bay, removing the need for a tray liner. Making the food storage trays microwave and freezer safe.

With this paper food tray, you can easily offer a broad selection of scrumptious finger meals, freshly produced sides, and trademark snacks. The tray is diverse in both appearance and applications, and it is ideal for serving

French Fries, Chips

Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Tenders

Chaw Mein

Pasta, Salad

Extra convenient. 


Microwave and freezer safe

printed long clamshell box

Why Choose YoonPak

Wide Range of Size and Shape

We provide a wide choice of tray sizes and shapes to conveniently handle numerous foodstuffs in the paper multi-colored food trays.

Design your logos and patterns

we can easily incorporate your company information by using a created logo that has been custom printed for an excellent presentation of the trays.

Full set Solution Available

Our food containers may be customized to enable you to select from an endless number of paper food tray collection sets.

Going Green

We utilize the best materials for bespoke food low-cost trays that will not become greasy from the outside. These trays are efficiently decomposable.

Fast Shipping

We offer quick and easy shipping alternatives for our items exclusively to our loyal customers.


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