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Custom Paper Trays: Organization And Style Combined

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In today’s time, starting a business is not as difficult as it was before. This is making the business market more competitive. So, for any business, especially those in the snacks and food business, packaging options play a vital role. It is so because food packaging is as important as the products.

 It is the first thing that the customer sees before they see the food. Custom food packaging is one of the best options as it helps in branding and it also enhances the visual outlook of a product. Apart from this, there are environmental advantages of custom paper food trays, too, so check out the article to learn more about custom paper packaging. 

Food serving tray
Source: Yoonpak

What Are Custom Paper Trays

Paper trays are used to serve food items such as hot french fries, nachos, chips, and cold salads too. They are not suitable for liquid items. These trays are made from eco-friendly food-grade paper. They are suitable for cafes, restaurants, and food trucks to serve starters and snacks to the customer. They are easy to carry and hold, so they provide convenience to the customers. Also, when brought in bulk, these disposable food trays are extremely affordable too. 

Paper trays are also customizable, and with a reliable custom and wholesale paper food tray manufacturer, businesses can get different customization options. For example, they can print their logo or brand slogan or get personalized paper food trays in various colors and tones. 

Where Can Custom Paper Trays Be Used

Custom paper trays have different uses in several sectors, be it cafes, restaurants, bakeries, etc. Products such as custom printed paper food boats keep the food safe and fresh when it is a takeaway. So below are different industries that can benefit from personalized paper food trays.

Fast Food 

Custom food trays provide a hygienic and convenient way for customers to carry their food around. This is vital for the fast food industry, where most customers opt for an easy and quick meal. To ensure the safe carrying of food, the trays usually come with a food-safe coating to ensure they will not break or leak. 

Fast food chains can order the food trays in bulk, and since they can also be custom printed, it works as a great brand recognition too. They are of different types and sizes, and a paper fast food packaging manufacturer will offer several designs, such as classic shepherd’s check food trays that feature the red and white check pattern and many more. 


When it comes to a food service business such as bakeries, presentation matters; however, the reason paper trays are preferable for bakeries is that they are customizable, which means the bakery can put in its brand to have a professional look. They use wholesale take-out cartons and bakery boxes that keep the food items, such as cupcakes, pastries, etc., fresh. Also, the material of the paper used has high-tear resistance, so it can easily hold cold and hot temperatures. 

Street Food 

Street food vendors use paper trays as they offer them a reliable and affordable option. Since street vendors have a limited budget, getting custom printed paper food boats and trays at a wholesale price is beneficial for them. Also, the paper trays are sturdy and perfect for carrying street food.  


Restaurants deal with a regular influx of customers and use paper food trays, and paper bags, providing them with a hygienic way for customers to pack their food. When carrying food around, one thing that every customer wants is to avoid mess. A reliable restaurant paper supplies manufacturer provides custom paper food trays that are grease resistant, preventing the oil and grease from seeping through. Since these trays are durable and do not fold or bend, they are widely used in restaurants. 

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops use custom paper packaging, such as wholesale take-out cartons. These cartons and packaging are environmentally sustainable so that they can be discarded responsibly. Also, coffee shops use paper sleeves that let the customer hold hot cups of coffee without burning their hands. 

Catering and Parties

Since paper trays are easy to customize, they work great for any party or catering. Also, the catering industry requires a lot of disposable food packages and containers, and these custom paper trays come as a perfect solution.  

Customized hot dog serving tray
Source: Yoonpak

Highlights Of Using Custom Paper Trays

Custom paper trays play a great role in enhancing a brand’s image and improving the experience of the customers; this is due to their being versatile and durable. Below are some advantages of Custom food trays and how they are beneficial for any business. 

Enhance Brand Awareness

Custom paper trays are the best way to enhance the visibility of any brand and make it stand out from the competition. Since these trays are customizable, the brands can create an eye-catching slogan, and design, that will attract new customers. It also increases the chances of customers coming back. Brands can choose any color, design, size, and shape to showcase their brand identity. 

Improved Customer Experience

Using a custom paper tray helps in improving the customer experience. First of all, nowadays, customers are socially responsible, and customers prefer sustainable brands. Thus using paper food trays helps businesses in increasing customer loyalty and trust. Also, they offer a convenient solution when it comes to food packaging. These trays are easy to carry and lightweight. 


One of the most vital advantages of opting for paper trays is their sustainability. They can easily be reused or disposed of. Also, since they are easy to take away and made up of environmentally safe products, they will not end up in landfills. Thus they are reducing litter which in turn helps in reducing the carbon footprint. 


Custom food trays offer versatility. For example, it can hold various food items, be it snacks, desserts, sandwiches, nachos, french fries and chips or any food item you can name. Apart from these, they are also preferred for small servings of salad, rice, and pasta! 

In addition to that, custom paper food trays are available in different designs and sizes. They are also available in different designs and colors. You can get them in kraft, white or shepherd’s checks; it all depends on the needs of your customer. Since these are customizable, one can put in their brand logo, so it is doing two works at the same time: serving food and promoting the brand. 

