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Packaging for Your Food Truck Business You Can’t-Miss

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You now have a food truck, and a clear plan of what needs to be served too. But do you know the most overlooked aspect of this business? The food packaging!

Food truck packaging design can be difficult, and it is easy to overlook when preparing to open a food truck. You have the name, the marketing is done right too. But when you’re about to start selling your delicious food, you realize you haven’t really decided what you’ll be serving with it.

If this is the case, you risk damaging your brand and idea by serving your delicious food in a standard food container that was most likely not designed for your specific food. 

Yoonpak provides high-quality paper bowls and cups to the food service sector, all the while providing the kind of customer attention and consideration that is expected. Find out how to pick the right food packaging for the street food business by reading the tips and product recommendations further down. 

Types of Packaging for Food Truck 

Food truck packaging is quite different from other kinds of packaging, some of them are:


Ripple wall paper cups
Source: Yoonpak

Most of food trucks provide take-away food. The cups for take away drinks are available in varying sizes, shapes, and forms, each having a different purpose. 

The cups are adaptable to all serving scenarios. For convenience and also to attract customers’ interest, it is offered in a recognizable café design. The perfect paper espresso cups are 4 oz, although a broad range of serving sizes are offered, up to 16 oz.

Features And Benefits:

  • It is easy to grip, feels solid and quality, and has two walls, so cup sleeves or double-cupping are not necessary. 
  • Paper is folded into two layers, with a thin air pocket sandwiched in between, to create double-wall paper cups.
  • Cups provide excellent insulation for hot takeaway beverages. 
  • Some cups have a striking design that will increase customer interaction. 
  • A superior heat barrier performance is ensured by the triple wall wave embossing.
  • It can save a lot of storage capacity due to its small size. 
  • They are entirely biodegradable in industrial settings once they have been utilized.


The different materials used to create these paper cups include food-safe inks, food-grade polyethylene(PE) lamination, kraft paper, and other environmentally friendly materials. 


These cups can be used in several sectors such as in cafe shops, ice-cream parlors, to serve certain beverages, and in other convenient takeaway services.

Take-out Boxes

Kraft Gable Box
Source: Yoonpak

The takeout boxes are fantastic options since they can withstand challenging climatic conditions without degrading in hot and cold climes. Regarding the environment, organic ones are always the best to choose from. 

There is a take-out salad box for every conceivable situation. It is constantly prepared to take the call and address demands. The pre-glued nature of all of the boxes makes them very easy to handle when quickly packing salad or other meals inside, cutting down on packaging time and ensuring prompt delivery.

Features And Benefits:

  • This type of packaging is expertly crafted with top-notch finishes to provide a stunning first impression that accurately portrays the caliber of its goods. 
  • They are easy to carry, store, and service since they are lightweight. Several of these custom boxes are microwave friendly due to their ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • The material used for these boxes is generally sturdy paperboard.


These ecologically friendly boxes are constructed of recycled paper and are a great way to keep snacks and burgers. 


Bakeries, caterers, take-out restaurants, and storage all employ gable boxes. Additionally, there is an option of selecting boxes with extra printing possibilities or kraft paper goods. Consequently, they are both light and strong. There is a range of sizes available, from little boxes for party favors to massive, incredibly large boxes that may even be used for catering.


Hot dog serving tray
Source: Yoonpak

Innovative french fry cartons for takeout meals and brand marketing are sought after by fast food restaurants. YoonPak satisfies their demands for top-notch box printing. Having the customized food truck paper containers designed in a way that encourages customers to immediately pick up a bag of french fries. Picking takeaway boxes made of premium materials will help us establish a relationship with packaging. 

Features And Benefits: 

  • Food storage trays are made of paper that is extremely lightweight, easy to make, and made of safe materials. 
  • To make it easy to manage a variety of meals on paper bicolored food trays, there’s a broad selection of tray sizes and shapes.
  • These are an appropriate choice for restaurants, bakeries, food trucks selling hot dogs, and well-known fast-food chains. The best wholesale prices for custom hot dog packing may be found on large purchases.


Various foods may be placed on paper meal trays and plates without leaking, spilling, or breaking due to their strong construction. To preserve the expensive bakery goods, there are custom paper-embellished trays available in various patterns.

Packaging bag 

Paper bags
Source: Yoonpak

A packaging bag is an example of food truck paper products that come in a range of sizes. For the takeout company, there are various custom paper bags. One can effortlessly close and open this paper bag thanks to the tin tie fastening. 

Furthermore, the spilling danger is decreased by the tin tie resealable bag design! Following the approval of the artwork, YoonPak can custom print the bags in 3 to 5 weeks. After then, start enjoying the advantages of seeing the brand on the street or in somebody’s Instagram feed.

Features And Benefits:

  • Personalized paper bags may provide consumers, clients, or visitors with a seamless experience. 
  • Various sizes and colors of recyclable kraft paper are available. 


The best options for the environment are always those that is organic paper. 


With only 500 units as a start, kraft paper bags may be used for a variety of purposes, including storing merchandise in the shop or packaging sandwiches.


Salad bowl
Source: Yoonpak

There won’t be any trouble finding anything from enormous cardboard cake boxes to tiny tamper-evident deli containers since the bowls come in a wide range of shapes and forms. YoonPak offers any conceivable food truck container that is constantly prepared to take the call and address the demands.

Features And Benefits:

  • Since all of the bowls are pre-glued and very easy to handle, it can quickly load them with salad or other meals to save on packaging time and ensure prompt delivery.
  • It is easy to choose from a range of takeout boxes that are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. From the place of origin to the point of destination, these bowls assist in the safe storage and distribution of packaged goods. 
  • Some of the varieties in bowls include: Paper Bowl with Clear Lids, Square Paper Bowl with Lids, Round Paper Bowl with Lids, Clamshell Box


These bowls make them very easy to handle when quickly packing salad or other meals inside, cutting down on packaging time and ensuring prompt delivery. The bowls are fantastic options since they can withstand challenging climatic conditions without degrading in hot and cold climes.

Paper Vs Plastic For Food Truck Packaging

Waiter standing at food truck counter with paper towel
Source: Pexels

Safety: Plastic vs Paper

Plastic is a problem because it depends on unsustainable petroleum production; although petroleum is still the primary ingredient in plastic manufacture, natural gas production is now a significant contributor. Plastic never decomposes and accumulates in landfills, streams, and other locations, which makes the problem worse.

In addition, some plastics, like polystyrene, which is used in several types of packaging, such as coffee cup lids, raise a number of health issues when it leaches into the food or beverages it carries and has negative effects on health. The most hazardous substances include phthalates, and bisphenols, including bisphenol-A, per- and perfluoroalkyl, and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Owing to its eco-friendliness and food service disposable packaging, paper, and paperboard packaging is among the oldest and most popular types of food packaging for items like milk and milk-based products, drinks, dry powders, confectionery, bakery goods, and so forth.

Numerous hazardous compounds, including printing inks, phthalates, surfactants, bleaching agents, hydrocarbons, and others have been added throughout the manufacturing of the paper. These chemicals leak into the food supply chain during the production of paper, food consumption, and recycling via water discharges.

Paper food packaging, including corrugated, is typically covered with plastic and additives like perfluorinated chemicals to prevent sogging from oil, grease, or any other type of moisture (PFCs). These elements, however, render recycling impossible and leave food susceptible to contamination.

Sustainability of Plastic vs. Paper

While many customers think that paper may be the most ecologically friendly packing material, the truth is more nuanced and necessitates taking the product’s whole life cycle into account. Plastic packaging has a poor reputation, which makes it less popular than paper packaging.

Paper production generates large amounts of trash and greenhouse gases, and consumes a lot of energy, and water, making it more damaging during production. While plastic is produced using oil, a finite resource, paper is produced using renewable resources. However, the production of plastic uses just 4% of fossil resources, and there is a significant reduction in the need for other resources like water and power.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that whenever it comes to recycling a plastic or paper bag, paper is significantly more likely to be recycled than plastic, with only around two-thirds of paper bags making it to the recycle bin contrasted to only 5% of plastic bags. Paper is also less likely to be contaminated, making it simpler to work in the recycling facility. However, in order to achieve better outcomes, production methods and recycling of plastics are always being improved.

Sustainability is still a contentious issue because neither material is perfect and many of the alleged advantages of paper bags are negated during the production process.

The manufacture of paper bags uses significantly more energy and water than other types of packaging. When compared to a plastic bag, a paper bag requires approximately 10% more energy plus 4 times as much water to manufacture. Products made of paper are usually more expensive than those made of plastic, aside from environmental issues. When compared to plastic straws, the cost of paper straws might be anywhere between 5 and 12 cents per unit.

In addition to being thicker and requiring more room before it is used, paper is more expensive to transport. In other words, although it requires seven trucks to deliver 2 million paper bags, it only takes one truck to convey the same number of plastic bags.