Materials And Customization Options For Paper Trays

Paper food trays are widely used; paperboards and paper encompass around 31% of the global packaging market segment. Since they are used wisely, it is vital for any business to consider the material and customization options. Below are a few points that one must consider if they are shifting to custom paper food trays.

Material Types 

Customer paper trays are generally made of eco-friendly molded pulp materials or paperboard. The paperboard is lightweight and durable, and it is best for serving cold and hot food alike. The molded pulp is manufactured from recycled materials, so it is biodegradable. 

So, molded pulp is more eco-friendly and suitable for various food service settings. The most common material used is food-grade paper; it is made of virgin pulp and does not contain recycled fiber. However, whichever material one opts for, it must be made of high-quality, extremely durable paper.  

Colors And Styles

Since paper trays are available in different custom-printed trays, businesses can pick the most suitable one. The best part of opting for custom food trays is that they are available in different tones and colors. For example, one can go for vibrant colors, or if they want, they can get neutral colors too. It all depends on the requirements. There are different types, too, such as hotdog trays, burger boxes, salad trays, pizza boxes, snack trays, etc. 

Sizes And Shapes

Several factors affect the shape and size of the custom food tray. Some of these factors include the type of food that is being served. For example, the size of a hotdog tray will be different from a salad tray. Another factor is the quantity of food; a small portion will require a smaller tray. 

However, the common size options are mostly 5.5 inches by 7 inches. These are generally used for serving smaller portions; for large food items such as burgers and sandwiches, 8 inches by 10.5 inches are ideal. 

Logo And Printing

When it comes to logo and printing, it is vital to use only high-quality ink and top-notch printing equipment. It ensures the custom paper bowls, trays, etc., look vibrant and crisp. 

Factors to Consider When Making Custom Paper Trays

Customizing paper trays is not a challenging task if you have a trustworthy supplier; however, to ensure that the process is smooth, you have to consider several factors. For example, you have to decide your requirements, budget, etc. All these factors play a crucial role. How? Let’s get into detail:

Determine Needs And Requirements 

The first important factor is to decide what are your needs and requirements. For example, if you are delivering to a restaurant, then you will need a high number of custom paper food trays and other packaging solutions. For a small cafe, the number can be limited. So, it is vital to determine how much you need; otherwise, you will end up with lots of packaging in your inventory. 

Make Budget Plans

When designing custom food trays, sandwich boxes, etc., budget plays an important factor. First, you have to decide on your budget, how much money you can spend. It is advised not to go over the budget. However, one solution is to order in bulk. When you order in bulk from a reliable supplier, you get the products at the wholesale price. This way, you will get the products within your budget. 

Research Potential Suppliers

After you have decided your needs and requirements, it all comes to finding a reliable supplier. It is vital that you opt for a supplier who provides you with top-notch quality custom paper bowls, trays, and packaging solutions. If you are ordering in bulk, ensure that the supplier can meet your demands. Also, any reliable supplier will have customer support who can answer your query whenever you have questions or need help with your order. 

Make Custom Paper Tray Easily With Yoonpak

We are a food packaging company, and we offer different customization options when it comes to custom food trays. We offer a different range of products, such as custom paper bags, paper cups, PLA cups, food containers, paper trays, lids, sleeves and straws. The best thing about our paper food trays is that they are robust and can easily withstand various varieties of food without breaking, spilling or leaking. 

Below are steps on how to make custom paper plates with Yoon. 

Different packaging solutions
Source: Yoonpak

Determine The Numbers And Sizes Of Custom Paper Tray

First, before putting in your order, you have to decide the quantity and size of the custom tray. We provide customization in different patterns. Also, the materials we use are safe for storing food. Since we provide different choices of shapes and sizes, you have to decide which one you require. 

You can always check out our catalog to get an idea. We offer different food trays as our snack tray comes in different sizes, and they can easily handle dessert and several snacks. Similarly, our French fries trays are made up of durable material, and they can withstand any commercial use. Since, for different uses, there are different sizes of trays, you must determine what you need. 

Send Your Requirements To Yoonpak

Now that you have decided on the size and types, it is time to send your requirements and your ideas. You can send your guidelines on how you want your product to look, which slogans to put, how to design, etc. We go through your guidelines, and based on that, our experts work to create a unique product. Our team will deliver the custom paper tray suitable for your needs.

Amend And Finalize The Digital Proof

After we get your guidelines, we will develop the design digitally. The digital proof is then sent to you, and if you want to make any changes, we will amend the design. If you want to change the font, color, size, or anything, our team is ready to make any changes. After all, there is no limit to the imagination and, of course, personalized paper food trays! 

Deliver Custom Paper Tray

The designing process is done; you only have to wait patiently for your custom paper bowls. You do not have to wait long as we provide a short lead time. In our manufacturing plant, we use high-quality printing equipment that produces the best results quickly. 


Summing up, custom-printed paper food boats, bowls, and trays offer several advantages, such as versatility and sustainability; they are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Not only that, any business can benefit from the customization options, such as custom trays help in brand recognition and enhance customer experience. 

The added benefit is that these trays are extremely reliable and perfect for holding drinks and food securely. So, if you are looking for a reliable source for all your food packaging needs, contact us and get great deals on bulk orders. 

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