Tesco and Walmart are just two of the big-box stores that have already said they’ll cut back on the amount of plastic wrapping they use to sell their goods. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, Nestle, and L’Oreal have all made a commitment to making 100% of their packaging recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable by 2025.

Despite these pledges, the majority of the food and beverage industry is still determining how it will achieve the objectives it helped establish and how they feel about the dispute over whether paper or plastic packaging is preferable in general. According to some experts, more will be spent on the products if the right procedure is not used to remove plastic from the marketplaces.

The demands will determine which option is ideal between the paper vs. plastic packaging argument involves a wide variety of qualities. When working with a product that has certain hygiene standards or has to be resistant to corrosion, contamination, or static electricity, plastic is often the best material choice. Small businesses and small-scale exporters will gain since it will be more flexible and cost-effective.

If cost is not a concern and waterproofing is not required, a paper bag can be an appropriate choice. It is also advantageous as a marketing technique for the business. At the end of the day, it all depends on how important the material is. Paper packaging has the advantage of being particularly cost-effective since it can be recycled.

Compared to alternatives to plastic, they are also much more ecologically friendly. The packaging may not be able to withstand the load of the contents, which might lead to stacking problems. It is also susceptible to liquid damage, with water seeping within the box and harming the materials.

Food Truck Container Design Tips 

Black and White Gift Box
Source: Pexels

Several companies currently own street food stands and want to enhance the packaging or the freshness of the food when it is being served to customers. Cost-effectiveness may be achieved by using a meal tray or box that is universal in size.

There are solutions for whatever packaging needs the business may have for food.

Cardboard Food Trays

Cardboard food trays
Source: Pinterest

There are three distinct sizes of open-topped kraft food trays that are ideal for eating while on the go: small, medium, and giant. The kraft coating provides a natural appearance that is ideal for complementing hot or cold cuisine. There are several color variations, including black. 

The food trays are reliable, waterproof, and offer alternatives for coatings for especially moist meals. 

It is possible to choose between linings with or without a coating, 100% recyclable PE, and 100% compostable PLA. This will lessen the amount of garbage generated by the company and prevent it from going to the landfill.

Food Paper Boxes / Cardboard Food Boxes

Cardboard boxe
Source: Pinterest

This solution with a sealable covering that falls somewhere between a nested tray and a box; is ideal for those seeking such an option. In order to save space, these paper food containers may be placed nested inside of one another. 

The lids are simple to close, allowing to swiftly resume serving. These cardboard food containers are perfect for burgers, fries, fish & chips, jacket potatoes, paella, curries, and a variety of other foods. 

Additionally, they are appropriate for cold foods like salad and rice. They are excellent for the environment since they are manufactured from sustainable boards and provide coating choices with PE and PLA linings that are 100% recyclable and compostable, respectively.

Disposable Stirring Items 

Disposable stirring sticks
Source: Pinterest

Nothing is worse than consuming coffee with sugar lingering at the bottom of the cup! To make the nicest cup of coffee or tea, birch wood stirrers are perfect. They have a wonderful price, are durable like some plastic, and won’t change the flavor of the tea. Furthermore, it is biodegradable and ecologically beneficial. Authentic 100% birch wood from sustainably managed woods.

Paper straws: constructed of a firm substance and suited for all sorts of beverages. The ideal choice for smoothies, soft drinks, and also the environment. Compostable paper straws come in a range of colors, decrease plastic waste, and are readily available. A must-have if the business offers cold drinks.

Wooden Cutlery

Birchwood cutlery
Source: Pinterest

Birch wood cutlery is a good option if the business requires it. They are a tried-and-true, fashionable, incredibly economical, and environmentally responsible silverware option for the food truck business. In addition to being biodegradable, they are ecologically beneficial.

Sauce Portion Pots & Lids

Sauce portion pots
Source: Pinterest

When serving a range of appetizing dips, such as ketchup, salsa, cheese, or coleslaw, the packaging needs sauce portion pots with lids if the clients are returning to their homes or offices.

These pots are perfect for a variety of uses, notably serving sauces & dressings. Since cornstarch is a naturally occurring, renewable resource, PLA, the material used to make them, is derived from it. They are transparent, the contents are easily visible, and they are available in a variety of sizes with clip-on lids that are simple to attach and keep tightly in place.

Greaseproof Sheets

Greaseproof sheets
Source: Pinterest

It’s a straightforward, cost-effective solution whether wrapping fish and chips, burgers, or fries. Perfect for any fast-food business, bakery, coffee shop, café, tavern, and a lot more! 

Inspiring Food Truck Packaging Design Ideas

Person using a paper bag
Source: istock

Owning a cute, new food truck doesn’t really mean that the customers would be less picky about the packing than they’d be with everything else they purchase. The packaging must make it work for both the business and the clients. 

Instead, try these ideas:

Be Unique: Avoid Using Generic Packaging 

Curved and fancy chips packaging
Source: Pinterest

So let’s get going right now. Aim to stay away from typical packaging because it varies based on what is being offered and the location. It is essential to stand out from the rest for the brand to make an impact. 

Do: Be unique and look for other sources.

Don’t: Use the same packaging that everybody else does.

Make Your Brand Shine: Be Creative With The Packaging

Fancy ice-cream packaging with branding
Source: YoonPak

If opting for a simple package design, it is always significant to add on some creativity. Adding a tagline or certain concepts that are unique to the brand can enhance even generic packaging to a great extent. 

Do: Brand the package in whatever way that suits the needs and is within the budget.

Don’t: Keep the package unbranded.

Crisp Design: Ensure That Packaging Is Tagged With a Fantastic Design

Funky packaging design
Source: Pinterest

The packaging creation process will be much more enjoyable with a good design. Everything is straightforward in terms of layout. Make certain that the fantastic food truck design is imprinted on the packaging. It is essential to include a logo and contact details. If the truck is a particular color, then perhaps the packaging must, in general part, follow suit.

Do: Integrate the food truck’s design into packaging.

Don’t: Forget to print the company’s logo & contact info on the package.

Sell Your Food: Ensure That the Packaging Reflects the Food Item

A clear Burger packaging idea
Source: Pinterest

Making sure the packaging fits the brand is a crucial additional consideration. Anyone who works in the food business is familiar with this truth. For instance, no one wishes to offer a luxury handbag in a low-cost plastic bag, but would also not want to go the other way and market a low-cost product in a high-end package.

Do: Verify that the food and the package match.

Don’t: Use overly expensive or sparse packaging.

Environment Friendly: Ensure It’s Lightweight & Sustainable 

Eco-friendly food packaging
Source: Pinterest

Use packaging that has the least negative impact on the environment feasible. As a result, it is always advisable to use sustainable and/or eco-friendly packaging. A smart place to start is with recycled paper. 

The last several years have seen the introduction of numerous intriguing plastic possibilities, most of which involve plastics that have been combined with other substances or paper goods that have been covered with plastic. To find out what is currently offered, check the local market.

Do: Create an eco-friendly product.

Don’t: Only use additional packing for aesthetic reasons.

Usability: Verify The Packaging Is Functional

A practical hotdog packaging idea
Source: Pinterest

Verify the functionality of the packaging, which implies that it must maintain the temperature of the food for a sufficient period of time, and be easy for the consumers to eat the food. It must not leak, and it must be simple to transport and discard. Simply testing the package is the simplest approach to give this a try.

Do: Pay attention to what the visitors have to say and test the package.

Don’t: Assume to know everything.

Find a Trusted Food Truck Packaging Supplier

Hot soup cup with lid
Source: Yoonpak


In the creation of environmentally friendly paper cups and containers, YoonPak is an authentic brand. From conception through execution, they are able to provide their partners with advantages specific to their brands or projects.

YoonPak specializes in:

  • Custom paper cups
  • Paper bags
  • Food containers
  • Clear cups
  • And much more 

Alibaba, founded in 1999, is the world’s premier platform for worldwide wholesale trading. Throughout the world, they provide services to millions of suppliers and buyers. It is easy to find a huge selection of merchandise on, including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and clothing, in more than 40 distinct primary categories.

Packaging Trade Show

A trade show is a gathering of professionals in one field for the purpose of showcasing and discussing cutting-edge goods and services. Convention centers in larger cities are the typical venues for these multi-day trade events. The Packaging Trade Show is a terrific place to get a firsthand look at the newest and most innovative products and services in the packaging and processing industries.


With predicted revenue growth of 3.7% over the next five years, the market for food trucks appears to have a promising future. The business will reach a total of $1.7 billion if things go as planned, which would represent a significant increase for a recently launched industry.

Food trucks are increasingly the preferred option for starting a restaurant business, notably for novice restaurateurs, because they need little capital and pose few hazards. According to the earnings graph, food trucks’ future appears to be bright. For company owners who already operate food trucks or want to start one, there are plenty of scope and growth prospects if revenue growth keeps increasing as predicted. Contact YoonPak now for your packaging needs.

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